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Questions About Ukraine

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014   Submitted by Seth King

ukraineI recently asked Daily Anarchist author Roman Skaskiw several questions concerning Ukraine. I had hoped he would write an article on the subject, but instead he proposed me simply publishing the question/answer format. Enjoy!

(more…) Accepts Bitcoin As of Today

Thursday, January 9th, 2014   Submitted by Seth King

overstockNo need waiting until June. Overstock didn’t want the competition to get the jump on them. If you’re in the U.S. you now have a ton of new consumer items to purchase with Bitcoin, thanks to

Backdoors, Government Hacking and the Next Crypto Wars

Monday, January 6th, 2014   Submitted by Seth King

I really have to thank the likes of Richard Stallman and other longtime outspoken advocates of free and open source software. They sufficiently instilled the fear in me of government backdoors that allow for complete surveillance of my personal computing, including built in microphones and video cameras. I’d also like to thank Edward Snowden for vindicating them and showing the rest of the world just how vulnerable we really are.

I’ve been watching several videos from 30c3, the 30th annual Chaos Communication Conference. Let me tell you, the events and revelations of 2013 concerning government spying and the state of cryptography made for a lot of interesting talk. I’m very hopeful knowing that the hacking community at large is now fully aware of the threat matrix we’re facing and is working overtime to address it head on. The spying capabilities of the NSA and other alphabet soup agencies are no longer relegated to conspiracy theories. They are real and they are being used against us relentlessly.

Please watch this video for just a taste of 30c3, and if you like it consider watching some more talks on youtube. If there is one thing I hope you’ll take away from this speech, and others, it is that it’s time to switch to a 100% free software operating system. I choose Debian Gnu/Linux. Unlike all other non Free Software Foundation recommended distributions, it contains no binary blobs or nonfree software in any of its default repositories. There are legion of white hat hackers in the world working overtime to debug cryptographic standards, software packages, and libraries. But they cannot help you if you are running nonfree software. With that being said, enjoy the video!

Some Things Almost All Anti-Bitcoiners Have In Common

Thursday, December 12th, 2013   Submitted by Seth King

oldpeopleThere is a trend to be seen amongst the anti-bitcoin crowd that I feel needs to be pointed out, even at the risk of sounding insensitive. I’m throwing this out there because I believe that once a person better recognizes the cause of the problem, they can better address it. I would like to preemptively make the disclaimer that there are always exceptions to the rules, however, I feel the generalization is true enough that it should guide our actions.


I’m Starting To Ditch E-Mail

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013   Submitted by Seth King

BMAs time goes on I become increasingly frustrated by email. There are simply too many downsides to traditional e-mail for me to continue its use long-term. There currently exists a superior alternative. All that’s left is for individuals to start boycotting e-mail and make the switch. Unfortunately, as we’re all heavily vested in e-mail, it’s going to take some pioneers.


Daily Anarchist Annual Donation Drive

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013   Submitted by Seth King

DonateNowIt’s been one year since Daily Anarchist’s last fundraiser and I’d like to give you all a head’s up as to what we’ve accomplished in these past 12 months. For starters, since July 2012 Daily Anarchist has received well over 600,000 unique visitors. Granted, those aren’t DailyKos numbers, but for an overtly anarcho-capitalist website, they’re tremendous. A very large portion of that traffic was directed towards our most viral post to date How and Why to Get to Silk Road.

I’m very proud of that piece because it has exposed hundreds of thousands of individuals to Tor and Bitcoin; two vital ingredients for modern anarchism.


Free State Project Unveils New Website

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013   Submitted by Seth King

freestatemagnetAt last! The has updated its website to reflect the 21st century. I think a lot of the reason the signup rate has been so slow for so long is because the old website looked abandoned, as if the project had also been abandoned. But no more! Now new visitors will see a vibrant movement that is alive and well. One the of the best features about the new website is the focus on the blog, and the ability of early movers to be able to contribute content. Shared blog articles can bring in thousands of visitors, easily. With the old website, there was never any new content to share, so naturally people didn’t share the same, tired, old website to their friends over and over. This way, a lot of new eyeballs are going to discover the Free State Project which means an increased rate of new participants. It sure has been fun seeing all the new movers arrive lately. I can’t wait until the day new movers are arriving at the rate of 10 or so per day. Wow! Anywho, check out the new site!

Stefan Molyneux Makes the Case for the Free State Project

Friday, July 5th, 2013   Submitted by Seth King

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a Freedomain Radio video, but the title of this one intrigued me. It’s called Finding Your Tribe. If you’re somebody who lives in an area that is completely devoid of a libertarian presence, except for yourself, please consider how important it is not only for you, but for the tribe waiting for you, to come join them in New Hampshire where our numbers abound. Enjoy the video!

Why I Joined Shield Mutual

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013   Submitted by Seth King

shieldmutualToday I became a member of Shield Mutual. Shield Mutual is the first implementation of a modern voluntaryist defense agency. It is a gray market company that is not incorporated with the state. The defense agency is owned and operated by well-known libertarian activist George Donnelly, whose mission is to be your greatest advocate should you be abducted by state, or non-state, affiliated criminals.


Revolution OS

Friday, June 21st, 2013   Submitted by Seth King

There are a lot of anarchists, particularly of the capitalist variety, that know or understand very little about the free software movement, why it’s happening, and why it’s so important. For those of you who fit that description I present you with this entertaining documentary. It’s a bit dated – 2002 – but completely valid as it’s a history lesson as well as a civics lesson. Once you finish this film you, too, will be excited to start delving into free software, especially when you consider how much further the movement has come in the last decade since this film was made. Enjoy!

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