The Apocalyptic Renaissance

August 30th, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

BlackSheepNot long ago I was struck by a Revelation. While considering the Dire State of Affairs our world currently resides in, and why it is that things have reached such strange proportions of mass insanity, I realized that most people don’t truly want freedom. They are comfortable in the slave/master relationship. This is why it has proven to be so difficult throughout the ages to form a society based on individual rights and responsibilities. The majority of people are sheep-like creatures, content to be herded, whether out in the fields to graze, or into the pens to be slaughtered. They want to be dominated. They want to be led around on a leash. They want to serve a hierarchical power structure that provides their every need for them. They want to be fleeced. They want to be taxed. They want Big Brother watching over their shoulder. They want pie-in-the-sky promises from politicians. They want spoon fed mass media. They want corporate advertising. They want pop culture. They want these things, they have them, and they aren’t going to give them up without a fight.

To be fair, it isn’t that people naturally want these circumstances. They have been conditioned to perpetuate The Status Quo, and to accept things the way they are through social indoctrination techniques via programming in schools, in churches, on television, in newspapers, and through the lies spoken to them by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The masses have been hoodwinked and bamboozled, to turn a phrase once used by the tyrant currently occupying the White House. It’s a damn shame, but what are you going to do? In the final analysis, it is the responsibility of each and every conscious person to seek truth in this world while filtering their way through the bullshit. Ignorance is pitiful. Willful ignorance, however, is a sin. There is no excuse, in this world where information is readily available on every subject under the sun, not to be wise to the game. Anyone who seeks will find. Anyone who asks will receive. It is time for those who are informed to shake the dust from off their feet and make leave of those who are proud of their apathy and all-too-happy to wallow away without a purpose.

Because of the times we live in I have come to understand that a Spiritual Revolution is the only path that can lead toward humanity’s survival. Fortunately, an Intellectual Renaissance is taking shape among the Spiritual Übermenschen. The Phoenix Generation is coming into form to rise from out the ash of decadence and corruption that the old ways wrought in this world. Evolution, it is theorized, occurs when the fittest survive. The future will show clearly that from this point forward evolution goes to the wisest and most morally uplifted. Those who are able to consciously adapt and deal with the changing tides of history will inherit the Earth.

As the Zodiac spins, the stars align, and the energy fluctuates through space on a cosmic wave of higher vibration toward Earth, one thing is being made certain to all those with the third eye to see. The Apocalyptic Truth is rising in the New Age. Those who are ill-prepared will be ruthlessly destroyed. Those who are will be lovingly embraced. We who have been paying attention to the madness taking place in society have read the playbook of those who work wickedness in their insane attempt to bring about humanity‘s demise. We know that their only maneuver is to start more wars, using divide-and-conquer tactics, to keep the attention of the masses diverted from the power they hold. It’s the same old story. They are a one trick pony, after all. To stay one move ahead of their plan we must be fleet of foot, ever vigilant, and always quick to act when our adversary prepares to strike.

We must know our enemy so well that we can outflank their every position. Read the mind of the warlord. Cut off the head of the snake. Abort the venom of the spider. Find balance in the flow of the Tao.

It is best to live in reality, not in a fantasy. We are not in Kansas anymore, but living on the verge of great upheavals. It is best to understand the problems we face in their totality so that real solutions can be achieved. We can break away from the Beast by boycotting its fascist merchants. We can plant our own food in personal and community gardens. We can filter out the chemical additives in the water. We can trade locally with people we know and trust. We can reject the filthy federal reserve notes and use tangible commodities in our exchanges instead. We can exodus from the banking institutions into the age of crypto-currencies. We can ditch the public indoctrination camps and teach our children real knowledge in homeschools. We can speak to our neighbors and in public forums about the problems we face. We can stop paying their criminal taxes. We can stop taking the prescription drugs that the Medical Industrial Complex pushes. We can begin taking personal responsibility for our health. We can eat of the living, raw, electrically charged, nutrient dense, high water, ripe fruits and vegetables. We can cleanse our blood, our organs, and our glands by hydrating, alkalizing, detoxifying and regenerating at a cellular level. We can clear the cloudy thinking that keeps the mind closed off from higher awareness. We can tap into our true potential. We can find the Kingdom of God within and usher it outward into the physical world.

It is best to leave behind those who want to be slaves and to shun those who think themselves to be masters. It is best to live amongst those who are spiritually awakened. Those whose third eyes are open and activated. Those who are in divine contact with their true selves. It is best to get a move on, for time is growing short with every passing moment. It is best to play all five aces we hold in our hand. It is best to spread our wings and soar above the pettiness of worldly desires. It is best to shun both the old world order and the New World Order. The time has come to bring about a Natural Organic World Order. Coming soon to a heart near you. Playing daily in every open mind. Established by and for the Phoenix Generation. Naturally unfolding in this Aquarian Day and Age.

The Phoenix Generation consists of those who refuse to be slaves, nor wish to be masters. We choose not to participate in such a hierarchical pyramid power system. We exist beyond such rigged boundaries. We are evolution’s children. Does that sound conceited? So what. I’m not here to kowtow to the opinions of the herd. I’m not here to participate in a democratic system where the mob majority has been fooled into believing that it sets the agenda. I’m not here to perpetuate the values and ideologies that hold back the spiritual evolution of the species. I am here to shatter old paradigms. I am here to help those with open eyes to see, and those with open ears to hear, the ominous portents of the oncoming storm so that they can make preparations and survive. I am here not to shake people from their sleep, but to set their whole beds on fire. I came with a sword and a rose to wield together as a bouquet of war, having both a sweet fragrance and a sharpened edge.

To Hell in a handbasket, the old codgers used to crow. Well, it’s all gone to pot now, for sure. So, break the clay and spread the soil during this new planter’s day. In Winter this ground won’t grow a thing, but come Spring, the sprouted seeds always sing.

The heart of the solution to these problems begins with an awakening of spiritual awareness in the mind and psyche of each individual sentient being. In order to make it through the trials of chaos ahead there must be sane people working on the project. So let’s weed out the Fabian socialists. Let’s stop the collectivist statists in their tracks. Thou shalt not pass. Thou shalt not collect one more cent of your silly taxes. Such stupid tricks shall be put to rest and buried. Forever. Post haste. With a cherry on top. Etcetera.

Let us snip these authoritarian sociopaths in the bud, lest their rotten tyrannical fruit reach fruition. But how? We have no shears, while they are armed to the teeth with a shitload of bombs, tanks, drones, and every other imaginable weapon in their arsenal.

A physical confrontation only emboldens the intentions of those who serve the Military Industrial Complex. They are perpetually itching for a fight, with their fingers perched ominously atop the red trigger. Every stir up in the streets creates another ready made excuse for those in power to bring the hammer down upon society.

The Department of Homeland Security did not just pop up overnight. For decades It has been thought out, planned, passed into law, organized, trained, funded, and prepared to own the streets of America. So don’t be surprised when the black uniformed, Kevlar donned, goon squad comes rolling into a city near you. It shouldn’t be a shock that those who covet and lust after power will always creep in when they see an opportunity to seize more control. Like a vampire that must be invited into one’s home before it can strike, the entire apparatus of the police state was given allowance to form through the apathetic acquiescence of the general public. Fear paved the path toward tyranny. There is plenty of blame to go around. It lands on both sides of the ledger.

If you attack with fire against a Satanic system that was born in the pits of Hell then you’re just going to add fuel to the inferno. Which means that it is high time for an energy reversal Judo maneuver of epic proportions. All the chaotic, explosive, negative, war crazed energy which is causing madness, confusion, and suffering around the globe can only be balanced out through implossion. The fire has to die out. We must starve the Beast. Take away its oxygen. Let it exhaust from within.

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39 Responses to “The Apocalyptic Renaissance”

  1. Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

    It’s a harsh reality I’ve come to, that there is an evolution taking place, and not everybody is coming with us.

    • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:


      Ignorance is bliss, it has been said, and the fact of the matter is that many people in this world have chosen to willfully remain in such a state. Maybe it’s from fear, maybe it’s a cognitive dissonance self defense mechanism, maybe it’s just apathy. It’s not good or bad. It’s not right or wrong. It just is. Fortunately, there are enough people awake at this time (and the numbers will continue to increase) to help facilitate the type of changes that will bring about higher levels of freedom, liberty and peace in the time ahead.

  2. Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

    But, Seth, you may indeed turn out to be(come) the enemy. If you’re seeking followers.

    The only state that is not tyrannical is that with a population of one. The only peaceful “society” (a mindless abstraction) is that with a population of one.

    I am a sovereign state. Tyranny has been defeated. World peace has been declared.

    Because the world revolves around my belly-button. My world.

    Peace has been achieved by my recognition that your world revolves around your belly button — whether you admit it or not.


  3. ArlanNo Gravatar says:

    Well written. I’m working on finishing a post on Americans willful acceptance of ‘censorship.’ Willful sheep not wanting to see the truth so as to live in their glass castles. Their will be a price to pay. Anyway, I’m not quite as good as you in writing. I agree with your observations.

    • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:


      It seems that not only do many Americans willfully accept it, but that plenty of them actually participate in a type of self-censorship. Political correctness has created such a fearful atmosphere in public discourse of possibly being labeled a racist, a bigot, a sexist, a xenophobe, a homophobe, a this, a that, or the other, that people simply zip their lips and shut up instead of speaking their mind. Common sense and honest conversation take a nosedive, while patty-cake plastic smiles are etched across the faces of the trendy, go-along-to-get-along, don’t-want-to-cause-a-fuss fools. I say it’s time to stir the pot a bit. Cause a commotion. Rouse the rabble. Get this party started.

      • ArlanNo Gravatar says:

        I haven’t left political correctness out. Censorship — mainstream media — visual–graphics — language — words. Year after year Americans increase this filter and are proud of it. Everything is rape. Everything is racist. Everything is slavery. Why? Because they have shielded themselves from seeing the real thing. They can’t distinguish the difference between murder or a type of death. Anyway, my point is that the average American citizen doesn’t have the required input of reality to make rational decisions affecting any human situation. Simply. The last person you want to ask for a solution to a problem in the world of man is an American. Unless you got credit, then, by all means bring in the American.

  4. dsadsadadasdasdaNo Gravatar says:

    Slavery is a pretty good evolutionary strategy, you’ll have to admit. Chickens dominate humans in population and overall biomass without even doing anything except eat and breed.

    • DaveNo Gravatar says:

      Great point. And, like chickens, they need a lot of us around to do things, like buy their endorsed products, That is, until we are too old to be very useful. Then, the slaughter begins.

  5. Ben StoneNo Gravatar says:

    Great article!
    Well done!
    Would you have any interest in coming on my podcast to talk about this article and the subject matter?
    If so, please email me: badquaker (at)


  6. GenghisNo Gravatar says:

    It isn’t in the nature of slaves to rebel. They want to serve and be taken care of.

    It is the nature of a master to own and rule.

    You can either be a slave or a master, your choice, it is that simple. What you can’t do is force a slave to be free. Conditions will never be so bad that the slaves will rebel.

    Democracies always choose slavery, that is what an election is.

    • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:


      I’m not so sure that the situation is quite that black and white or set in stone. Is one inherently born with the nature to be a slave or master? Or is it that the psyche can adapt and change throughout a person’s journey through life based on environment, experience and, perhaps, fortuitous circumstances? Everyone comes to truth at their own pace. Some people do wake up eventually as more of the larger picture comes into view, or seeds that were planted earlier in their life finally sprout. Of course, at a certain point, many people do make the conscious choice to put their head down and lead a subservient existence. To this, there is no remedy.

      • GenghisNo Gravatar says:


        It is a choice that everyone makes, often though it is taught to us.

        Slavery is the easy obvious path, going along to get along. It is safe, secure and predictable, even profitable.

        Being a master is part of a pack mentality not a herd mentality. That is why libertarians and Anarchists fail, they act as individuals.

        • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:


          “…Being a master is part of a pack mentality not a herd mentality. That is why libertarians and Anarchists fail, they act as individuals…”

          Can’t speak for anybody but me.

          But I’m personally convinced that the only libertarians and Anarchists who “fail” are those who feel compelled to proselytize to the worlds of the subservient and the dominant — to the herds and the packs. There are many, many individualists (libertarian and/or anarchist all — depending upon how you, the definer, make your definition) who live free — indifferent to the herds and the packs busily heaving to and fro. Since they track their own courses we hear little from them.

          Last thing they want is to post on “anarchist” forums, bickering back and forth as to who’s “free” and who “ain’t free” — pointing fingers and shouting each other down like a bunch of senators.


          • GenghisNo Gravatar says:


            No one is free, and no one really wants to be totally severed from their society, family and friends. We all have ties to society, but the myth of the lone free wolf is just that a myth. It is pretty much impossible for someone to live totally free and unencumbered today.

            If you were free Sam then how did you manage to reply to me? You create money out of the air that everyone accepts as payment? I didn’t think so.

            • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

              I am a sovereign state. “Libertarians” in the past have challenged that statement. “…You can’t be free. And states have borders…” (etc etc etc — there are always “Libertarians” who will present every argument in the book to challenge the freedoms of others in order to proselytize their cause. It’s a phenomenon called “insanity“, I think).

              My standard response (to the “borders” argument) is that I do have borders, but I’m old and feeble and not as capable as defending my borders as I once might have been, so please just go away and leave me alone. But I won’t beg.

              You might not be free. I’ll let you speak for yourself. Sam

              • GenghisNo Gravatar says:


                There was something that I learned in a psych class, “you can’t not communicate.”

                I live on a sailboat and spend most of my time on the ocean or in other countries and what I have learned to my chagrin is that I am extremely dependent on the system, I simply can’t exist without the ‘goods’ (labor of the slaves) from the system and neither can you. I am a master by default.

                All we have is a choice to either be a slave or a master, by not being a slave you are a master. You may only be the master of yourself (which is good) but it is a choice you make and in the end there is really very little difference between the two if any.

                What is interesting is that our current system forces us to choose to be either a slave or master, a seemingly intractable problem. It is much like voting for who is to rule over us, even if we don’t vote we still end up with a ruler (master). There is no way to opt out, at least not one that I have found.

                Let’s see it for what it is, none of us are free, but if we are careful we can walk honorably, unscathed by the system. That is my goal.

                Having said that, I think there is a way out for humanity and it has to do with having a trusted third party. I just haven’t worked out the details lol.

                • Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

                  Genghis, I envy your free life aboard your sailboat. You may have by chance run across Ray Jason, who wrote “Never Stop Running, Napalm Girl!!!” Ray and I have walked many of the same paths.

                  After rereading your essay I’ll admit I was harsh. I had assumed that your implication was that I (“we“) could not be free unless or until I joined some group or association. I see now that was not your impetus, and I apologize for my harshness.

                  “…a Spiritual Revolution is the only path that can lead toward humanity’s survival…”

                  The “spiritual revolution” for me started in 1964, shortly after my final participation in those bread-and-circus events called “u.s. elections”. I was a government “teacher”. I had used my entire summer break to march the streets and highways of Texas to get Barry Goldwater elected. When he was trounced by a shyster named Johnson I was devastated.

                  “Our current system” is not my system. To an extent I’m forced, just like you, into certain defensive tactics against both free market thieves and government robbers; and a portion of my production is stolen openly from me.

                  I refrain from “voluntary compliance”. I am not a slave. Many would like to call me a slave and try to convince me that I am one, but I am not. Neither do you need to be — presuming you think you are and feel like one.

                  I show the same respect for psychopaths hidden under the guise of “the state” in the same manner as I respect rattlesnakes. Some wear state costumes and are dangerously armed. But their only jurisdiction is their firearm — nothing else. And the firearms of all those lunatics they might call in for “backup”.

                  Same as the jurisdiction of a rattler is his fangs. I find it prudent to wear heavy boots to the woods and watch carefully where I reach (I was bitten on the hand as a young man, almost died, and am supposedly “immune” — but I don’t chance it).

                  My ongoing message is this: I don’t have to move to Costa Rica, or New Hampshire, or to a ridiculously Leviathan raft floating on the sea, to be free. I can be free here, now, where I am. Beating the white man at his game is challenging, but fun.

                  And doable — because his economic system is about to collapse. In my lifetime. I hope.


  7. VanmindNo Gravatar says:

    Still haven’t killed the precious “Phoenix Generation” baby? Talk about willful ignorance to the point of embarrassment. It doesn’t matter which Frankenstein breathes life into a monster, torch the thing like it’s a wizened phoenix. Ha.

    Indeed, all ignorance is willful unless one becomes a victim of a drug-induced coma or similar psychotic state (including cases of trauma-based mind control though not including cases of SSRI over-prescription). Calling oneself tricked is never an excuse, but rather can only lead to claims that “I was just following orders” (e.g. orders from a doctor prescribing SSRI products). If someone finds themselves restrained while others force drugs into their system, that’s a different story, one that starts with a “k” and rhymes with “fidnapping” (and one that might be a mere chapter of a longer trauma-based mind control narrative).

    One metaphor that the phoenix represents is a passion which eventually burns out of control and perishes. Hey, all you avatars out there, can you say “That’s like any standard NWO script designed to inflame and thereby destroy?” Can you say “Control the official opposition and all its sanctioned protestations?” Well, follow those bits of insight toward additional clarity: election cycles, featuring con artists standing in front of rising sun images while promising hope, represent the illusory manifestation of the phoenix myth whereby gullible people vote and get disappointed then vote again and get disappointed again then vote again and so on.

    From fiery ashes of promised hope
    Continue down the slippery slope
    Send a message to incumbent Herp
    Today you back the honorable Derp

    Not that there are many voters at a site like this. Still, gotta poesy.

    Bottom line: ditch the sophomoric phoenix nonsense, because no dead horse can ever be beaten into an ashy pile of opportunity for re-entering the starting gate (see now there’s an appropriate metaphor). Such persistent lameness-sameness can only encourage suspicion of motives from mantra-repeating collectives like the self-deluded Red Guard of the NWO-created Cultural Revolution (self-deluded because “being tricked” is no excuse) and the self-professed Phoenix Generation of the NWO-created Cryptography Revolution (whom those paying attention recognize as self-deluded). Picture this: a phoenix, on fire, crying “I was tricked into a lifetime of following orders!” Picture this: out of chaos, order. When experiencing the chaos of a figurative fiery death, does a gullible post-polling voter-remorse type of person rest assured that their next polled incarnation will be less gullible and less votery, that order will finally outshine orders? Which avatars out there know what “polled” implies? Removal of horns and all that — in other words, removal of aryan sovereignty. To be polled is to consider oneself sold. Sovereign people get to dispose of bondmen and bondwomen at will because they are lower forms of animal. Pigs walk on two legs while profane animals vote.

    What’s more, doesn’t yet another interpretation of the phoenix metaphor have something to do with the ongoing succession of generations through mankind’s history? Isn’t that gullible post-polling voter-remorse type’s next incarnation also kindling within their kid? Does any juniorism getting passed off as a “generational thing” ever represent improvement over the juniorisms of previous generations? Do juniors pretending to be fully developed ever bring any original material to this mortal coil of a gilded cage (stealing terms instead of offering anything original to emphasize the struggle of maintaining creativity within a prison of dialectical smoke and mirrors), or is each phoenix destined to be a copy of its past? The answer is as follows: using the phoenix as a metaphor for “a generation like no other generation” is inappropriate. If you want an image of what the first generation of anarchist society will be like, picture William H. Macy’s character sitting on that park bench at the end of Pleasantville (“I have no scripted handbook for the future and that’s ok”). It’ll be more like the progression from one age to another, although even that simile is not entirely accurate, and less like any “I’ll be young forever” fantasy for stopping time at the point of the perfect same-phoenix. Anyone hoping to locate the perfect same-phoenix might just as well go out and rock the vote, because they certainly aren’t vrilliant (research that one).

    Like a comparison between a body and its individual cells, each population’s various age groups represent distinct temporal constants (a body at a given age is eternal from the perspective of its cells) while individuals (cells) within those groups “die and are regenerated” as people gather up their years and move from one to the next (name the movie and character: “I get older and they [high school girls] stay the same age”). Jenius-Juniors steal credit for the ideas they learned from a smaller percentage of the preceding generation, whose radicals might have been innovative in a derivative kind of way but whose Jenius-Juniors merely stole credit for the ideas they learned from …

    That’s not to insult juniors too much. Every single adult went through a similar stage of development. Still, the adult knows better. The adult knows that an anarchist is not like a phoenix, because a phoenix rises only from the ashes of a former phoenix whereas an anarchist generation will not resemble any ancestral phoenix. In such a “future looks sunny and hopeful with a chance of age-transcending change” context, a phoenix analogy is bogus.

    But, hey, who needs all that grammar when one has fire ‘n brimstone proselytizing to confound the sleepy-pews into a One World Gematria trance (“help those with open eyes to see, and those with open ears to hear, the ominous portents of the oncoming storm so that they can make preparations and survive … not to shake people from their sleep, but to set their whole beds on fire … with a sword and a rose to wield together as a bouquet of war, having both a sweet fragrance and a sharpened edge”)? But … but … what about the subsequent “physical confrontation only emboldens the intentions of those who serve the Military Industrial Complex” rhetoric? Oh, those are metaphorical storms and fires and roses and swords, gotcha. Does that make RC Christian the chief cornerstone for an Aquarian Age? And here this avatar kept thinking it was all just a guidestone fraud. Well, hallelujah and welcome to hell, please enter through the Capricorn Gate.

    A reminder of how the relevant proverb goes: “They are ignorant or they are complicit.” Either one, of course, is a willful action — so who wants to buy some bitcoin? Ha, no one? Ok, then, how about this for mixing some mythological metaphors: who’s determined to rise on waxy net-meme wings all the way to the “stardom” of the Sun? Guaranteed, it’s someone pretending to be awake.

    • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:


      Welcome to the conversation.

      With bated breath and giddy anticipation, I’ve waited upon your arrival so as to take in a hearty dose of your dazzling superior intelligence.

      On a serious note, all sarcasm aside, I do actually get a kick out of reading your posts. It’s apparent that you’ve spent a number of years with half of your head down the old proverbial rabbit hole researching a wide array of subject matter. I can respect that much, at least.

      The other half of your head, however, was obviously, long ago, stuck straight up your…well, no need to get too graphic. Just remember, hubris and pride always precede the fall.

      You don’t dig my style?

      That’s cool.

      I assure you, I’ll still sleep well tonight.

      As I said in the piece above, sometimes the only thing to do is shake off the dust from one’s feet and move along.


      • VanmindNo Gravatar says:

        This avatar is interested in making sure that other avatars don’t fall for “Phoenix Generation” nonsense no matter how much monolithic manipulation pretends to white-horse validate the meme.

        Research, avatars, research, until none is left unturned.

  8. DFritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

    Scott, though I agree with much of what you see occurring, your metaphysical outlook leaves me cold. Logic, science, even human emotions exist and can be dealt with. But metaphysics is just more superstitious nonsense like religion and has no place in rational discussion.

    • VanmindNo Gravatar says:

      Sure, but that’s just another way of saying that there’s no such thing as a person who isn’t a philosopher, or that there’s a distinct similarity between opinions and cornholes. Even stupid opinions are as legitimate as any other, precisely because of that word’s definition.

      The trick is to comprehend which opinions are in fact. Metaphysics and religion, of course, make that task very difficult, with tangents breaking off easily toward discussions of “forms” and whatnot. The truth, obviously, is knowable once everyone has defined the definition of the definition for the definition of … all the way back to the original definition for The Word.

      Here’s a relevant question: is faith a real thing, or is it an indication of psychosis, or is there no difference between reality and fantasy when considering the “holistic” concept of faith among mortals? That’s almost guaranteed to bring out the trivium-schism in people and avatars — indeed the very notion of “online existence” requires not a small amount of faith …

      … but is it the kind of faith that gods have in the existence of their creation, or something else which legitimizes meatspace calls for “anti cyber-bullying” legislation? Just how many people mistake the blue pill for the red?

      • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

        Van, your “relevant” question” is faith a real thing seems kind of irrelevant to me. The real question should be what is real and how do I deal with it.

        • VanmindNo Gravatar says:

          Sure, that’s the very circle.

          “What is real?”
          “How do I deal with it?”
          “Should I pretend that faith is a legitimate analytical approach?”
          “Should I pretend that science is a legitimate analytical approach?”
          “Is either faith or science real?”
          “What is real?”

          Perhaps the Fritz Knese avatar thought mistakenly that this avatar was referring to the relevance of metaphysics qua everything instead of the lesser-scope relevance of the preceding paragraphs within that particular comment. Even more perhaps, this might be another example of how quickly such discussions become exercises in talking past one another.

          Bottom line: never stray from The Way by pretending to be in a position to analyze reality. Only gods can do as much, which is why so many people insist that their online avatars sculpted from digital clay “are too real — are too ARE TOO!!”

          The god complex will sucker billions into the matrix …

          • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

            Van, if I was speaking around you instead of relating to what you were actually saying, I am sorry. It was not my intent.
            We all are in a position to analyze reality. Indeed it is a requirement of continued existence. Ignoring reality is only attempted by ivory tower types and only when in the tower for one gets dead real quickly ignoring reality.

            • VanmindNo Gravatar says:

              Nah, don’t sweat it a bit. This avatar wasn’t suggesting that the Fritz Knese avatar began talking around the objective truth, but rather that such kinds of subjective-opinion discussions often reach a point where the parties start talking past each other because of the tendency to conflate one’s subjectivity with “the truth of the cosmos.”

              It’s the whole “opinions and cornholes” thing. Everyone’s a philosopher, it’s just that some philosophers have bigger mouths (the mouth and cornhole of an online avatar represents the relevant elements of a computer’s I/O system — things like keyboards and screens).


              Ha, going horse now from all the sudden cyber-yelling.

              • VanmindNo Gravatar says:

                Uh, “hoarse” that is.

              • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

                Van, my ego is big enough to think emotively that my way is always the “right” way. Unfortunately, reality knocks me down often enough to give me some humility. Damn it!!

                • VanmindNo Gravatar says:

                  Yeah, sure, that’s called being normal. Consider yourself lucky.

                  There’s a thin line between normality and lunacy, and only professionals from the psychiatric profession can tell the difference. Nah, just kidding.

                  What disappoints this avatar is its previous comment. Obviously the comment should have mentioned something about how a hoarse is a hoarse of course of course. Ha.

                  • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

                    Van, if lunacy is essentially defined as absence from the norm then in a society such as ours lunacy should be far prefered to normalcy.
                    Your pun is so bad I can’t even comment on it…HA!!!

    • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:

      DFritz Knese-

      My usage of metaphysical and poetic language is done, in part, with the intended purpose of creating a mirror that can be used as a literary device which reflects the metaphorical ideas such as the New Age, the Kingdom of God, or the rising Phoenix back into the psyche of the individual reader where their own process of awakening and psychological growth can be examined inwardly. My previous article, Piercing the Status Quo, delves into this subject.

      As the great teacher Michael Tsarion speaks of frequently, it is vitally important to be literate in the language of symbolism.

      The linear, logical, rational, rigged left brain is certainly important; but no more or less so than the intuitive, instinctive, creative, expansive right brain. Any scientific endeavor that is to be explored must first be generated from a place of spontaneous inspiration. It is a harmonious balance between the two hemispheres which should be sought in order to avoid any cold spells, or, for that matter, fevered hallucinations.

      • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

        Scott, frankly your comments seem like typical metaphysical gobbltygoop dressed up in excessive verbage. I do concur that balancing the emotive and logical sides of our brains is a key to happy life. But metaphysics is utter nonsense with virtually zero physical proof. Intuition can be wonderful, but only in dealing with reality not asinine superstition. Advocating metaphysics as reality is one reason our culture is failing for so called “intellectuals” control academia and get our youth to equate in importance such things as philosophical rhetoric with critical thinking. We have more people in this country that believe in demons than understand the basic laws of physics!!!

        • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:


          I suppose, at the end of the day, it’s all really simple. My way way of looking at the situation boils down to this:

          Some people are philosophers. That’s cool.
          Some people are poets. Also, cool.
          Some people are both. Very cool.

          I tend to take my cues from all of the above. It makes life’s interactions much more interesting, not to mention adding depth and excitement to language and the written word.

          To each his own. So it goes.

          • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

            Scott, I am sorry. I replied to some of what you had written in my reply to STLECTX when I confused your replies. I say that ideally one should be a scientist, philosopher, poet, writer, and physical laborer. As Heinlein wrote, specialization is for insects.

    • STLICTXNo Gravatar says:

      Do you enjoy having no foundation upon which to stand?

      • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

        If you meant this comment for me, it is rather confusing. I have a foundation of reality to stand upon whereas those who advocate metaphysics have nothing but rhetoric to stand upon. I am a pretty good BSer, but not so good as that!

        • STLICTXNo Gravatar says:

          Full Definition of METAPHYSICS
          a (1) : a division of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being and that includes ontology, cosmology, and often epistemology (2) : ontology 2
          b : abstract philosophical studies : a study of what is outside objective experience.

          Without being able to say anything about the fundamental nature of reality, you have no foundation upon which to stand. Your worldview becomes philosophical quicksand.
          It would be better to say reality is carried on the back of a giant turtle than to deny metaphysical study as a whole.

          • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

            Sorry, I was using the common man’s definition of metaphysics which is close to your definition b. I think that arguing about things outside the physical world is normally a waste of time for there is no way to falsify, no real experimentation, and no refuting the “authority figures”. On the other hand I remember when taking philosophy classes thinking how much fun it was compared to my physics major since I automatically was just as correct as the instructor.
            I used to write quite a bit of poetry. I also like to sing. Singing and poetry are about human emotion which is possible to study on a physical level. They also have a “gut level” understanding which has to do with empathy. Though such study is not physical in the sense that Newtonian mechanics is, it still is based upon real, provable phenomena which most metaphysics in the common sense of the term is not.
            I totally disagree with your final sentence. Essentially religion does exactly this, give some “foundation” no matter how ludicrous and argue forward from there to predictably asinine results. For example the idea of “God” as the creator of everything. The religious ruling elite work out an entire paradigm from this in opposition to say the scientist’s big bang theory. Notice that the religious argument makes a good living for the religious elite as the big bang makes for the scientists. Both arguments are equivalent in that neither can stipulate what went on “before” (who created God or what was before time started?). The difference is that scientists usually argue from experimentally reproducible “facts”. Most metaphysics come from thought experiments based upon unprovable a priori assumptions.