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Author Topic: AnCap Arrogance  (Read 16506 times)
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« Reply #15 on: October 19, 2013, 01:34:46 PM »

My approach on this?

To be honest I try not to care so much about the position someone takes on any given issue, so much as how they came to those views in the first place.

That being said, I do think Caplan's take on Libertarian elitism has some relevance here:


"In a modern democracy, not only can a libertarian be elitist; a libertarian has to be elitist. To be a libertarian in a modern democracy is to say that nearly 300 million Americans are wrong, and a handful of nay-sayers are right."

So yeah, self-examination on how we discuss things with others is especially important for us. We really don't have much of a choice given how our views sit with the masses at large.  Smiley

Whereas, carrying democracy to its logical absurdity sanctions gang-rape.  "Your Honor, we were deciding whether or not to have sex in the alley, and she got outvoted."

Constitutionalists would say that a constitution, such as the one of the USA, would forbid rights being violated in that way.  Of course, if enough people wanted such a constitution changed, it would be changed according to the procedures outlined therein for it being amended (e.g., the eighth amendment to the USA constitution could be repealed, and a woman could be gang raped as punishment for something trivial, such as speeding).

I would submit that those saying the constitution protects from such things have never been to prison.  If the eighth amendment protects from gang rape, why does it run rampant in America's prisons, with no real effort on the part of the state to stop it?  Apparently rape is neither cruel nor unusual.  The current thinking from the nine robes is that all constitutional protections are limited in scope.  Protesters may be told where and how they may protest, jurisdictions may pass "reasonable restrictions" on owning and carrying weapons, the FedGov can pass laws on anything they can even remotely claim impacts interstate trade...  The constitution is written in sand, and the tide is coming in.  Every wave washes away a little more of it.

When a man speaks of Honor, make him pay cash.  -R.A.Heinlein
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