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Privilege Checking is Racist

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014   Submitted by M.K. Lords

PrivilegePrivilege exists. There are people in fancy suits and black dresses who are given immunity for their heinous crimes. Their friends in the financial industry regularly launder money and get away with it while kids in Florida get arrested for some measly Bitcoin transactions. The government comprises the most privileged class in the US, but lately the topic of “privilege checking” doesn’t focus on the obviously privileged class, it focuses on those crushed under its thumb. The profits earned by Bitcoin investors are laughable compared to those made by any major bank or any government agency. It is as hard to take claims that the Bitcoin space is one of privilege seriously as it is to suggest that there is a place for this theory of privilege in libertarian thought.


Applying Diax’s Rake to Theories of Objective Value

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013   Submitted by Michael Hendricks

RakeDiax’s Rake is a phrase coined in Neal Stephenson’s novel, Anathem:

Diax’s Rake: A pithy phrase. Uttered by Diax on the steps of the Temple of Orithena when he was driving out the fortune-tellers with a gardener’s rake. Its general import is that one should never believe a thing because one wishes that it were true.”- (Anathem p. 895)

While this idea already exists in our world, to my knowledge there is no other succinct phrase to express it.


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