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The Medical Industrial Death Machine

Monday, November 3rd, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

SkullPillI am not a doctor, and I am not offering medical advice. Let’s get that little disclaimer out of the way right off the top. I don’t want the fascist fools at the FDA who protect the criminal minions of the AMA and insurance companies to get any funny ideas about coming after me on some bullshit statute of legalese. That’s not paranoia talking, I assure you. That’s just good, old-fashioned common sense, along with foresight of the fact that I’m about to lace into those fuckers, as well as the system of Death Care that they serve, as hard as I possibly (and legally) can, and I’m not at all interested in winding up locked in a cell for what I say.


The Apocalyptic Renaissance

Saturday, August 30th, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

BlackSheepNot long ago I was struck by a Revelation. While considering the Dire State of Affairs our world currently resides in, and why it is that things have reached such strange proportions of mass insanity, I realized that most people don’t truly want freedom. They are comfortable in the slave/master relationship. This is why it has proven to be so difficult throughout the ages to form a society based on individual rights and responsibilities. The majority of people are sheep-like creatures, content to be herded, whether out in the fields to graze, or into the pens to be slaughtered. They want to be dominated. They want to be led around on a leash. They want to serve a hierarchical power structure that provides their every need for them. They want to be fleeced. They want to be taxed. They want Big Brother watching over their shoulder. They want pie-in-the-sky promises from politicians. They want spoon fed mass media. They want corporate advertising. They want pop culture. They want these things, they have them, and they aren’t going to give them up without a fight.


Dire State of Affairs

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

BeginningIsNearAs a species we have arrived at the crux point. There are two parallel paths before us that will soon veer off in totally different directions. One leads toward Heaven on Earth, the other toward Armageddon. We stand at the cusp of either apotheosis or extinction, and we each have a choice to make. I do not speak specifically on behalf of any particular race, creed or ethnicity, nor any political, social or religious sect. I’m speaking on behalf of all humanity and feel no presumptuousness in doing so.


Fair and Final Warning

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

WarningIn my day to day contact with people I tend to trust those that are decent, honest, upright and pure, while I do my best to shun the creeps, murderers and thieves. Psychopaths, sociopaths, pathological liars, and narcissists aren’t on the list of people I’d like to sit down and have a drink with. So why would I let such Evil people assume positions of power that influence the society I live in? It would be absolutely ridiculous, completely contemptible, absurd and asinine!


Piercing the Status Quo

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

StatusQuoIn this world of spiritual blindness and decadent madness, the dharmic path of the individual can become muddled by the mediocrity of the mob. The mindless masses, however, are not representative of a true societal movement. It is the forward-thinking entrepreneurs and innovators that spur evolution. The voice of the majority, despite what the advocates of democracy may try to persuade us into believing, is never the be-all end-all of any meaningful discussion. In fact, the screeching sound they make is naught but noise pollution generated by an unthinking, scared herd. It is critically important to pierce through the static of the status quo and realize that the stagnation it represents is not worth saving.


Push Any Button, Pull Any Lever

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

SatanVoteEvery four years the first Tuesday in November rolls around and we all know what that means. Time for America to play the silly voting game and choose which pied piper puppet they want to watch on their television screens spouting off empty promises and platitudes. Do you want the GOP or DNP candidate? The right or left wing of the eagle? They appear, based on the cleverly crafted platforms they espouse, to be people with vastly different philosophical ideologies. Yet, if the thin veil is pulled back, a sinister truth is revealed. Both share a salacious and scandalous love affair with the Federal Government. Both love to steal and spend other people’s money. Both are controlled by the same shadowy interests. Both are operatives of the same fascist system. Both are vacuous, see through, empty suit, teleprompter reading, figurehead pawns for the real power brokers who work from corporate boardrooms across the globe. Both serve the United Nations’ Agenda 21 program. Both obediently serve their international banking gods. Both are funded by eugenicists and anti-human, soulless creatures from the underworld. Both bow down and kowtow to a corrupted Priest Class of Dark Wizard, Lucifer worshiping, elitist occultists.


The Shifting Paradigm

Friday, May 2nd, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

DevilOnce upon a time, in a simpler era, when philosophy was pure, when ideologies had solid truth backing them and were presented in a straightforward manner, when words, speech and language actually had objective meaning, when the world wasn’t upside down and topsy-turvy, when there was a foundation of focus and clear pointedness to ideas, there was a way of viewing the political spectrum through the lens of what was termed “the left/right paradigm.” It was quite evidently clear what each side espoused.


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