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Author Topic: American Independence Day Celebrations  (Read 15086 times)
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« Reply #30 on: September 08, 2010, 09:23:44 PM »

It is important to always keep into perspective the understanding that our job is not to "convert" people to any "side." I am not at all poking at your statement below in a personal way, only to highlight that it is vital to always consider the language we use in all we communicate.

To suggest we ought to ever convert people is a contradiction of our stated position (that of individualist/voluntaryist's). The true message of liberty and all the countless lies that makeup the Statist scheme, fall like a house of cards to anyone who genuinly cares about their own self-preservation and that of their loved ones.

Consistency in communication, clarity in intent, a message of functional/realistic liberty... that's the message that will be effective. It is the reality of things that will get another persons attention. Speak in terms that are unambiguous and black or white... No gray areas! It is all so plain to understand that once the revolution of their mind is settled, as was likely the case with most of us, all else is gravy. Suddenly everything becomes very clear and the falsity of their scheme is easy to discern.

It is very easy to open the door for meaningful conversation. The "moral" argument wins every time! Do not be antagonistic, but above all HAVE SOUND ANSWERS to their comments, rhetoric, and potential questions.

Learn about the value of counter economics and remind yourself that INDIVIDUAL liberty starts with you! There is NO NEED to try to secure liberty for millions of people; achieve incremental personal liberty for yourself and others will want what you have.

Don't feed the State and do NOT sanction their activity or perpetuate your own plunder (or that of others) via participation in their scheme.

Read, think, and communicate (share)...

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