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Bitcoin: A Bet Against the Stupid Horse

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013   Submitted by Doug French

Stupid Horse

I’ve attended a number of FreedomFests.  This year’s edition had more energy than I remember. FF impresario Mark Skousen and coordinator deluxe Tami Holland were dealt a terrible hand with Caesars moving the conference location from the company’s signature property to Planet Hollywood at the last minute.  However, Tami and Mark are pros and all is well that ends well. Planet Hollywood is a hip property appealing to a younger clientele which provided the perfect atmosphere for liberty lovers.


Reconciling the Regression Theorem with Bitcoin

Thursday, June 6th, 2013   Submitted by Michael Hendricks


When Austrians argue about Bitcoin there seems to be two basic camps. On the one hand there are those who use the regression theorem to argue that Bitcoin isn’t money, and on the other there are Bitcoiners who don’t see the regression theorem as relevant to Bitcoin at all. The regression theorem applies to Bitcoin in the same way that modern evolution theory applies to Darwinism. The regression theorem explains the origins of money, but it does not explain the current state of the money market.


Bumps in the Bitcoin Road

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013   Submitted by Jeffrey A. Tucker

BitVolatileNow that Bitcoin seems to be on the way toward monetization, or at least the long process is noticeably underway, there are a number of issues that are troubling people. I will deal with a few here. Note this crucial distinction which is somehow lost on many commentators on the Bitcoin issue. The flaws are not with the technological unit itself but with its mode of delivery in real market conditions.

Fr33 Aid Abandons Non-Profit Tax Status in Favor of Bitcoin

Monday, April 15th, 2013   Submitted by Davi Barker

Fr33Aid_200x200Exciting news from the world of Bitcoin this Tax Cattle Day. Today is the day, with fear in our heart, we submit to the human farmers who fleece us under threat of violence. But today Fr33 Aid is making the courageous move of declaring their financial independence by willfully and publicly severing their ties with the IRS, forsaking all the banking privileges that entails, and announcing themselves as an entirely bitcoin based organization. As far as I know they are the first charitable organization to do this. I hope you can appreciate how radical this is.


Bitcoin Skepticism and Bitcoin Fever

Friday, April 12th, 2013   Submitted by Roman Skaskiw

BitCrashSkepticism of Bitcoin usually begins, quite reasonably, by citing its lack of intrinsic value. In this regard, it compares unfavorably to gold, as discussed recently by Patrik Korda on

The second reason for recent Bitcoin skepticism is its meteoric (some would say bubble-like rise), which indeed experienced a sharp correction the day after Parik’s article. Time will surely tell, but for the impatient, the philosophers and the gamblers, I offer these reasons for measured optimism in everything but the very-long term.


The Anarchast with Jeff Berwick Interviews Davi Barker

Thursday, April 4th, 2013   Submitted by Davi Barker

The Anarchast self-describes as “Your home for Anarchy Podcasts on the internet.” In addition to hosting the show from his Galt’s Gulch in Acapulco, Mexico, Jeff Berwick is the Chief Editor of The Dollar Vigilante, a newsletter focused on surviving the inevitable collapse of the US dollar. He had me on to chew the fat about anarchy, Islam, Agorism, Bitcoin and numerous other topics. Enjoy!

Nurse Lets Patient Die in Real Life Milgram Experiment

Thursday, March 7th, 2013   Submitted by Davi Barker

CPR RobotI’m so disturbed, on so many levels I feel like I’m about to crawl out of my skin. I’m as angry as I am sad as I am scared by this story. I am disgusted, not only by the nurse involved, but also by the administrators who wrote this policy, and the media covering the story.


Is Bitcoin Sharia Compliant?

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013   Submitted by Davi Barker


This is intended for a Muslim audience but I will endeavor to make it accessible to a general audience. It is really an appeal to Muslims for a little monetary sanity.

I am  in the uncomfortable position of being the only person I know even remotely qualified to answer this question. There’s no pride in that claim, but despair for the lack of interest in this subject in the Muslim community.


Bitcoin Not Bombs

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012   Submitted by Davi Barker

A handful of articles have entered my head this week, and as we speak they are mixing together like volatile chemicals about to explode. I’ve been on the Bitcoin bandwagon for less than a year, but I am constantly blown away by the innovations made possible by what is fundamentally a very simple idea. In the beginning I pretty much only used it to buy baklava. Now I’m buying gold and silver bullion with Bitcoin, and accepting it as payment for the various things that I sell. So, I have a pretty good sense of how the system works and I’m just starting to really get the economic ramifications of a digital peer-to-peer currency. I theoretically understand the impact it could have politically, at least domestically, but I’m just starting to get the first inkling of what the international political ramifications of Bitcoin might be.

This rabbit hole begins with US sanctions against Iran.


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