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Civil Unrest in Ukraine

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014   Submitted by Roman Skaskiw

UKRAINE2Wars and revolutions, regardless of their soundness, gain legitimacy when sprinkled with the blood of good people, a baptism of sorts. Think back to 2003 when the war makers celebrated the first American casualties in Iraq. Their youthful, smiling images appeared everywhere. What tragedy! How dare the enemy do this? In the name of fallen, we shall proceed ever more boldly!

As wars drag on, the dead and suffering put increasing pressure on the war makers to justify the cause. So, instead of being paraded as sanctifying relics, military remains are quietly dumped into landfills. But the soldiers’ role in propaganda is an issue I’ve covered before. Let’s talk about Ukraine, where I live.


Anarchy In The Ukraine

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013   Submitted by Max Stol

UKRAINEMany people would be interested to know if there is anarchy in the Ukraine. Anarchy can be wherever you want it to be, because anarchy cannot be limited by State boundaries. But, is there an anarchist movement in the Ukraine?


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