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New Hampshire Civil Disobedience At Its Best

Sunday, July 18th, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

The myth that is the “American spirit” is alive and well in New Hampshire, home of the Free State Project. It is these sorts of videos that make me realize I belong in New Hampshire with brothers and sisters I’ve never met, instead of the lazy, self-absorbed, kowtowing, welfare, police state of California.

Take lessons my friends. This is how it is done. The state simply cannot do this forever.

A quick description of what is going on here: Every day liberty activists in Keene, New Hampshire get together in the Central Park and openly consume cannabis and alcohol, many of them topless, including women, and many of them holstering pistols. Rarely do the police do anything. For some reason today was different. One thing is for sure, the liberty activists will be in full force tomorrow and every day after that as well.

The solution to this “problem” is twofold. First, decriminalize marijuana. Secondly, privatize all parks so that individuals are not forced to subsidize them. Also, private owners of parks can set their own rules as to what sort of behavior is permissible.

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