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‘Closed Circuit’ Review: The Evil Police State

Monday, January 13th, 2014   Submitted by Doug French

ClosedCircuitThe New York Times has called for President Obama to grant some sort of clemency to Edward Snowden, the 30 year old computer programmer who made 2013 the year of the NSA leak. If not for Snowden it would only be those of us who see the stars and stripes as shackles and chains who believe the government is constantly up to no good at our collective expense.  


‘2 Guns’: Good, Not-So-Clean Anti-Government Fun

Sunday, August 18th, 2013   Submitted by Doug French

2GunsDenzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg provide the star power and Paula Patton the curves to keep the attention of any red-blooded anarchy-loving summer action movie fan seeing ‘2 Guns.’  Don’t expect to gain any profound message from the summer shoot ‘em up movie. For that, read Murray Rothbard (who, by the way, in my educated guesstimation, would have loved this film).


Satoshi Nakamoto: Natural Elite to the Rescue

Sunday, August 4th, 2013   Submitted by Doug French

bitneedThe pursuit of sound money illustrates the effectiveness of democracy and politics, versus the natural order or anarchy. In democracies problems are discussed, factions formed, alliances made. But ultimately, the health of the state and its needs are paramount.

In a stateless world the needs of society are predominate. Entrepreneurs supply the needs of civilization.  No government gets in the way.


Bitcoin: A Bet Against the Stupid Horse

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013   Submitted by Doug French

Stupid Horse

I’ve attended a number of FreedomFests.  This year’s edition had more energy than I remember. FF impresario Mark Skousen and coordinator deluxe Tami Holland were dealt a terrible hand with Caesars moving the conference location from the company’s signature property to Planet Hollywood at the last minute.  However, Tami and Mark are pros and all is well that ends well. Planet Hollywood is a hip property appealing to a younger clientele which provided the perfect atmosphere for liberty lovers.


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