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Starve The Monkeys… In New Hampshire

Monday, November 29th, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

I’m happy to see Tom Baugh, author of Starving the Monkeys, has made the move to New Hampshire. I think it’s safe to say he’ll be an invaluable asset to the porcupines who want to learn how to operate outside the system, and beneath the purview of the monkeys.

You’ll notice in the video how Tom describes a sense of relief upon arriving in New Hampshire after having escaped from Georgia. I’ve never been to the Peach State myself, but from what I’ve learned from friends who live there and the new media, it sounds like it’s full of imbeciles. Now before you Peaches get all mad at me for knocking your state, just remember I’m in California, the Ace of Spades of the hopelessly doomed.

Enjoy this short interview by Dave Ridley and then hop on over to this forum thread where Tom gives a sobering outlook on the nature of our struggle and how to prepare for the coming trials and tribulations.

New Hampshire Dreamin’

Monday, November 8th, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

Some four and one-half decades ago the song California Dreamin’ was first released by the Mamas & the Papas which helped to popularize, if not accelerate, the countercultural revolution’s migration to the Golden State.  Since that time the hippie-turned-yuppie philosophy of shackling economic freedom has slowly been killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, and along with it has morphed California’s dream into a nightmare.


Liberty: The Gathering

Monday, October 25th, 2010   Submitted by valhelion

I’ve decided to make the move to New Hampshire and take my place among the Free Staters.  I didn’t make this decision because I’m fighting for the cause of limited, constitutional government, but instead because I desire to be among fellow liberty lovers.  It’s true, New Hampshire isn’t a perfect agorist paradise and still suffers from many of the same ills as my current state of residence, but I’ll take slightly more liberty any day.


Documenting Injustice

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

Thanks to the internet stories like this no longer have to go left untold. Now, this being an anarchist blog, chances are that no one from the pro-drug war position is going to watch this video on my website and convert. I doubt too many of those people are interested in anarchy. But I show this video to convert those anarchists who are still obeying the state to consider no longer doing so.

The truth is that for all of your libertarian activism to convert others, the only person you have one hundred percent influence over is yourself. Actions speak louder than words. And if you want to be the best activist you possibly can, you’re going to have to disobey the criminal organization known as the state. It will never die unless you do.

Thanks to Jason Talley at for the video. Keep up the good Jason.

Activist Support Community Awaiting You In New Hampshire

Friday, August 20th, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

There are many reasons I am excited to be moving to New Hampshire. There is a network of individuals willing to operate in the underground economy. There are far fewer oppressive laws in New Hampshire than there is in California. There is a greater likelihood of freedom increasing with time in New Hampshire than anywhere else. But the main reason I am looking forward to New Hampshire is the help I will be able to get that would be nearly impossible where I currently live.

As an anarchist activist and practitioner of civil disobedience, I’m likely to have run-ins with the criminal organization known as government from time to time. In California if/when I get arrested I would only have my family as a reliable source of support and even they could help little. But in New Hampshire there is a legion of full time activists that will be able to help me every step of the way.

If I get pulled over I will be able to dial PORC-411 and have other activists arrive at the scene and film the process. In jail, I will be able to get bailed out if I choose by the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund. At trial I will get coaching by other activists who understand the entire system. Pre-trial there will be activists handing out Fully Informed Jury Association pamphlets that discuss jury nullification. While in jail I will likely have the company of other libertarian activists and will be able to peek outside the window and see protesters who are looking out for my safety.

All of this and more awaits the activist in New Hampshire. None of this exists at all in California. Here is an interview with one man who I’ll be happy to meet shortly upon my arrival in New Hampshire. Enjoy!

New Hampshire Civil Disobedience At Its Best

Sunday, July 18th, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

The myth that is the “American spirit” is alive and well in New Hampshire, home of the Free State Project. It is these sorts of videos that make me realize I belong in New Hampshire with brothers and sisters I’ve never met, instead of the lazy, self-absorbed, kowtowing, welfare, police state of California.

Take lessons my friends. This is how it is done. The state simply cannot do this forever.

A quick description of what is going on here: Every day liberty activists in Keene, New Hampshire get together in the Central Park and openly consume cannabis and alcohol, many of them topless, including women, and many of them holstering pistols. Rarely do the police do anything. For some reason today was different. One thing is for sure, the liberty activists will be in full force tomorrow and every day after that as well.

The solution to this “problem” is twofold. First, decriminalize marijuana. Secondly, privatize all parks so that individuals are not forced to subsidize them. Also, private owners of parks can set their own rules as to what sort of behavior is permissible.

On Repugnance For Statism And The Free State Project

Sunday, June 13th, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

What do you think you would do if you found yourself living in a time and place were everyone you knew was either a fervent racist, or at best, not explicitly racist but acted indifferent to its pervasiveness? Would you be able to enjoy their company, shake their hands and respect them? Would you be able to keep close friendships and ignore the character flaw or would you mostly keep to yourself? And lastly, what if you learned of a place where racism was being challenged by a burgeoning population of anti-racists? Would you move there to help pave the way and make friends you could respect and trust? Or would you stay put?

I find myself experiencing that very same predicament, but with one twist. Instead of being surrounded by racists, I am surrounded by statists. And to be clear, I do find statism every bit as repugnant as racism. Of course, I don’t expect statists to understand my emotional detachment from them and the violent institution they support. To them government is normal and acceptable, necessary. Today, modern day abolitionists, like their brothers and sisters of old, are seen as criminals and deviants, or at best misunderstood for their disdain of coercion.

This is why I am a Free State Project participant. Upon my arrival, I will finally have an opportunity to build relationships with men and women who share my philosophy and are willing to work towards a common goal even under terrible risks to themselves. Free-staters, or more specifically voluntaryists, are individuals I will be able to celebrate life with and regard as equals in the realm of human morality. And I cannot think of better people to share my time with. I only hope someday the rest of the world will recognize the evil they currently serve and put an end to the state, once and for all.

Dave Ridley Interviews Free State Project Early Mover

Friday, June 4th, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

I always enjoy these little interview clips Dave Ridley does of early movers to New Hampshire. For those of you that don’t know the Free State Project is a goal to move 20,000 libertarians to the state of New Hampshire to work towards the goal of “liberty in our lifetime.” And I happen to be a participant looking to move in the not-so-distant future. More on that another time.

If you’re eager to become a better freedom activist and feel surrounded by statists where you currently live, consider joining thousands of other liberty lovers in the migration to arguably the most free state in the country. The case can be made that New Hampshire also has the highest anarcho-capitalist population per capita than anywhere else in the world. Learn more about the Free State Project.

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