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1  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Bitcoin is only ten dollars away from hitting $200 on: April 09, 2013, 03:28:28 PM
@ 236$ now.

Can I easily buy bitcoins outside of US?
2  Questions And Challenges / Challenges To Anarcho-Capitalism / Re: I just want to know why... on: April 08, 2013, 10:56:04 AM
Maybe what I've seen/been subjected to is the abuse of capitalism. I'm not calling anyone here a scumbag. I also don't see the value of selfishness in any form.

Every single person in the world is selfish.

Mother Teresa. She could not stand the fact that small children are starving (or whatever, i dont really know much about her, just using as example), that felling made her fell unhappy. She wanted to not fell that way, therefore she was selfish. Yet, its a safe assumption that her selfishness saved a lot of life's.

Albert Einstein. What do you think made this guy do what he did? He wanted the sense of importance. He was curious. His selfishness made him discover a lot of great things.

Bill Gates is/was ridiculously greedy. Yet his selfishness is now making it available for me and you to talk from two different locations.

What capitalism allows is to make the selfishness work towards prosperity. There will always be people that don't want anything in life, and there will always be people that will want the most out of life. Capitalism allows the people that want most out of life to operate easily. It also give them a frame work.

The only reason that the idea of property has come to be valued is selfishness.

You are 100% right.

I don't want to fight for a bed each night, so I will push for the right to earn and own one.
I don't want the rich to hold all the money, so I will let them own property, so that they can put the money back in economy so that I can make some.

If I am rich+greedy I want to make more money. The only way I can do it is by exchanging my money for property, allowing the money to go back into economy to be earned by others or to earn it myself once more.

Anyone's wealth (net worth) is limitless but the money in the world is not. Rich people want to be richer so they invest in companies. Think about google or any other company that making your life easier. Selfishness made it happen. 

Game of thrones. Lots of ridiculously rich individuals and their families. They have no investment opportunities, so to keep their success going they put their money back into economy by hiring armies to fight other armies and maybe become more powerful.

I'd gladly share my computer with you if you if you were without, I'd gladly prepare you a meal if you were hungry, I'd happily lend you a hand if you were struggling to accomplish a goal like feeding yourself or staying warm in frigid times.

The only reason you would do it is selfishness. You don't want to fell bad for me, so you help me.
Selfishness = happiness. If you don't like your GF anymore or she is mean to you in some way, you brake up with her, even thought it might hurt her feelings.

My life goal is to be worth 1bn$+. I am greedy. I'm very selfish. But that's not the reason I want to make a lot of money. I know if I make a lot of money, following my own rules not the government ones, I will make the world a better place.

There are places in the world where people wake up in a box, wash their face in rain water. In other places they eat their own children. In some places they freeze to death. There are places where if you get an infection in your leg you get your leg amputated within a month. There is places in the world where life by default is shit.

Yet, in other places life by default is good. Places where people complain about the most stupid shit ever, places where if a random question pops into your mind you can pull out your smartphone and google it. How can anyone who is looking for truth not see why capitalism works is beyond me.

What makes capitalism bad is the fact that its regulated.
If I as entrepreneur pay 40% of my income in taxes I don't have time to worry about whats ethical and whats not, I have to run a business. The govermant says its legal to do X so I do it, no matter how unethical it is. My customers knows its legal so they are ok with it. There is no place for ethic in regulated capitalism, therefore you have the bad view on capitalism in general.

If I pay no taxes I still need a frame work in my actions, same for my customers. If there is no government there is no frame work, people act on their own ethical beliefs. If I am very greedy in anarchistic society I cannot do things considered unethical by my customers.

Another very important thing that people forget is that we are all going to die. Why do you care if I'm insecure and so I want to be richer than 99.9% of the population? Even if i'm ridiculously rich, I will die one day. I cannot take that money or resources with me to the grave. So why can't we let the people to whom the money is so important to have it? The only reason is envy. And envy is not truly looking for truth.
3  Questions And Challenges / Challenges To Anarcho-Capitalism / Re: This thing called magic on: April 03, 2013, 03:16:32 AM
Another perfect example just popped into my mind the occupy wall-street movement.

Those are a bunch of people with huge "slave" factor yet very small understanding of the world or economy. So what we need to do is go on such movements and find the people that truly are looking for truth, not just have slave factor and craving for importance. Those will follow later.
4  Questions And Challenges / Challenges To Anarcho-Capitalism / Re: This thing called magic on: April 03, 2013, 02:54:22 AM
You touched something I have been thinking of recently.

The Statists have something that they believe in.

Maybe I still have to make peace with being a slave for my entire life.

I think its human nature to have something BIG, something much bigger than themselves to define themselves and rule them on subconscious level. Something they believe in within they whole being. For some people this felling is bigger than other people but we all need and have this felling. They act upon that felling. That's why we have people being humble to religion, people being ok with risking and losing their life's in wars, especially the word ones where it was clear you will die or get injured if you fight in them. We all want and need to be "slaves" to something.

Why I agree with ancap is because I can be "slave" to a thing that is 100% fair and has no emotions, no miss use of power etc. its money/economy. If you contribute you get rewarded. The more effective your contributings are, the more you get rewarded, simple as that. Combine that with true freedom and responsibility for your freedom makes ancap for me.

The real issue is the fact that people don't see and understand ancap's point of view on the world.

Why I think they don't see it is simply lack of something, not exactly intelligence but say lack of capability to generalize theories.

An example I thought of is the norway shooter or even Hitler. The "slave" factor in them was huge, so huge that they needed to do something huge about it. Yet their capability of generalizing theories were much smaller.

I would say that anarchist communists have the biggest gap between "slave" and intelligence/generalizing factors.

I honestly don't think that people choose to be evil or statists or whatever. They have quality that we as anarchist capitalists should respect - believing in something and acting upon it. So we have to educate them on ancap.
5  Questions And Challenges / Questions About Anarcho-Capitalism / Re: how would the economy work on: April 02, 2013, 09:52:05 PM
you wouldn't have a cookie company as part of the same company as a shoe company

Every company has share holders.

In a ancap society investors might still invest in different industries. And it would be easier and more profitable to start a business so more investment opportunities for investors and investment companies.

Also, its generally smart to invest your net worth in different industries, if something goes wrong in one of them.
6  Questions And Challenges / Questions About Anarcho-Capitalism / Re: Assisted Suicide on: April 02, 2013, 09:36:30 PM
A problem with suicides in general are the fact that people can escape financial problems that way. What a free society with assisted suicide services would provide is simply an easy way to fake suicide.

If my father was in debt and did a suicide and someone came looking for him, I could just show those people a sign from a suicide assistance company. That might be a legal proof but not an actual proof of a suicide. The lender might go after who ever killed him. So I think such companies would be very complex legally. And even the very ill in agony people, you can expect them to be in debt too.
7  General Category / General Discussion / Re: A Bitcoin business idea that I've been thinking of on: April 02, 2013, 09:19:40 PM
I think selling "unfit" products by state to the bitcoin community is a great idea. It would open eyes to more people how government is making wealth go to waste by making things "unfit" etc.

As for the business opportunity, it would be really thought. You would have to convince the farmers to try it out, then you would have to figure out how to distribute those foods keeping them fresh, how to anonymize peoples addresses, how to get the sales in from consumers etc. Very, very thought business. 

Id say there is a way around it, like create a site where people can buy organic food from farmers. Then go around to all the farmers and convince them to pay you for advertising on that site. Or just charge an fee for each transaction. This way you only have to convince the farmers, the bitcoin community would be more than happy to pickup the food themselves or deal with the farmer directly.
8  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Why Libertarianism Will Win in the End on: April 02, 2013, 07:33:52 AM
I think world is naturally evolving into libertarianism. We had kings, we had slaves, now most of us laugh at ourselves hundreds of years ago with those societies.

Money is what matters. If we look on the people that are on state benefits and unemployed, sure liberalism wont win. But if we look at the people that matter, entrepreneurs, investors etc, most of them are somewhat anti-state and anti aggression. Most of the new billionaires have something to do with technology/internet, therefore they have the "anarchist hackers" point of view in some way.

Even greed is anti-state. A greedy person doesn't want to pay taxes for someone to collect that money as state benefits.

For capitalistic anarchists to win, we need to protest in the way that makes the most sense. I for one am not going to brake the statist law by buying drugs just because I can do it easily with bitcoins. I'm gonna play by their rules and beat them by them. I'm going to make entrepreneurial ventures and try to make a lot of money.

I know if I make a billion dollars, 99% of world journalists would be happy to interview me. There will be people who will listen to me. I will be able to say whatever I want, and people will consider it and think about it. The best part - I will have something backing me up. That billion in my bank.

I now have a very small web design business. Say 60% of my revenue was in under the table money. If the government where to find it out, what could they possibly do? Worst case scenario they wait for me to become rich and then do an audit on me to actually have something to take from me. They depend on me. And any other entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is the answer.
9  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Please educate me on liberalism on: February 13, 2013, 04:20:29 PM
About the death penalty, I was thinking more about the ethic's of it.

I thought there is no moral argument against death penalty. Because if you are going to seriously mess things up in a certain system that made it possible for you to live, then that system has the right to take your life. The reason why I ask is, because I'm not sure if this moral argument that I have had still stands if we look at it from ancap view. If the government had nothing to do with creating the system for the convict to live in, it has no right to take the convicts life.

So whats the moral view on death penalty in ancap? If there is a global anarco capitalism then the person is alive thanks to anarcho capitalism. So, if we think about it from that view, is execution-murder made by more than 1 different parties (individual entrepreneurs or companies) morally justified in ancap? And I don't think such things would happen a lot in ancap, your security agency would arrest him and private court between your agency and other agency would happen.
10  Questions And Challenges / Challenges To Anarcho-Capitalism / Re: why capitalism is unsustainable on: February 13, 2013, 03:46:28 PM
Money is used to make more money

Money is actually used to lead people. Its just money. But its also a great resource to make ventures that will lead people (give them work). It also motivates entrepreneurs, the people that lead the world.

There is also nothing wrong with resources running out, in capitalism nothing is a problem. A problem means profit when you solve the problem. If resources mattered, we would all die when they run'd out, and they would run out if it wasn't for capitalism.

Also, money is limited, but wealth is not. If someone has a net worth of 100 million he might only have 5m$ cash. The rest of his wealth is in his property etc. If we had no property, we limit the amount of wealth someone can have, therefore we limit the GDP. If we limit the GDP, we limit innovation.

Someone said something about the sun dying. In anything other than capitalism its gonna be a day everyone dies. In capitalism its gonna be a day we solve a problem. Who is gonna do it? The people that want the useless resource - money.

Money is the best invention human kind has ever had.
11  General Category / General Discussion / Please educate me on liberalism on: February 13, 2013, 03:06:33 PM
So I have always been against taxes and have always supported the free market, its the most effective way there is and the concept of it can be used to make anything very effective. And its very natural, because we have a choose from the nature. Like partners in relationships, etc.

I do have confusion with liberalism thought. I think the problem might be that I don't really understand what it is. I'm not from USA, so this term is not being used here too much. How I view it is that people can be people in liberalism. People can use drugs (I don't use any drugs myself), people can rob and murder (because people are people, they will do it). Obviously anarcho capitalists are against such things. Yet anarcho capitalists are also liberals. So I guess my understanding of liberalism is wrong.

Also, because of my huge dislike for anything to do with taxes, I'm against people smoking weed and making it legal. Even if 1% of weed users go to heroin, that's expense's for the state (prison's, etc). Means more taxes.

Also, some general questions about anarcho capitalism views-
How is death penalty viewed in anarcho capitalism?
What is globalization from anarcho cap. view? 
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