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Title: Five Stupid Things About Libertarianism
Post by: anarchoguitarist on December 04, 2014, 10:03:14 PM

This guy claims that Libertarianism is "naive" among other things.  Then he goes on to say that "A constitutional democratic republic doesn't have to be the enemy of the people... It can be one of the most powerful tools of the people." This sentence is far more naive than anything in libertarianism. The only tool here is the author of the video.  It is sad that an atheist who can see the blatant lies and manipulation in religions can go on to be a true believer in the state.

All five of this guy's "stupid things" are really just typical mainstream dismissals of libertarianism.  They are the stereotypical negative things that non-libertarians think of when they wish to discredit libertarianism without even attempting to understand it.  There is a refutation of this video here: