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1  General Category / General Discussion / The Physics of Human Nature and the Unchangable Recipe of Life on: January 25, 2015, 07:38:45 PM
 Imagine If three people are given a meal each, but the most opportunistic and narcissistic person eats all three, More than bettering himself and leaving the other two to grow hungry and dependent..

Next time the three meals come again, who has the most energy/best advantage of bettering them self and taking all three meals at the others expense? that same prick who did it the first time because his power growth is now untouchable and bias against the other hungry and week ones who where doomed from that first instant.. Could be harmonised, but then there would be no power for the powerful..

Hence why we work all week only to be taxed, then taxed again when we spend our already taxed money on our consumer weekends full of other taxable activities and unavoidable interest building traps

In the end our freedom is automatically stolen at birth, and slowly paid back to us at our own expense only to benefit those who are already full and happy because we think its "the way the world works". When in reality its the way the world (us) has been made to work for a certain few and it works brilliantly because the question of our existence has been replaced with a pre determined meaning of life, to survive at our own expense, most people just think its natural, simply because we know no better as we are crippled from before the begging,  therefore born hungry for personal failure and corporate success..

1+1+1 = 3
But so does 2.8+0.1+0.1
Communism doesn't sound too bad after all!

If society is a pyramid that only benefits a few, then i take offence to being a "contributing member" of that one sided bullshit.. How about we tare down the "benefiting members" so that we can just be fucking "members".. You should only have to contribute to yourself outside of human compassion and common sense. Anything over and above (tax) (most aspects of our existence) is hard work and effort that you will never see again in return.. Because your not apart of society your a mechanical part of the machine.. Usually members of self sustaining movements actually reap benefits of there group when they succeed, just like shareholders. Yet somehow society takes more off us the more we get ahead.. pretty shit deal i think, i would rather be a member of a team that represents its colours instead of its sponsors..

I mean, cavemen didn't religiously just give a percentage of there kill to others as a way of life, Only if they really needed some, or if that.. Why should we let our accounts go in the negative and let the already successful extort us for the necessities in life? Yeah these people may have all the money n power, but nobody owns the earth or your body, just all the other manmade things that are unfortunately all that we know. At the end of the day they can handle having less (we are proof) and we need more (says our trending statistics as a collective in all aspects). Just like two unstable atoms, the laws of physics must prevail in order to create harmony and stability otherwise science is a failure. My trust in physics forces me to believe that we will reach a tipping point in which balance will provail, unless our "lower-class" humanity is somehow exterminated, leaving no force to act apon the rich and powerfull allowing them to continue un effected.

Thankyou for reading,
Lindsay Alexander Keene
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