New Free State Project Documentary Lists 101 Reasons To Move To New Hampshire

November 17th, 2014   Submitted by Seth King

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  1. Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

    This amounts to an interesting post on an “anarchist” site.

    I’m certainly not a naysayer for moving to a place you feel will be more conducive to freedom and enjoyment for you and your family. I’ve had the experience of moving house and home in order to be closer to friends and friendliness — and greater opportunity. Nothing wrong with that.

    And, if things get bad enough here (where I, or you, happen to be at this reading), I can see how one might be well advised to take up his and her family and flee the white man. He (the white man*) is notoriously stupid (as well as dangerous), and not that difficult to circumvent.

    So welcome to New Hampshire: The New White Man.

    Please note that, as if with one voice, the FSP folks believe in a phenomenon called “the state“. They are infused by the eternal hope that they — or their trusted leaders — can “…scale back the size and scope of the government…”

    Good luck.

    In recent years I’ve touted a writing by an obscure anarchist, about whom almost nobody seems to know much — who wrote practically nothing of note that I know of. His name was Delmar England. It’s difficult to find out much about him. I made inquiries, and Per Bylund sent me a little information and indicated England’s relatives were going to attempt to publish some of his writings. I’ve seen nothing since.

    He wrote this essay, then he up and died. It reveals more about the heart of anarchy than any other essay or article I’ve read — and I’ve been privy to some excellent treatments of the topic. Here’s one observation the late Delmar England wrote about government:

    “…Socialism, communism, democracy, monarchy, etc, all presumably represent different forms of government. Root level definition of government is initiation of force and coercion. A dark alley mugging is no less government than any other initiation of force and coercion. The official government version may be politicized, organized, centralized and canonized and “socially approved,” but this does not dismiss the definitive commonality of the operative premise. If and when governmentalists see their kinship with a common robber, they may be a bit more inclined to reconsider their philosophy. Of course, this is not going to happen in an environment where distorted language provides a psychological means of hiding from self behind abstracts with nearly all playing the same self deluding word game…”

    Move to be with like-minded friends if you will — New Hampshire, Nevada, Chili, Argentina. I have no argument against that.

    But don’t — please don’t — harbor illusions of that demon called “government” when you get there.

    And above all, my dear friends, abstain from beans. Sam

    *Note: my use of “white man” has no racist intention. It is merely in keeping with the tradition of natives to this stretch of land who were overwhelmed and beaten out of their homes by hordes of folk who had lighter colored skin, deadly fire-sticks, and appeared out of nowhere in giant canoes from afar.

    • Mo LibertyNo Gravatar says:

      By slamming the Free Staters you are making a more hopeless world. Everywhere is big government. The Free State Project is trying (albeit failing) to build a majority that can create some semblance and tolerance for an autonomous zone.
      Your solution sounds like an individual is to pretend that government mafias don’t exist. It works until a mafia stomps the daylights out of that individual.

  2. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    New Hampshire is fun to visit – great lakes, streams, mountains and hikes, tax-free booze, bright stars in the night sky, amazing roads and mostly pristine nature. I certainly like New Hampshire’s White Mountains a lot more than that of California. New Hampshire is a cool place in many ways, but:

    1. You will be far away from a decent hospital. Should you need real care, they will have to transport you to Boston (and many hospitals in Boston are as good as our fucked up healthcare system can produce), which can be quite a ride, and can make a difference between life and death.
    2. Pretty much only white people live there, which means you will never encounter a woman with a real ass except for a very occasional waitress from Barbados on a summer visa.
    3. Dating there is tough – not enough people to choose from. Quite a few small towns use churches as a place to meet other singles. Yikes. I cannot live in half of New Hampshire.
    4. Just like in damn California, every family needs at least one car in order to survive.
    5. Winters are kind of cold there. If you think you will have great success growing corn & grapes and what have you – be warned – this is no California. It is a northern state elevated above sea level, so the farming season is quite tight. You have to carefully time when you put the seeds in and when you take the crops out or else nightly frost will destroy either. That said, you can find some cheap land there, but at the same time that cheap land will be far away from any sort of civilization.

    Funny how New Hampshire is #5 in economic freedom index within USA but its neighbor Maine is #50. Somehow Maine managed to beat both Cali and New York. I worry about these Mainiacs. NH is located too close to the asshole of America. What if, once they ruin their own state with their insane policies, they start migrating down to NH, take local jobs and bring their freedom-hating culture with them? Since residents of Maine already act Canadian, I’d say let’s sell that state to Canada and repay at least part of the national debt.

    • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

      On top of the paucity of girls and asses (and only scrawny white ones to boot), you can depend upon nothing but coercive, dangerously armed terrorists to ride at the helm of the white man’s “government” as time moves along. Never trust psychopathic “freedom chanters” to establish tame, friendly monopolies upon violence.

      Easier to train foxes to develop a diet of herbs and grasses.

      I’d trust a published “economic freedom” index about as far as I’d trust an index entitled “carnivores’ appetites for young hens by degree”.


      • JohnNo Gravatar says:

        Howdy, old man trying to convert me to your favorite flavor of anarchy. Still trying to find time to read those dozen pages of a PDF file.

        This reply went over my head. Please elaborate.

        You do have a good point about indexes – for all I know #1 could be 86.5 and #50 – 86.4 I do not know if they have published the actual numbers.

        Anyhow, what is your proposed “solution” other than being an observer and watching entropy increase (e.g. time moving forward)?

        • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:


          “…trying to convert me……to your favorite flavor…”

          This misses the whole point of anarchy and liberty and freedom. I spend NO time or energy attempting to convert ANYBODY to ANYTHING. And as to “…favorite flavors of anarchy…” — do you remember a comment I made some time back where I posted the list of the various and sundry “flavors” of “anarchy”? I won’t do it again, because it runs to well over 100 — from Acclarism to Zenarchism and then some — that I had written down from “anarchist” web sites and forums over a number of years.

          “…what is your proposed “solution” other than being an observer and watching entropy increase (e.g. time moving forward)?…”

          Each of those “flavors” mentioned above stem
          from one or two or more collectivists (“anarchists”) who feel driven to “provide a solution” (for your behavior and for mine). This is where the chaos to which you refer originates and manifests. None of the organizers of the “ism’s” on my list were firm and solid believers in total freedom of the marketplace. Each believes s/he — or somebody — has to lead. To be in charge. To “find solutions” — for others.

          All fail.

          My mantra (I’m sure not a few on this site are sick of my “mantra” by now) is that you can be free. Here. Today. Where you’re “at”. In saying that I’m aware that one of the most fearsome thoughts is that of coming to see and accepting the fact that I am 100% totally responsible for my security, my freedom, and my well being.

          There are no anarchist gurus.

          I don’t advocate traipsing down to some US consulate and submitting (“filing”) legal documents “renouncing citizenship” you probably never subscribed to in the first place. If you want to live in Costa Rica or Honduras or Chili, find a way to cross the fictitious lines in the sand (“borders”) and live there without documentation from the white man. If people with state costumes (especially those who are dangerously armed) force you to do or refrain from doing a thing, don’t get yourself hurt. Act as if you’re complying with all your patriotic sense of duty. Then go back to living your life the way you want to live it.

          I do ever now and again urge the readership to “abstain from beans” — knowing that it’s an exercise in preaching to the choir. Most who will ever read this have long since stopped voting.

          If it’s going to be, it’s up to me. Sam

          • Mo LibertyNo Gravatar says:

            “All fail”. Agreed. Every ism fails in real life; including your flavor of anarchism.