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1216  General Category / General Discussion / Re: A Non-Voting Anarchist. . .Voting? on: February 24, 2012, 02:47:20 PM
 Whether or not Paul supporters or an-caps want to admit, I think one of the reasons why so many are skeptical of his ability to become president is because they fear for his safety. History has shown us that those that stand up to the elites--i.e. New World Order, Shadow Government, Puppet Masters, etc.--have had their lives put in grave danger. Take Andrew Jackson, for example. Jackson had three assassination attempts put upon his life because his hostility toward the Federal Reserve. There are many that believe that JFK was killed because of 00001, and Executive Order (and perhaps the only justifiable one) that would have given the Treasury the power to issue credit, an ideal that the constitution states in Art. I, Sec. 8.

 If Ron Paul does win the nomination, I think it's logical to assume that his security would need to be ramped up for his protection. God knowing what would happen to him.
1217  General Category / General Discussion / Re: A Non-Voting Anarchist. . .Voting? on: February 24, 2012, 01:29:02 PM
 Jesus. When did DA become "The Glass is Half Empty Society"? Sad The pessimism really needs to go.

 I will always be optimistic and believe that Ron Paul can and WILL win. I may not be a full an-cap because of it, but I know what Ron Paul is capable of achieving, and even if he doesn't win, the legacy he leaves behind will be nothing short of amazing.
1218  General Category / General Discussion / Re: A Non-Voting Anarchist. . .Voting? on: February 23, 2012, 08:50:28 PM
But I disagree. You say that on the line of tyranny and liberty, we are on position X. That's true. However, what you seem to be forgetting is that we are so far down the line of tyranny, that it's virtually impossible for us to go only further. Electing Ron Paul to office would do nothing but allow us to go in the opposite direction, toward liberty. Tell me, how do you consider a man that wants to end all wars, abolish the fed, bring back liberty, return to gold, and bring back the free market an individual that can't bring us to a voluntary society? Again, we're so far down the road of tyranny, that it's hard to imagine that we can go any further. Paul can and will lead us in the other direction.
1219  General Category / General Discussion / Re: A Non-Voting Anarchist. . .Voting? on: February 23, 2012, 05:55:28 PM
 There's one other thing that i forgot to mentioned in reference to Ron Paul. At the current moment, there are a total of 14 unpledged delegates. There is a growing sense of confidence that these individuals will go to Dr. Paul. If that happens, Paul will gain a total of 96 delegates, putting him ahead of Romney by +3.
1220  General Category / General Discussion / Re: A Non-Voting Anarchist. . .Voting? on: February 23, 2012, 04:57:58 PM
Further evidence that Ron Paul is winning:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7PDwmDlS7I" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7PDwmDlS7I</a>
1221  General Category / General Discussion / Re: A Non-Voting Anarchist. . .Voting? on: February 23, 2012, 04:43:54 PM
 Dpalme, I know how you feel. Though I consider myself a free-market anarchist in many respects, I am still a supporter of Dr. Ron Paul. In fact, like you, I attended my state's caucus and became a delegate. I will be attending my state convention in March to vote for Dr. Paul to make sure he becomes our candidate.
 In all honesty, I think it's very difficult to imagine that our society can become truly voluntary over night. I think we need a catalyst, or medium, to make the transition easier, and Ron Paul is the missing piece to the puzzle. If and WHEN Ron Paul wins, it will be a major sign for all of us that this country is ready to make a major transition to the acceptance of libertarian based values. From there, teaching them about our way of thinking can become much easier to accomplish.  

 Dr. Tom Woods, a man that I'm sure most of you identify as an an-cap, wrote an article about a yr. ago on why he think it's important for an anarchist to vote. In the article, he describes a situation in which you are an anarchist in a jail, and there is vote going on to determine what the prisoners will have for dinner. The choices are between gruel and prime rib, and your vote will decide what will be put out for dinner. If you follow your anarchist tendencies and decide not to vote, the gruel will be given out. On the other hand, if you decide to vote for the prime rib, everyone in the prison will be treated to a grand feast. The question, then, is what would you do? I think it's clear that we would all vote for the prime rib because it would be a major benefit to us and people. That is what Ron Paul is. Dr. Paul is that thick, juicy cut of prime rib drowning in au jus sauce. If we choose to vote for him, we will be doing a benefit to society by giving them the transition they need to freedom, which, in turn, can lead to the next step to a voluntary society.

 Let's be honest here: I think it's unrealistic to assume that agorism can be taken in by people at the current moment. As I said earlier, we need a catalyst that can help us, and that's why we need Ron Paul.

 By the way, Ron Paul can and will win. Right now, with the delegates being ordered to their respective candidates, Ron Paul is a mere 11 points behind Mitt Romney. Romney has 93 delegates, and Dr. Paul has 82. Even with the rampant voter fraud running loose in states such as Nevada and Maine, Dr. Paul is still gaining major steam. Dr. Paul is also set to pick up between 50-75% of the delegates from areas such as Colorado and Mich.
1222  General Category / General Discussion / Police State, meet Police City on: February 22, 2012, 08:45:11 PM

I wonder what would happen if all of these people got up and moved to NH.
1223  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Vets show support for RP by marching to the White House. Ancap Vets?! on: February 22, 2012, 03:55:02 PM
 By the way, notice how CNN deliberately blanks out the solider during the middle of the vid. Nice outtake, you shills.
1224  General Category / General Discussion / Vets show support for RP by marching to the White House. Ancap Vets?! on: February 22, 2012, 03:53:10 PM
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7M21JlBM78" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7M21JlBM78</a>

 Thought this was really cool. Even if you're wary of the military, I think this video gives off a spiritual energy that's very important to take note of. If more vets come to Ron Paul's side, it may give us an easier time approaching them about libertarian ideals. In fact, take a look at this:

 Thought that was pretty epic. Only one hundred members, but still, gotta start somewhere.
1225  General Category / General Discussion / DA League of Legends on: February 21, 2012, 03:14:30 PM
 Hey guys,

 I'm letting my inner nerd out here (well, my inner nerd is always out) and wondering if there's anyone here that plays League of Legends, a free PvP software made by Riot Games. It's quite popular, and if you do play, I was wondering if you've met any like minded, libertarian based thinkers.

1226  General Category / General Discussion / 85 things that COULD mark you as a terrorist on: February 18, 2012, 09:00:24 PM

 I thought you guys would get a kick out of this. These are the eighty five things that could get you on a terror watch list, according to the officials. I especially like the ones that mark people that take pictures of the statue of liberty and ask questions in a hobby shop about remote controlled items a terrorists. Gee, I'm sorry, but the last I checked, they sold remote controlled items in hobby shops for kids. I mean, at least I think they do. Roll Eyes
1227  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Why I left, and how I came back on: February 17, 2012, 12:45:57 PM
 So I'm not the only one, huh? That's interesting.

 Though Alex is a good guy who I commend for trying to help people wake-up to the truth about the world and what's really going on, I don't like the way he goes about doing things. The man is just too negative, and he does nothing but fill you with feelings of helplessness and an inability to win. Hell, even the psychological layout of his website is pretty morose. It's nothing but dark colors (mostly blue and black), and there's nothing there that gives you any sense of self-confidence. At least sites like Lewrockwell.com and freedomainradio are different.
1228  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Why I left, and how I came back on: February 16, 2012, 10:56:47 PM
 I'll get back to you on that possible move, Seth. =D
1229  General Category / General Discussion / Science proves libertarians...right?! on: February 16, 2012, 08:58:02 PM
 Thomas Hobbes can suck it.  Cool

1230  General Category / General Discussion / Why I left, and how I came back on: February 16, 2012, 08:54:44 PM
 Hi guys,

 Many of you are new here, and don't know who I am because of it. You also don't know why I left, and I would like to take some time to share with all of you why I disappeared, and how I discovered the strength to come back.

 On Dec. 15th of 2011, I tried to commit suicide. Again, let me repeat that for all of you: suicide. I'm not going to try to downplay the situation in, nor am I going to milk the situation, either. 

 For this place, my suicide has very deep meaning to it. So deep, in fact, that I wouldn't be surprised if other individuals felt the same way that I do. I tried to take my life after the passage of the NDAA act. I became convinced that people were going to to take me away from the people that I love, and I came to the conclusion that if I killed myself, I wouldn't have to worry about people coming to take me away. If you find this hard to believe, just ask Seth and EddyK. These gentlemen will back me up on this confession. 

 In many ways, the idea of people coming after me was an influence. I "used" to be a staunch follower and listener of Alex Jones, but have repudiated from him since then. I now get my news from Lew Rockwell.com and other sites such as Rumor Mill News and DailyPaul. Jones, however keen on giving people the truth, is a fear monger, and I cannot allow that to make me down any more.

 In case you're wondering, when I tried to commit suicide, I tried to slit my wrists. In short, a cliche. 

 I'm starting to get choked up as I write this, but I need to stay strong. I know I can be strong.

 The night after my attempted suicide, I mustered the courage to tell my parents. I told them that I was in trouble and that I needed help right away. Their reaction was one of fear but intense worry. My mom held me in her arms and got on the phone with family to ask for help.

 The day after, I met with a specialist who diagnosed me with extreme anxiety and panic. I disconnected from this site a few days after to help me heal, and was given a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication. I have also disconnected from Alex Jones, and no longer go to Infowars.com or Prisonplanet.com. 

 I have come back here because I missed you guys, and because you guys were some of the money that reached out to me when I was in danger. You talked to me, reminded me of the people who needed me and loved me, and protected me. For that, you are all in my debt.

 I have become much better now. I no longer fear that someone is coming after me, and I have become a much stronger because of it. I know that everything is going to be OK, and as I long as I'm surrounded by people that love and care about me, I don't have to worry.  Smiley

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