What To Do About About A Swarm Of Parasites

August 20th, 2014   Submitted by Stephen White

LibertyParasiteAnyone who has ever watched wildlife videos has probably seen the magnificent creatures that inhabit the wilds of Alaska, the northern parts of Canada, or even the most remote parts of Africa. Sadly, you have also probably noticed that these beautiful creatures are plagued by swarms of mosquitoes, gnats and flies. These animals mind their own business (grazing, mating, rearing young, running, hiding, and whatever else wild animals do), but the swarms never leave them alone. Their flesh quivers and shakes quite often as a method of making the parasites get off of them – if only for a second or two.

The plight of human life is not much different, and never really has been throughout history. In fact, the founders of the United States, in their Declaration of Independence had a list of grievances against Britain and the King, one of which was this:

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

Is it possible that the founders had parasites in mind when they wrote this statement? Possibly, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that the “swarms” mentioned in that document pale in comparison to the parasitical government officers we contend with today. There are probably a thousand times more “officers” today than in the eighteenth century. At every turn we’re confronted with some bossy sociopath who has not yet learned the fine art of minding their own business. And if there isn’t a person, there will be something electronic that monitors us in their absence (stop lights, computer bugs, drones, etc.)

Considering all of these new swarms, is it any wonder that people would like to throw them off in the same ways as the animal kingdom? We need to create, collect and share different ways to “swat the parasites” and keep them from drawing even more of our blood. Here are three simple ways to reduce the impact of these pesky creatures in your life. I hope this will be just a beginning, a priming of the pump if you will.

1) Missing Money

For some reason some people can be hard to find, and that leaves businesses across the country with un-cashed checks that are returned to them in the mail. These checks can be for wages, dividends, and assorted other things, but all of it is considered unclaimed property, and the laws of every state require businesses to turn the funds over to the government eventually.

It’s possible for you, or a business to quickly determine if there are funds being held by a state government that belongs to you. Simply visit a website or two.

MissingMoney.com covers about forty states, and by simply entering your name or business, you can find out if one of those governments is holding your money. There will be a last known address given, and a little notification if it’s more than or less than $100. If you find your name, and a familiar address, all you have to do is claim the money. I have personally found tens of thousands of dollars for others, including family.

When you have completed your search in your state of residence, then you should do the following:

  • Enter your name in any previous states where you have lived.
  • Enter any previous names you may have had.
  • Enter any business names you may have owned.
  • Enter family member’s names.
  • Enter friend’s names and then let them know if you find anything.
  • Enter deceased family member’s names. You may be the beneficiary or next of kin who can claim these funds.

If the state you are in isn’t part of this site, you should do an internet search using something like, “Unclaimed Funds CA” to find a similar site servicing your area. Most states run these programs through their Department of Commerce. So, watch for a site like that.

Never pay any third party for this service. You’re already taxed to fund this process, and the states should not charge for returning your hard-earned money to you.

This has much better odds than any form of gambling, and it’s much less problematic. It will give you an advantage in poor economic times by making you just a little bit more financially free, and it will strike at the general fund of each of the state governments, thus allowing you to draw some blood from them for a change. Yes, someone in government is employed to process these returns, but each claim is a net loss for the government, and a net gain for you. Your actions will reduce their general fund balance and force them to pay an employee, which further reduces that balance.

Finally, spread the word. If you find funds that belong to you, or people you know, make a comment after this article to encourage others to participate. Put these instructions on your Facebook page, web pages and e-mails. Your readers will thank you.

Those of you in Canada can also take part in this process. Some of the websites you might consider searching are:

2) Get Out Of Debt

Now that you have found money you didn’t even know was out there, what should you do with it? Instead of going out and buying something that you probably don’t need, how about paying down your debt?

Did you know that banks make piles of money as a result of your debt? When you are in debt fractional reserve banking allows them to make entries in their books that basically creates money out of nothing, and they make far more money in this process than they’d ever make from the interest they charge for the loans themselves.

Here is another opportunity for you to swat the parasites. The banks are largely responsible for us switching from a society that saved, planned and took care of each other to a consumption-oriented society that just spends everything we make (and quite a lot more) in a constant rush to have more, more, more.

3) Boycott The Bank

The final idea that you can use to take a swat at the parasites is to move your money out of the banks. If you do have a bank account, the least you might consider is removing your money from the “too big to fail” banks, and the national banks, and switching it over to a local credit union of your liking. Executives of the credit unions don’t get bonuses. They likely don’t do business with the Federal Government, and you will probably see better interest rates, more services and friendlier employees.

Those big banks are behind many of the world’s troubles – everything from inflation to all of the wars that we are constantly plagued with. They are the ones who make it possible for the government to spend us into oblivion. They are the ones who made the government create the IRS as their enforcement arm. They are the ones who have made our money worthless. These should be more good reasons to remove your money from them.

There you have three easy ways to help turn the tables on the “swarms of officers.” Let’s become an even larger swarm on them. Let’s put our collective minds together to come up with even more ways to take from them that which isn’t theirs. Let’s teach each other ways to be non-compliant. Let’s learn their rules, and find ways to use those same rules against them. Let’s launch web pages dedicated to these tactics and procedures so others will have easy access. The internet is today’s Gutenberg press. The government and their propagandist news media have lost control of the masses largely because the internet has provided “the other side of the story.” Let’s get busy and produce, use and spread as many ideas as we can.

13 Responses to “What To Do About About A Swarm Of Parasites”

  1. VanmindNo Gravatar says:

    Great stuff, Mr. White, thanks.

    This avatar is tempted to make a remark about pulling punches, but it is difficult to do the things that will become an inevitable necessity for gaining freedom: namely, activities that ignore the very existence of government. Such activities represent advanced methods of defeating State pretense, at least when compared to the laudable ideas within this article which nonetheless are ways to “fight back” without getting oneself into official trouble (indeed the Canadian ways to reclaim lost “money” involve seeking out government entities or NGOs).

    Put another way: the article is great, but it needs an addendum whereby avatars understand that achieving freedom will require more than just becoming a Walter Block (“I get my money back from the system by being a professor who teaches students to get their money back by becoming things like professors — and somehow, some day, freedom will arrive if we all call ourselves anarchists while screaming that everyone must go out and vote for a Paul and buy more books and attend more lectures”).

    Perhaps a good website would let people sign up for regular reports that concern them, such as the lost “money” stuff or any incident where their meatspace information gets stolen as part of some cracker scheme affecting net-connected servers. This avatar supposes that one could monetize such an informative site by offering classes/training for anyone who wants to become less enslaved — for example, some “No State Chat” stuff like the kind that Marc Stevens’ brilliance brought to the world in a thoroughly non-brilliant Skype kind of way.

    • StephenNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Vanmind for your comments. Perhaps we will let your comments be the “addendum” that you suggested.

  2. Vanmind You Have Good Idea For Recommend For That. I Also Agree!

  3. FreeBornAngelNo Gravatar says:

    In my state the state treasurer runs the site and my son got back almost $200 and my mother in law got back $87. This does work.

    Also today I was at a left turn light that was red and without thinking I just ran it when traffic was clear, the kicker is that the guy behind me ran it too.

    Should we sit around at an obviously malfunctioning light (it wasn’t turning green judge and there was no other traffic so I went when it was safe to do so) and try to be cop of the year or should we take our freedoms where and when we can and by doing so inspire those around us to stop being their best officers?

    Obviously attacking and fighting the evil people that pick up sticks and control their neighbors with their willingness to use violence (and would just love to bring the war home) is not the best answer, it just justifies more cops, ignore them that nullifies their power.

    Live like you are free, and you will be.

    • GenghisNo Gravatar says:

      “Live like you are free, and you will be.”

      I agree completely, but and it is a big but, are you up to the inevitable fight or flight that is coming?

      Most everyone will bend the knee and bow the head to accept the shackles and the lash.

      The real determining factor for freedom is the willingness to fight for it. My experience has taught me that most don’t really want to be free, they find comfort in shackles and obedience.

  4. FreeBornAngelNo Gravatar says:

    I’m told that they welcome someone else doing their thinking for them,….

    I think my credentials fighting for freedom are just fine, I’ve done time twice behind ignoring them and living like I was free.

    No, I didn’t victimize anybody. Mine are purely thought crime. I think I should be free not wear a seat belt and the slave masters disagree.

    However I contend that violence is counter productive when you could sell the positive benefits of anarchy, ie,…

    As long as the workers go to work the stores will be full whether they get paid in cash or with free passes to the stores.

    The only people that wouldn’t be in favor of getting everything for free are the people who profit from the exploitation of those that work.

    If you work you should eat.

    No bartering, no exchanges, just work a needed job (webpages will be available detailing what work is needed) for 20 hours a week for 25 years and you get a big screen, fancy shoes, and vacations in Maui, or whatever it is that floats your boat.

    No cash, no tit for tat, just let the mathematicians crunch the numbers of required hours and once you’ve made the required hours do whatever it is that makes you happy?

    Want to go to space, go to the space port and get on a ship.

    Try doing that while supporting the greed of a billionaire that needs another billion dollars that can only come from stealing the better part of your work through an economic system that most people don’t (want to} understand.

    I’ve been an anarchist since 1985 and all I’ve ever heard is fight the violent revolution.

    I contend that selling the benefits of living without dollars will go alot farther than trying to sell a war, especially to a cowardly mind washed population.

  5. Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

    Stephan, I think a better idea for dealing with the swarms of parasites feeding at government troughs is to found in John Ross’s Unintended Consequences. Government only understands power. All other attempts to influence will be ignored.

    • StephenNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Fritz! I’m sure there are MANY ways to deal with the parasites. I’m not familiar with the one you mentioned, but I’ll study up a little. The title gives me a pretty good clue about it though.

      I’m still reading and learning, but at this point I imagine many forms of minimizing the parasite problem should be available. You might say a menu of choices for whatever personality or whatever lifestyle. Anything from “refusing to serve” as Etienne de la Boetie spelled out in his Discourse on Voluntary Servitude (which I gather many here embrace) to other more activist ideas for those who would like to take a more active role.

      Wherever one falls on the spectrum, wherever one finds their comfort level, there should be something for them to do (or not do).

      • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

        Stephan, certainly there are many ways to ATTEMPT to deal with the parasites. Some may be effective. Others not so much. I judge from history and a grasp of human nature that strictly non-violent means will likely have zero positive effect. So I tell everyone to keep your options open. That is why I oppose the libertarian non aggression principle. If you leave enemies at your back simply because they have not directly aggressed against you yet, one will not live long and will certainly never achieve the goal of a free society.

        • macsnafuNo Gravatar says:

          The libertarian non-aggression principle is not pacifism–it merely says you should not initiate force. It is perfectly acceptable to use force for your own defense, or to come to the defense of another person under attack. No, the real reason for preferring non-violent means is in the real world, one person cannot effectively attack a government or military without being imprisoned or killed. Now, if you’ve got a team of experts and a private, well-equipped army standing by, you might be more effective.

          However, your last line is a little troublesome. You apparently want to attack “enemies” who have never done anything to you. How do you know they are your enemies? What real and credible threat do they actually present to you? For example, left-anarchists might be my ideological opponents, possibly even my enemies, but practically none of them are any real threat to me–they don’t intend to physically attack me, slash my car tires, steal my stuff or destroy my reputation. There’s no need for me to physically attack them for my own protection.

          • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

            Pragmatism seems to indicate that when one takes an absolutist stance on anything, you are fucking yourself. Most likely if ever a “free” society is to develop it will require violence to throw off the ruling elite. That will require initiating violence sometimes. Mistakes will be made. Friends will die. But acting only defensively and never proactively does not work. Often the best defense is a good offense. I think the NAP is self defeating.

  6. KyleNo Gravatar says:

    Stephen White, thank you so much for writing this article. It inspired me to test this legal concept of unclaimed property, and much to my surprise, it turned out that I was owed money. I received $265 from the Virginia Treasury, and the photo evidence for this is located @ https://tinyurl.com/reclaimingunclaimedproperty

    Unfortunately, this method will not work for everyone, because the government must first consider the unclaimed property in question to yours as the rightful owner in the first place, but at least I proved reclaiming unclaimed property works, unlike what the oxymoronic “sovereign citizens” propagate with all of their nonsense about “Accepted for Value.” So, thank you again.

    • Stephen WhiteNo Gravatar says:


      Glad to hear that you’ve found some “missing treasure.” Considering the borrower is slave to the lender, you may have just increased your freedom by a little bit – at least your financial freedom.

      I hope everyone tests this! I get on to check things every few months or so, and I have NEVER visited the site without finding something for my family or friends. Just a few days ago, I found $50 for my boss, $35 for a nephew and over $400 for a co-worker. They’re very happy – the state is a little poorer – and I had some fun doing it.