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1  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Regarding Compassion on: August 09, 2010, 09:44:30 PM
George W. Bush was the impetus to my conversion from naive neo-con, to free market Libertarian, to, finally the path of truth, Anarcho-Capitalist, if I may borrow Seth's phrase.

The endless warfare state and patriot act where to final primers to my conversion.

As I think about my past, however, at heart I've always been an anarchist, I just needed time to realize it.

Anyway, I will take your advice and try to feel some compassion for these sociopaths, however, forgiveness for the carnage they inflict may be a more difficult gift to accept.

God help us!
2  General Category / General Discussion / Regarding Compassion on: August 07, 2010, 11:13:22 PM
I happened on the Daily Anarchist by chance and Iím glad I did.  Before I found Daily Anarchist, LRC was often my only source of sanity.  Iím glad I found another.

I read Sethís testimonial and one line in particular stuck in my head, that being, ďcompassion for the truly believing leftists of the world.Ē I rarely, if ever, think of leftists and compassion at the same time.  I find history hard to forget. 

Although, Iím a Christian, forgiveness is a gift that I find difficult to accept at times, especially in terms of people that constantly, and without provocation "let loose on us the dogs war."

I donít believe these people are misguided or well meaning, I believe their are either grotesquely stupid or inherently evil. 

I have no common ground with a species whose life blood is the certainty that they are entitled to another personís labor and/or property without just and agreed upon recompense. This line of thinking makes them, at best, common criminals, at worst megalomania-cal sociopaths. 

To forgive them for the carnage, death and misery that they inflict on others, time and time again, will take a much better man than me.

I pray only that they someday rot in the swill of their like and that posterity forgets they were my countrymen.

God help us!

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