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Anarchists Accepting Government Assistance?

Thursday, August 8th, 2013   Submitted by Austin Scott

DependentSome of us are so unfit to be a part of this society that it’s as if we were born into anarchism. We are unable to let ourselves be controlled by authority, and society shuts us out for it. So, we live a depraved life on the streets. My friends and I are not that much different from other people. At heart all of us are kind and caring people. Without this small group of friends I would most likely starve. Helping each other is crucial to our own survival, health, and happiness out here on the streets.


SNAP Out of the Boom-Bust Cycle

Friday, March 22nd, 2013   Submitted by Darryl W Perry

CityHallThe Washington Post recently reported on the monthly boom-and-bust cycle that has supposedly kept Woonsocket, Rhode Island afloat for the last several years after the closure of the local textile mills. Eli Saslow reports, “At precisely one second after midnight, on March 1, Woonsocket would experience its monthly financial windfall — nearly $2 million from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps. Federal money would be electronically transferred to the broke residents of a nearly bankrupt town, where it would flow first into grocery stores and then on to food companies, employees and banks, beginning the monthly cycle that has helped Woonsocket survive… The local unemployment rate was 12 percent. The shuttered textile mills along the river had become Section 8 housing. The median income had dropped by $10,000 in the last decade.” The Post claims this cycle is happening across the country for two reasons: “So many people are forced to rely on government support. The government is forced to support so many people.” I’m not going to say that the writer of the article is lying so much as I would say that he is unwittingly espousing government propaganda.


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