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The Difference Between A Statist and An Anarcho-Capitalist Society

Monday, August 15th, 2011   Submitted by valhelion

A favorite pastime of mine is reading heated debates between statists, usually of the minarchist type, and anarcho-capitalists. In one such thread a minarchist pointed out that Mises wasn’t in favor of anarchism (to no one’s surprise), and an argument ensued where fellow anarchists claimed that Mises likely had no conception of a stateless, yet lawful society. The debate eventually escalated into anarcho-capitalist theory and how law would naturally arise and be enforced. Statists, however, rebuked that the largest private defense agency would take over everything and enforce tyrannical laws because they had the most guns and money.


Do Not Worry About Paying Taxes

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011   Submitted by valhelion

Some old roman guy, Marcus Tullius Cicero to be wikipedially exact, said that the sinews of war are infinite money.  The state’s minions only have three ways of getting the money that their war machine needs to stay strong; debt, currency debasing, and taxation.  There isn’t anything we can do about the first two. But when it comes to taxes, a common theme I have seen in the liberty movement is to avoid earning money altogether to avoid paying into the system.  This might be a worthwhile strategy.


Liberty: The Gathering

Monday, October 25th, 2010   Submitted by valhelion

I’ve decided to make the move to New Hampshire and take my place among the Free Staters.  I didn’t make this decision because I’m fighting for the cause of limited, constitutional government, but instead because I desire to be among fellow liberty lovers.  It’s true, New Hampshire isn’t a perfect agorist paradise and still suffers from many of the same ills as my current state of residence, but I’ll take slightly more liberty any day.


HI. My Name Is Valhelion And I’m A Recovering Authorityholic

Saturday, September 11th, 2010   Submitted by valhelion

I’ve been sober and authority free for one year now. It has been a real struggle, but I’ve come so far.  I’m really proud of my progress in becoming a peaceful and ethical human being.

I was raised in a strict, disciplinarian, Christian household.  My father was very stern and demanded much of me.  I obeyed most of the time, but when I didn’t I would be whipped with his belt, or switched by my mother.  Bad kids deserved to be punished for not doing as they are told.  I went to church every Sunday and was expected to pray to Jesus for forgiveness for my disobedience.  I was a good Christian boy and I did as the Bible commanded.


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