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Author Topic: The Violence Enherent In The System  (Read 1880 times)
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« on: September 10, 2012, 01:25:12 PM »


From the comments:

Before this discussion vanishes down the memory hole, I would like to make one important statement on the idea of government school that needs to be considered, and that I have not seen addressed: Conflict.

Political issues are inherently based upon conflict. One group wanting to force their opinion on everyone at gunpoint. Most people consider this a good thing where crime is involved, where political power is used to influence the prosecution of rapists for example, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving using political power to make their pet cause even more illegal than it already was. Education works exactly the same way.

If schooling was not a function of government, then whether a school taught Creationism or Evolution or Karma would not be something anyone would fight over. An individual who disagreed would simply not use the service, any more than a Catholic is forced to wear a Yarmulke today.

Yet when government enforced religion, people were killed for nothing more than preaching peace, because that preaching was against the law, and the punishment for breaking the law was death. So much for "enforce the laws already on the books".

If you don't want conflict, then don't bring government into it. It's that simple.
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