Where Is A Secessionist To Go?

October 1st, 2014   Submitted by Amanda B. Johnson

SecessionsSecession has been on my mind ever since I moved to the Free State Project. I’ve noticed a distinct lack of talk about it here, though. I’ve heard of a small movement to create an independent district of northern New England and southern Quebec that would be called Arcadia, but it seems like it would be just that – another political district.

Where can a peaceful person go to live in peace (i.e. sans politics)?

I’ve heard that there are still uninhabited islands for sale out there (though who the seller is, I don’t know). And the North Pole seems to be distinctly void of a police state. Or, as the anarchist is constantly reminded, there’s always Somalia (though anyone who considers Somalia to be some kind of market anarchy is sorely misinformed).

But as I’ve not (yet) made my fortune, buying an island is not feasible. The North Pole would put New Hampshire winters to shame. And I read that the inevitable blowback of statism in which Somalia now rots may not end soon.

What’s a secessionist to do?

I checked in on the progress of the Seasteading Institute (there is none). I learned about some secessionists who literally constructed their own island in 1972 by dumping sand on top of a shallow reef area. They called it the Republic of Minerva, and it was swiftly stolen from them by armed, uniformed men from Tonga.

Then came a possible bright spot.

On my radar entered a small island called Dominica. This Caribbean island stands out brightly as the lucky destination of 2015’s Let the Bit Drop party. This celebration, scheduled for March 14 of next year (Pi Day), will mark the kickoff of a large effort to give Bitcoin to each of Dominica’s 70,000 residents via text message.

The project’s spearheading organizations (Coinapult, Bitcoin Beauties and Aspen Assurance) hope that this will create the world’s most concentrated Bitcoin economy. Let the Bit Drop even has the blessing of the island’s (self-proclaimed) government, and cryptocurrency educational material will be aired over government media channels to support the effort.

As anyone who knows anything about fiat money understands, if there’s one thing that limits the power of long-entrenched gangs, it’s sound money. Bitcoin may seem slightly less exciting when you see bureaucrats giving it a warm welcome, but in the long-run, uninflatable money can only be their downfall.

But while Dominica has (potentially) taken up residence in my heart, there remains another option, one which has no bureaucrats or arbitrary borders at all: Mars.

That’s right, Mars.

In a frenzied search for a living option that had not yet been ruined by human slavery, I typed “live on another planet” into my search engine. On the first page there was something I’d never heard of before – an organization called Mars One. I clicked immediately and was dazzled by what I saw.

It is their goal (and they seem to have the fundraising and organization to do it) to send an unmanned craft to Mars in 2018. This vessel will set up habitable living quarters on the red planet. Then in 2024, Mars One will send four volunteer astronauts on a one-way trip, every two years, to “colonize” Mars.

I sat in awe thinking of the possibilities. A chance to start over. To live somewhere that has literally never once been host to the footprint of a slave or master. Of course I immediately checked to see if they were taking applications for astronaut. Applications are closed for now, but will re-open again in the future. You can guess who signed up for the Mars One mailing list to stay on top of that.

I’ve been reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir Eat Pray Love, and the author talks extensively about the Yogic tradition of finding peace – the kind of peace that can only come from within. And perhaps that is the case – that if I were to strike it rich and buy an island, or be selected as an astronaut to Mars – I would not, in fact, find the peace that I crave, but find only the human condition as I had known it before. Maybe peace really can only come from within.

But living in a stateless somewhere certainly can’t hurt.

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26 Responses to “Where Is A Secessionist To Go?”

  1. Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve been following Mars One since its inception. I thought about applying because it would be pretty awesome to be the first person to set foot on Mars. But I’m not ready to die for it. It’s a one way trip.

    And do be honest, it’s going to be an absolute hellish life. Until there are thousands of people living on Mars with all sorts of fun things to do, including productive work, it won’t be a pleasant life.

    That being said, I’m eagerly awaiting the project getting televised. I think it will be the most widely watched television show in history. It should be a lot of fun!!

    As for secession, I’m all about it, right down to the individual. I haven’t got any hope in statist versions of secession. I think the real secession is and will continue to take place in the agora, much of which is facilitated online.

    • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

      Sealand is probably boring too. It’s a barge way out in the ocean.

      E Mare Libertas. From the sea, freedom.

      Btw, In the 1830’s current day Pittsburg, NH was an independent republic called the Republic of Indian Stream.

  2. VanmindNo Gravatar says:

    So, according to some self-professed secessionists (not necessarily including the author of this piece), the existence of a government is ok as long as its self-professed rulers are progressive enough to let visitors market to locals with promises of “free money.” Will bitcoiner immorality never end? What’s next, setting up a Bitemkin Village?

    Guess what. A typical person on Dominica would rather receive a crisp $1 FRN. But hey, aspiring evangelists, way to have plans for forcing them to do some make-believe learnin’ otherwise — maybe re-education camps won’t be necessary if Mao-ssionaries can trick locals into performing acts of earnest self-criticism. Who’s kidding whom, though, those primitive islanders probably have some kind of mental illness that requires “drop” intervention, so let the Modern Mead Parade commence.

    Make no mistake: the properties which make a medium of exchange sound do not include an impossibility for inflation, not any more than they include a potential for digital encryption. As with other by-fiat currencies, though, or cult-of-personality politicians, or tulip-style hysterics, or Chilean false-gulches … gullible people demonstrate faith unto ruin.

  3. Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

    As is usual for me, I throw in with Vanmind on this issue.

    From the article:

    “…Where can a peaceful person go to live in peace (i.e. sans politics)?…”

    You can run. But you can’t hide. There will always be individuals (like you) who think in terms of collectivism: “…somebody’s got to ‘develop’ a stateless ‘society’…” And I can only respond the way I always respond:

    Monopolies never work. Never. No matter how you try to avoid it, and argue against it, the free market (totally free) is the only provider of freedom known to man (forget religiosity for the moment, even though some of them make valid points — at times. A different topic for a different thread).

    And only you can make your market free. You will have limited effects on the markets of others, but yours can be free. (OK, all you “you’re-not-really-free’ers”, please talk one at a time in your rebuttals)

    Nobody “organizes” freedom. Fly to Mars if you will, but be prepared for a long flight. Someone might devise a flying mo-sheen that will make it in less than 38 years, but there are few Carl Sagan’s left to lead the way. And you will demand leadership. It’s in your blood.

    I am a sovereign state. Granted, my state is surrounded by occupied territory; but it is sovereign. I treat those who will gleefully interfere with my freedom as I treat rattlesnakes — with avoidance. And a certain “respect” — I was bit once, the doc declared me immune for life from rattlesnake bites. I never believe medical doctors.

    One thing you can do today: abstain from beans. Encourage all you meet to do likewise.


  4. GenghisNo Gravatar says:

    There is an answer. Buy a boat like I did and sail anywhere you want to. Be mobile and beat the system. The system is based on a captive audience.

    Easy peasey

    • VanmindNo Gravatar says:

      … and a little bit queasy.

      Couldn’t resist.

      • GenghisNo Gravatar says:

        That was funny 🙂 But Cats are pretty stable.

        I am serious about the Boat though. With Solar panels, fishing, etc. I am not tied into any particular grid or Country. I keep up with paperwork that benefits me. Expenses are very low, especially with almost no taxes, so any income, say from programming, writing, transporting, etc goes a very long way. Medical costs are especially low and the quality is very high outside of the States.

        • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

          And you, too, Genghis, are a sovereign state. If it’s going to be, it’s up to thee. You’re not in the market for a community, or coterie, to make your state complete. Or an acclaimed or appointed or elected leader, or guru.

          I’m thinking that to be a genuine anarchist one must also be a loner. Few qualify. Almost all, at some point in their anarchy venture, fall victim to the need for an “anarchist society” with which to identify.

          A longing for fellow travelers — for security, if for no other reason.

          There might be some risks in being alone at sea. But the liberty far outweighs the fear. Sam

          • GenghisNo Gravatar says:

            Our language (and thinking) is corrupted by slave speech.

            I am not a State, a Loner or an Anarchist. I can’t exist without society, nor do I want to. What I can do is bend Society and the State to benefit me. By living on a boat I can create Degrees of Freedom and nudge the State to perform for me, exactly like Jiu Jitsu.

            The secret is Mobility, mostly Mental Mobility although physical and financial mobility helps. In the dark ages (and most any age really) the Peasants (Slaves) were tied to the land and ruled by the lords and had no mobility, the Lords (Masters) were also trapped by the same system and had no degrees of freedom.

            I am part of a vast society of cruisers, adventurers, entrepreneurs, criminals, and yes even warriors, politicians, slaves and masters, anyone who follows their own dreams and desires (and yes many people really do want to be slaves, perhaps most do). It really is that simple. We all live in cages of our own making.

            • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

              You are what you are. I was remiss attempting to label you. Sam

            • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:


              “…Our language (and thinking) is corrupted by slave speech…”

              After reading and studying this, and this, I came to cease for the most part my use of the collectivist and possessive “our”. The latter referenced essay, though long and difficult to read, has created considerable change in my perception and my communication.

              “Your” language (and thinking) might be so corrupted. “Their” language also.

              But I can’t speak for you and I can’t speak for them. I must concentrate on MY language and MY thinking. And that’s why I consider myself remiss in my attempt to label you. I hope any rankles will heal nicely. Sam

              • GenghisNo Gravatar says:

                Sam, Interesting links especially the second one, it makes a subtle mistake though.

                Our society, our ego, our religion, our government always seems to present us with false choices. True or false, life or death, Democrat or Republican, either or, Freedom or slavery, obey or disobey, Anarchist or Statist.

                I have to make choices, but I don’t have to make false choices. The secret is to make the choices I want to make not necessarily the choices society pushes on me. Viola I am free, if I make wise choices. If not, society will come down on me hard.

                Making a false choice makes me a slave or a master. I choose companions who are mindful and awake like you Sam and many others here. We are all walking different paths, but sometimes we walk together.

                • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

                  Well said!

                  I fall into the category where you younger folks probably say, “Yeah! Easy for YOU to say!” Because I’m old — don’t have as much at stake as you younger kids. (Anybody under 75 is a “kid” to the likes of me).

                  So it’s easy for me to declare myself a sovereign state. I can give you guys and gals shmexpert advice with little or no repercussion. I have no (or very little) interface with “The-Beast”. My society, my ego, my religion, my government no longer threaten me with the false choices to which you refer — and are extant for many of you today.

                  All I have to do is remember the lesson of Irwin Schiff and keep my mouth shut around the white man. Of course Irwin — right up almost to his dying day — still believes that if “we” could just get honest people elected to that psychopathic horde called “government” everything would become fair and equitable for all. He would have been a suitable candidate for the “Free State Project”.

                  Irwin saw clearly the gigantic criminal conspiracy of the “income tax” and the “federal reserve” swindles of Gregorian 1913 — and how they’ve been played out into an abject police state never equaled in the history of mankind. So he published books, conducted public seminars, hoped for a plurality of folks who would see the truth, cease submitting to the beast; and “we” could all live in peace and freedom.

                  You and I know better than that.

                  And with all due respect to Amanda’s nice essay — and it is a well written and presented article — I maintain that any of us can be free. Here. Today. Where you are.

                  Secession is between your ears and in your heart.

                  Abstain from beans. Sam

            • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

              You practice dodging between the raindrops. I wish you well, but when the drizzle turns to a deluge you will need weaponry to defend your freedom. Especially in today’s world where the ability to track us is becoming nearly perfect.

  5. aycheckseeNo Gravatar says:

    Just curious, where did you find that image? I am interested what all the little various secession movements are, the significance of the colors (obviously other than the ancap flag), and all that.

    By the way, I’ve read your site for a long time, and love it! Keep up the good work!

  6. Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

    Rather disappointing to think that the best “solution” you see to start a free community is to go to Mars! When I was young the libertarian motif seemed so logical that I dared hope that freedom was just around the corner. Now I am old, cynical, and a lot wiser. Freedom can only exist when and where you have the POWER to be free. Proper weaponry and the willingness to use it is one form of power. Lots of money is another. You could grow an island with sea crete relatively inexpensively. But even then if it was worth anything soldiers would come to steal it unless you had the proper weaponry, etc. So the bottom line is freedom can only be won and held with power. Freedom oriented folks need to buy and stockpile weaponry, ammunition, etc. and get the mindset that can use it or the relatively mild police state awe live in now will escalate into real tyranny.

  7. Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

    Sam, one can call themselves anything, but does what you say relate to reality? Certainly freedom has an aspect of mental construct, but for the most part it is about the physical circumstances one lives in. A prisoner pretending that he is free because his mind is free is simply practicing self deception. I try to be honest, with myself at least.

    • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

      Freedom “where you’re at” has its multiplicity of naysayers. Each of those skeptics — many of whom are quite sincere (I truly believe you, Fritz, fit that category) — play directly into the hands of the tyrant. The white man depends upon “divide and conquer” to ethnically cleanse freedom seekers.

      I suggest a quick reading of this about once per week. It is just as true today as it was almost 5 centuries ago, when it was written.

      Of course I also suggest we all take your advice and be protected (and don’t advertise). My friend, Irwin Schiff, taught me a valuable lesson concerning blowing the whistle on the white man’s psychopathy.

      The tyrant depends wholly upon a plurality of the hoi polloi believing they can’t — must not — be free. Not today. Not with eboli looming. That they can perhaps “vote” their way to freedom.

      Be free. Sam

      • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

        Sam, oddly enough we see each other as “playing directly into the hands of the tyrant”. I think when one dismisses reality and insists that the mental construct is the primary issue, one is perpetuating the power of the tyrant. This happens all the time with religious doctrine which promises pie in the sky for not upsetting the applecart in this life.
        I do not think it accurate to refer to this as “the white man’s psychopathy”. I used to work for a black contractor who showed much the same attitude. Whites in the USA and Europe have most of the power. But this same attitude is found in Asia and Africa in the Chinese particularly and powerful blacks. The abuse of power seems endemic to all races.

        • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

          My tongue-in-cheek use of “the white man” in the place of “presumed authority” is using the language of Russell Means and other ethnically-cleansed natives from this part of the world. I have no racist intentions.

          “White man’s psychopathy” refers to the scam and obfuscation of the phenomenon called “U.S. income tax”. Long story for another thread at another time — but does aim at the heart of this conversation.


  8. Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

    Sam, thanks for clarifying for me.