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Author Topic: Air pollution  (Read 9798 times)
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« Reply #15 on: December 23, 2012, 05:34:38 PM »

Mandatory catalytic converters have made the air cleaner.

This is a false statement.

Catalytic converters cut gas mileage in half: meaning that the same car from the late 1960's now had to use twice as much gas to go the same distance.  While it is true that the catalytic converter does trap some pollutants, the total amount of pollution made by any single vehicle doubled with the implementation of the catalytic converter; this was nothing but a subsidy for the gas and oil companies of the time.  If the government really was interested in lowering overall pollution then it would have mandated either mechanical or electronic fuel injection systems in all cars; this would have doubled gas mileage, at least, as was the case when Chevrolet did this in the 1950's as an option for the Cadillac.

Carburated engines pour gas into both the cylinder which is firing and also the cylinder which isn't firing; by using a mechanical fuel injection system it eliminates that gas from going into the cylinder which isn't firing, thereby doubling the gas mileage of the car.  Electronic fuel injection goes one step further, by limiting the amount of gas which goes into the cylinder which is firing on condition of the pressing of the throttle; therefore increasing gas efficiency even greater than the mechanical fuel injection system.  Either option however, would have increased fuel efficiency and therefore decreased pollution by a minimum of half; this would have been a far greater achievement than the use of a catalytic converter, which decreased fuel efficiency by half.

Today there are some cars which have four or more catalytic converters on them; they each decrease the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and therefore increase the amount of gas consumed to travel the same distance.  Since the catalytic converters don't eliminate all pollutants, this method increases the pollutant output of the vehicle multiple times greater then the vehicle would emit without all of those catalytic converters connected to it travelling the same distance.
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« Reply #16 on: December 27, 2012, 02:00:15 AM »

If people didn't have godzilla sized leeches hanging off them, their standards of living would improve to the point that it would be worth expending the effort to figure out how to solve the environmental issues.

"I like to eat. Instead of a monarch I propose we have a Chef be final arbiter in matters. We'll call it anarcho-chefism."
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