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Weekend Watching – 12 Angry Men

Friday, September 10th, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

*Spoiler Alert*
Now that you’ve watched 12 Angry Men, or if you’ve already seen it, I’d like to talk a little bit about how this relates to anarcho-capitalism. (more…)

Weekend Watching – Gandhi

Friday, September 3rd, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

Weekend watching is an idea I got from my old stomping grounds, The Daily Paul. Essentially, if you have a movie, documentary, interview, or other hour plus long video that would appeal to the readers, post it on Friday when everybody has time to watch it as opposed to the weekdays when we’re busy.

Gandhi is a movie that I watched before I converted to anarcho-capitalism but I believe it strongly influenced my direction. It was right around the time I discovered and was reading a bunch of quality articles on theft and taxation and voting and violence. I love this movie and if you haven’t ever seen it, you should right now. It’s an epic, so get prepared for a chunk of time to be spent. It’s a motivational, entertaining history and life lesson. It is essential viewing for anarcho-capitalists and civil disobedients.

If you don’t currently have the Veoh video viewer you’ll need to get it now. I did and it only took a couple of minutes. I would have put the Google video version of this up, but the video quality was garbage. The Veoh quality is top notch, free, and ready for immediate viewing. So no complaining! Enjoy! =)

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