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1  General Category / General Discussion / Re: March against Monsanto Day on: May 26, 2013, 01:59:07 PM
Personally I admire companies like Monsanto that can exploit the state to make massive profits. However, I am opposed to government allowing this to exist through subsidies and regs. Grin
2  General Category / Lounge / Re: Oh my God... on: May 21, 2013, 12:42:05 AM
I don't drink, so I can't speak from experience, but I've heard alka-seltzer helps? Huh

Not sure if there is a true cure or not, and effective solutions might vary for each person.
3  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Article on the wife of one of the Boston bombers on: May 10, 2013, 04:30:33 PM
Races naturally separated for a reason.
Actually, that's backwards. Separation caused the existence of different races.
That was my point. Races separated (diverged) from a common ancestor for a reason (if that scientific theory is correct, as there are other theories** that posit races originated in different places, etc. I subscribe to the common theory, however). My statement doesn't imply that the races as we know them existed at time of separation, but there was definitely variation among the separating groups! That's how they evolved, it's not like they were exactly the same at the starting point. If my statement still is too improper for you, what I meant to say in an exact sense, is that singular racial types emerged in separate areas for a reason.

**Polygenesis, I believe.
4  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Article on the wife of one of the Boston bombers on: May 10, 2013, 12:10:23 PM
Forced segregation? I'm talking about the natural segregation of racial groups that's occurred throughout the settlement of civilizations. No, they haven't purely been separate, which I am not advocating, but people naturally lived in their own communities.

I'm ok with being called racist, so don't think it offends me. I don't even think racial groups exist, per se, but that genetic racial traits are clearly different in an aggregate sense. It's not a collectivist ideology, it just doesn't deny reality.

As far as your inner cities example, I'd argue that the racial mixup that government has created brings down white individuals. That's part of the problem.
5  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Article on the wife of one of the Boston bombers on: May 10, 2013, 07:25:48 AM
What's wrong with wanting the sand nigger bomber tortured and killed? (I think a bomb should be strapped on him, and he should run a marathon). And what's wrong with racial Xenophobia? Most towel heads ARE inferior, I can dislike them as much as I want without violating non-aggression.

Sure, some of those comments advocated aggression, but not all. Not sure why you guys are so sensitive and racially PC. It's funny how the liberals have indoctrinated their social values of "equality" and "tolerance" even into our anarchists.

Let me put it this way. Races naturally separated for a reason. Only STATES force races to integrate. For example, Hitler supported bringing the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. His lasting legacy of evil will be as an integrationist. And then, the American government allowed for and brought over slaves. That's why we have to deal with blacks and their higher aggregate racial violence, in our communities.
6  General Category / General Discussion / Re: If children are property on: May 09, 2013, 10:20:32 PM
Yes, there is a caveat (well, 2 really), but I do believe children are property of their parents.

(1). They are NON-fee simple property. I'd really like to emphasize this. This means that they are not the parents to dispose of by, say, murder.

(2). At birth, I believe a child acquires all the rights of self-ownership (i.e., not to be murdered), but isn't a full self owner (not fully self acting and independent). As they grow up, they become more fully self owners, and when they reach adulthood, own themselves entirely.

When I use the term property, I mean:

(1). The parents have authority over the child on their property. (However, the child has option to leave at any time or NAA has been violated). This implies such things as having a bed time or disallowing loud music.

(2). The parents' decisions supersede the childs. For example, if a 14 year old daughter wants to get preggers, and she still lives on her parent's property, both her and her parents must agree to the action or NAA has been violated.

Keep in mind I'm a very right wing anarchist, and support most traditional hierarchy and authority, that has developed in the private sector. Just a disclaimer!
7  General Category / Lounge / Re: A question about, well, dating on: May 04, 2013, 08:30:43 PM
Thanks for the advice, everyone! You're all awesome pals. I appreciate the advice on kissing. Some of my other pals were telling me that I should just go in for the kill and land a smooch on her. That didn't feel right to me.

 OK. Let's say I want to hold her hand. What's the best way of asking that? Is there, like, a certain phrase that you have to use or something? Sorry. Again, I'm completely new to this. 
Or if you're feeling ballsy just reach for it as you walk and hold it.
I'd just do this. As long as you're comfortable with her, it's a great suggestion. Just reach for it if you have no reason to doubt. Most women like men who are assertive. (On the other hand, fewer ladies like men who are aggressive!)
8  General Category / Lounge / Re: A question about, well, dating on: May 04, 2013, 08:41:20 AM
Rothbardian might be on to something here...
Disclaimer: my advice is based on how I see relationships as well as observations, and not personal experience (yet). But it seems to make sense to me, as far as gradually building things up. =)
9  General Category / Lounge / Re: A question about, well, dating on: May 04, 2013, 03:45:33 AM
My suggestion would be a little bit more subtle than MAM's and you can take it for what it's worth. If I was trying to date, I would try to flirt with the woman naturally. Once I'd built this up as a comfortable relationship, I'd ask her on a more serious date, not ask her about dating generally (eg, take her to a fancy restaurant!! Old-fashioned and proper). Then the relationship can only progress from there. Just make sure that the initial flirting is reciprocated by the lady, and you'll be fine.

This method would give you a LOT more control over acceptance/rejection. If you work hard at it, you'll have better chances. Would you generally get what you want in your work/school life just by asking? No. (And it's be uncomfortable to just ask for such a relationship when nothing is built up). You work hard at it. You plant the seed in her mind and then it grows.

I'm not going to be cheesy and say be yourself--you wanna be be better than that for a lady--but stop worrying about the relationship, and act like you feel. "Marginal romance" (lol), seems to be the most natural and least scary way onward. At least to begin with.

(Also, feel free to mix the superficialness of flirting with deeper discussion. Smart women like that.)
10  General Category / Lounge / Re: Yugoslavian SKS on: May 01, 2013, 09:35:41 PM
I decided I'm gonna get 1000 rounds for $300 (before shipping)  Grin Grin

Sweet! I'm sitting on a Mini-14 right now that I need to sight in, but ammo is so scarce that I can't get any locally, I think I"ll start looking online, I'll start with gunbroker.com!

So have you shot her yet?

Do you have much experience shooting?

And I'll second AgoristTeen and his suggestion to get a Mosin-Nagant. They're cheap reliable weapons, with really good accuracy! Put a scope on it and it makes an excellent hunter. However I have a love for iron sights so I don't buy scopes!
Hell yeah! Gunbroker.com is awesome, you can find some really good deals through it. You'll have to be willing to pay inconveniently to get some of them though (certified check, postal money order, cash, etc).

I have not shot her yet, will arrive in 2-4 weeks! I have very little experience shooting (only as a kid with a shotgun or something), but am looking to do a lot of target practise with my uncle, get a gun club membership, do some hunting, etc. I'm VERY serious about safety, especially since I haven't shot a gun for years. My dad has a hunting rifle he wants to give me, too, so I'll really be all set, until I decide I want to get a sweet Makarov. Grin
11  General Category / Lounge / Re: Yugoslavian SKS on: May 01, 2013, 08:33:29 PM
I decided I'm gonna get 1000 rounds for $300 (before shipping)  Grin Grin
12  General Category / Lounge / Re: Yugoslavian SKS on: May 01, 2013, 01:59:59 AM
If you have the funds I would by the 500 rounds I don't know where you live but out here in New Mexico it's really hard to get ammo.
Hmm perhaps, I am going to be sharing a storage locker with my uncle, so that could actually be a possibility. The only problem may be that I need different kinds of ammo for, say, going to the gun range (FMJ isn't allowed on at least one range here). I'm also hesitant to commit to buying 500 rounds of ammo that I haven't tried out. I would love to though! Wink

Hypothetically I know where to get that many rounds for under 200 dollars (gunbroker.com). Oh and I live in Montana right now.
13  General Category / Lounge / Re: Yugoslavian SKS on: May 01, 2013, 01:24:49 AM
I've heard the SKS has issues with jamming.

Is the action chromed?
I can't speak to the SKS in general about jamming, but I think it depends on the condition of the gun. I've seen people theorizing that it has to do with trying to put a 30 round magazine on it, or the cosmoline that is in the gun. Hopefully mine will have no issues! The seller says "Bore and chamber clean with crisp rifling. Gunsmith evaluation reveals good functioning and mechanically sound. Shoots and functions great."

Yugoslavian SKS's aren't chrome lined unfortunately, as Yugoslavia is poor in chrome (apparently). This just means I'll have to really clean her well.

I don't see any grenade launcher.
I'm pretty sure my version has the typical Yugo SKS grenade adapter:

You switch the gas to single shot, and fire a blank, in order to shoot the grenade.

Congratulations Rothbardian! I'm more of a long-range guy myself. While the SKS is a good deer rifle for (relatively) close distances or shooting "targets" at those same distances, for those occasions when you want to just reach out and touch someone, with good old fashioned Soviet Russian surplus reliability, nothing beats a Mosin-Nagant. I personally like my M91-30 but I've heard good things about the Chinese Type 53 carbines, and the Finnish M39 carbines, with the Finnish Mosins usually being more accurate, not too surprising considering Simo Hyh, the guy who IIRC is the sniper with the highest number of kills used a Finnish M28-30.

But yeah congrats! Now you just need plenty of ammo for it. Smiley
Yeah, for my first gun, I really like the potential versatility of it (shooting range, hunting deer, etc). I definitely really like old school Soviet guns! I'll have to check out that Mosin-Nagant.

I'd get a bunch of ammo, since 7.62x39 is pretty cheap, but I'm just getting into shooting, so I might go with 50 rounds instead of, say, 500 at first. Grin
14  General Category / Lounge / Yugoslavian SKS on: April 30, 2013, 11:56:58 PM
Hey fellow anarchists. Decided to get my first rifle, a yugoslavian SKS:

It has a built in bayonet and grenade launcher. Should be here in 3-4 weeks. Smiley
15  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Contrastatistism, Non-Aggression Principle and Subjective Aggression on: February 19, 2013, 02:53:10 PM
I don't think I have heard people ever suggest using force to enforce the NAP.  You can't enforce a non-force concept.  It is basically just the golden rule rewritten.  
The non-aggression axiom isn't a "non-force concept." It's a non-initiation of force concept. It must, by its very nature, be forced on others. Let's kill murderers. Fuck 'em.

The NAP says the initiation of force is illegitimate, that they have no claim to do so.  That is all it says.  Your interpretation to go kill murderers is your interpretation.  Not everyone who believes in the NAP believes in killing murderers.
It's not just "my interpretation," for anyone who pleases has a God given right (so to speak) to kill murderers, presuming they don't violate others' property in the process. Retaliative force is necessarily legitimate, pursuant to the non-aggression axiom. This is an objective fact if one believes in non-aggression. So you are wrong; the NAA also teaches us that proportionate and retaliative force is a legitimate and legal action, in the system of natural law. To me, this is one of the most important parts of the NAA.

Of course, you are free to think that society should just let murderers run free. I can't use initiatory force to make you support killing them, but have fun with that (nave) belief.** Meanwhile, if you believe in non-aggression, you must allow me and others to retaliate against criminals. If you do not, you do not adhere to the NAA.

**I'm not saying you are nave, just that pacifism is, generally speaking, nave.
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