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Resistance to Authority

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013   Submitted by J. Michael Haggard

small_information_items_213Whether one is being interviewed by a potential employer, or interrogated by a state sanctioned “authority,” just as the words interview and interrogation should be viewed as synonymous and are thus interchangeable (and should always be thought of in this manner), so too are the application of techniques to resist the divulgence of information interchangeable between the two venues. Thinking of an interview as desirous (from the perspective that one is usually thrilled to be called to an interview after submitting a resumé or job application), and thus harmless, while attaching malevolence only to the term interrogation, may lead one to a false sense of security when one’s interrogator uses kindness to extract information or one’s interviewer suddenly changes tactics and utilizes a more forceful tone or body position mid-stream to the interview.


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