About Daily Anarchist

Mission Statement

The mission of the Daily Anarchist is to advance the cause of individual liberty, primarily through peaceful non-cooperation with government, by establishing a free market based upon property rights. Citizens of planet Earth will band together to create the peace, tolerance, and prosperity that can only come from a healthy respect for freedom.

About the Daily Anarchist

California native Seth King created the Daily Anarchist in March 2010 in an effort to recruit individuals to exercise their liberty irrespective of government regulations. The ultimate goal of the Daily Anarchist is to de-legitimize state interference by the outright refusal to obey all laws that are unjust, aggressive in nature, and violate the libertarian ethic. Rapid and thorough understanding of the philosophy of freedom coupled with strategic non-violent, non-cooperation on the part of individuals the world over, can and will ensure genuine, lasting reform.

It is the position of the Daily Anarchist that there exists no political solution to our current socio-economic and environmental problems and that the only legitimate interactions between and among people are those freely assented to by all parties concerned.

About Seth King

I was born and raised by libertarian leaning parents and learned about injustices of the world at an early age. By sixth grade I was debating topics like abortion, the drug war, prostitution and guns with my teacher during class. He would give the rest of the students busy work while we debated and played chess in front of everyone. This was the beginning of my activism as well as my emotional separation from other children. I was different. They knew it and I knew it.

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About You

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