Free State Project Reaches 80% of Its Goal

September 7th, 2014   Submitted by Seth King

freestatemagnetFor those who don’t know, the Free State Project‘s goal is to get 20,000 liberty loving individuals to pledge to move to New Hampshire within a 5 year period of reaching 20,000 signers. As of today the Free State Project has over 16,000 signers. That means we’re only 4,000 signers away from seeing a massive migration of libertarians and anarchists to a compact geographical region.

Mass migrations are nothing new. Three notable ones in recent history include Mormons traveling west to Utah, Jews migrating to modern day Israel, and gays moving into San Francisco. All of these groups suffered persecution, prompting them to band together and create strongholds for themselves. And it’s hard to argue that it hasn’t largely worked out well for them.

Now imagine a super concentration of libertarians, unlike anything seen in history. Imagine 20,000 only being the beginning. Imagine having whole neighborhoods, gated or otherwise, full of libertarians. Imagine not only shopping local, but shopping libertarian. Imagine goods and services previously thought only possible by governments being provided in the agora.

As much as I’d absolutely love to see the whole of humanity wake up and discover the philosophy of freedom overnight, it simply cannot be counted on. Many indications point towards colossal upheaval the world over. in the coming years. There should be, there needs to be, there must be at least one tiny corner of the earth where libertarians can feel at home. Where libertarians can breath the fresh air of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

While there may be many well-intentioned Free State Project knockoffs spontaneously popping up, none hold a candle to the size and scope of the Free State Project. So, sign the pledge, or not, and move to New Hampshire, where you’ll be welcomed by a large community of kindred spirits.

Myself, and many others, are waiting for you.



13 Responses to “Free State Project Reaches 80% of Its Goal”

  1. PaulNo Gravatar says:

    “As of today the Free State Project has over 16,000 signers. That means we’re only 4,000 signers away from seeing a massive migration of libertarians and anarchists to a compact geographical region.”

    Um, no. You’ve assumed that all of those “over 16,000 signers” were honest about their alleged intentions at the time of signing. You’ve also assumed without warrant that all those who were honest have not changed their minds about the “Free State”.

    • KathyNo Gravatar says:

      @Paul: the goal is to get the signers. Of course there will be dishonest people. Of course there will be those that choose not to make the move. Duh. What’s your point?

  2. Don DuncanNo Gravatar says:

    My wife & I were in the first 100 signers. We took our name off the list when NH was chosen over the clear political choice, WY. We moved to WY but it turned out to be too rural for us. We had to drive about 200 miles for all our major shopping and 100 miles to a movie theater. We chose to move to NV for the amenities.

    That said, I would recommend it for the friendly LEOs. I got stopped 3 times (within a year), deserved a ticket twice, and got off every time. I even got an apology once for being inconvenienced. This reminded me of the way it used to be (in CA) fifty years ago. And, the officer who gave us our mandatory 2 hour fire arms class required for a concealed carry permit was clear he did not think we should be required to have a permit. I met a few libertarians, but I would guess we would be outnumbered 20-1. In NH it’s 70-1.

    • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

      Don Duncan’s comment illustrates succinctly why I consistently declare “you can run, but you can’t hide”.

      Two imposing upon one is not freedom (thanks, Delmar England, wherever you are).

      In a political-choice vote, apparently an area called “New Hampshire” was chosen in opposition to a place they’re calling “Wyoming” at the very git-go of “free statism”. You “lost”, but that didn’t stop you and the family from choosing to move to Wyoming — only to discover the negatives of that part of the world.

      So you moved to what, unless I’m in Reno or Las Vegas, I think of while trucking as a remote desert place, called “Nevada”. There you found that a few white men** and women were generally more friendly, and one even apologized for his aggression.

      The policeman is not your friend. Ever. Not in a monopoly upon violence s/he isn’t — free statism or not. If s/he chooses to “cite” you, the tyrant referred to as the “judge” (feeding from the same nosebag) will “convict” you. You will be required, under threat of death, to pay fines and possibly reside in one of his rape cages.

      However, I maintain that one can be free. Right here. Right now.

      The white man is pompous — and stupid. If s/he is treated with the indifference s/he deserves, s/he looks for more tender meat on which to pray. True, if enough people would treat “authority” with indifference, those who deign to wield “power” would lose it. That may or may not happen over time with the example I set, but I don’t have for that. I’m old, and time’s a passin’.

      I’ve gotta experience freedom. Today. So do you. I think. Sam

      **”White man” is not a racial epithet. I’m adopting the term brought about by natives in this part of the world to label “authority”.

  3. HReardenNo Gravatar says:

    What have you done since moving to NH to promote liberty in NH? Shopping locally? Is not shopping locally not promoting liberty? If I can get a better deal for a product of better quality for less money that is not produced locally what is my incentive for purchasing that product locally? One should be free to shop globally. Those examples you gave people migrating did not work out well for those who disagreed with them. That I hope is the difference between the FSP and other mass migrations of the past which were not completely done to bring about liberty for all. You mentioned Jews migrating to Israel, they established a theocracy. Mormons did as well when they migrated to UT and they had to legally (I know it still is practiced to a degree by break-away LDS groups) agree to give up the practice of polygamy. Most early colonies that were established in America were not about establishing freedom per se but rather they were a commercial venture to make a profit for investors. The Plymouth Colony was an exception and what they did was establish a theocracy and made it illegal for people to practice any religion other than their own. That is ironic because they were persecuted in England for their beliefs but did the same thing when they came to America. Hopefully the FSP will be different but only time will tell.

  4. Kyle ReardenNo Gravatar says:

    “Thanks, but no tanks.” I’d rather support any of the FSP’s competitors rather than move to New Hampshire, which is hard to grow food, expensive, and nearly indefensible terrain.

    I’ll adhere to Sam Konkin’s admonishment that agorists should be wary of any sort of “movement-ism,” which is part of the reason why I think a free market in freedom communities is such a worthy ideal. If the FSP board wants to ostracize Chris Cantwell and censor Larken Rose, that’s all well & good, but that doesn’t therefore mean that I still “owe” anything to “the movement” by refusing to move to New Hampshire. John Bush & Catherine Bleish are still here in Texas with their children (last time I heard), so I think I’ll follow their example, at least for the time being.

    • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

      Larken Rose was not censored by the FSP. In fact he was at PorcFest and spoke at ALT Expo about the use of force. The president of the FSP Carla Gericke and Larken Rose and Josie Wales were panelists in that discussion. Why do you object to Cantwell being ostracized? I personally have a no asshole and Cantwell admits to being an asshole.

      Have you heard of:

      • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

        That’s right, I have no asshole rule and choose not to deal with assholes.

      • Kyle ReardenNo Gravatar says:

        I object to Cantwell’s expulsion because it revealed the contempt the Free State Project Board of Trustees have for their rank & file membership, whom I understand were either shocked or dismayed they did such a thing without any sort of debate or consultation. I wrote, at length, how the Board is arbitrary & capricious in their decisions, much like Judge Edward Burke in Keene is in his [ project-censorship-debacle/].

        Yes, I have heard of the Blue Ridge Liberty Project, and I hope the organizers of that effort have learned to avoid the FSP’s censorship debacle. Not only that, but I hope the Blue Ridge effort, Free State Wyoming, and all the other competitors blow the FSP and their little Porcfest freakshow out of the water (even according to some things George Donnelly has written about). Threatening to call the cops on someone at Porcfest is initiatory coercion, and belongs in Los Angeles or New York City, not in a place that promotes itself to the real-life version of Luna or the North American Confederacy (yes, those were references to both The Moon is a Harsh Mistress & The Probability Broach, which are actual libertarian novels where self-defense is taken seriously, not this statist pacifistic peacenik crap that is all too popular nowadays, it seems).

  5. Anthony CaprioNo Gravatar says:

    The more places advocating for freedom the better. I like competition.

  6. JuliaNo Gravatar says:

    FYI, Free Staters themselves have admitted that the counter on the FSP website isn’t accurate. I’m originally from NH and actually know some Free Staters who have told me so. The thing is, the website doesn’t count the individuals who moved to NH but have since left. Perhaps the inflated numbers are just a means of false advertising? I can’t say.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      This sounds like B.S. to me. I’ve seen the counter go backwards a number of times. So long as a person notifies the FSP of a change of address out of state, it should go down.

      But aside from that, who cares? Maybe a couple dozen people have left the state. That pales in comparison to the thousands that have come and stayed.

      Your comment seems like very trollish, trying to uncover some hidden secrets about the true numbers of free staters moving here.

  7. As the Founder of Free State Wyoming back in 2003 as a western alternative to the FSP, I continue to believe in the county-filling model vs. the high leverage activism model of the FSP. While the West and Wyoming may not be for everyone, at least we are not surrounded by tens of millions of socialists who are contiguous to our border. I never understood what 20,000 libertarians could be reasonably expected to accomplish politically in a state of 1.2 million (with an annual net gain of statists from Mass. and N.Y.), although I certainly wish them success.