Why Are There No Police Officers Turned Anarchist?

July 31st, 2014   Submitted by Seth King

detroit-private-policeTonight I was pondering how we’d get started with a private defense agency. My train of thought usually goes something like this: somebody needs to start a company (agorist), hire some ex-military badasses like Adam Kokesh, then contract them out to local anarchist businesses, houses, clubs, or rent them out as escorts. Then I sigh a gasp of defeat over the fact that I’m too lazy and too busy and too inexperienced to start a business like that myself. Then I briefly ponder why the Kokesh’s of the anarchist community haven’t done that either. Not being able to come up with any satisfactory answer I switch to happier thoughts in order to stave off despair.

Tonight was a little different, though. First, I got perturbed over seeing a fellow Free Stater get man-handled by a group of thugs, this time non-state related. See the videos here:

http://freekeene.com/2014/07/31/videographer-attacked-for-recordi ng-in-keene/

This isn’t the first time Free Keeners have gotten attacked physically by bullies on camera. I know many of the Free Keeners are pacifists, so I don’t expect them to go on the defensive. But if they ever did, how would they go about it?

My first thought is that maybe the activists should make sure to always go out in pairs. Sure, swinging by the grocery store or going to the movies might not be that important. But when you know you’re going to be engaging in activities that are going to piss people off, even if what you are doing is totally righteous, it might behoove you to strengthen your defenses. And there’s strength in numbers. That seems like the bare minimum.

Next, I started thinking about body armor. Is there any shame in wearing a bullet proof vest? We all know the cops are trigger happy, but what about the local dregs? Check out this video here:

Sometimes we get so focused on how violent the state is we forget about the fact that there are a lot of ignorant, violent, non-state affiliated thugs too. And they do pose a threat!

The truth is, there’s really nothing stopping us from wearing bullet proof vests, helmets with face shields, open-carrying pistols, with tazers, batons, pepper spray, and hand cuffs. There’s no risk in it except ridicule.

Alright, so maybe it’d be overkill for every one of us to dress like that all the time, or even when engaging in activism. But it would be great to hire a couple of guards who are dressed like that sometimes. This seems like a niche market with growth potential to me.

For some reason ex-military haven’t stepped up to the plate and started anything like this yet. And I think the reason why is that they simply haven’t got the training. Most military members never get close to combat, and when they do it’s hyper-violent. Police, on the other hand, are better trained for close combat using martial arts techniques and non-lethal weaponry. Furthermore, they know the penal code.

Because police know the penal code so well, they know how to bend it and they know how to break it. But they also know how to follow it. Ex-military do not know the penal code. And when it comes to agorist policing, they’d likely get into more trouble than they’re worth. If you had ex-police doing agorist policing, I have to imaging that they’d know exactly how to perform a citizen’s arrest without later getting nailed for false-imprisonment. They’d also be a serious pain in the neck for other police officers who would be up against their “equals.”

But this leads me to ask “where are all of the ex-police turned anarchist?” It seems like half of the anarcho-capitalist community is ex-military. But I can’t think of one person that is an ex cop. The only reason I can think of is because people who join the military aren’t usually in it for life. They’re looking for a G.I. Bill. They rarely spend more than four or eight years in the military. But police are often in it for life. Law enforcement is seen as a career.

That being said I know many military members can’t wait for their tour to be up because they’ve turned anarchist while serving. I have to believe that any cop turned anarchist could quit the force any time they want. So, why aren’t police officers turning anarchist? Are they getting brainwashed more than the military? Are they more power hungry than military? Is the police force more like a gang than the military, where once in there is no leaving the gang, except for retirement?

I know police are scumbag criminals. But I would just as happily welcome an ex cop to the anarchist community as I do ex-military. I believe in redemption. But there seems to be zero redemption among police.

What will it take for us to get them to do private (agorist) policing? Do we need to pay them more and offer them better benefits? What are your thoughts?


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  1. VanmindNo Gravatar says:

    Great stuff, Mr. King, thanks.

    This avatar figures that cops get up in the morning with the assumption that everything they do during their shift will be in the name of “peacetime justice” and defending themselves, while military types tend to become more anarchist after they realize that they are being used as little more than tools of naked aggression. Perhaps the deal is that most cops appreciate the veil of “nice & legal” legitimacy which allows them to turn a blind eye to the fact that they’re being used as tools of slightly-less-naked aggression (the difference in legitimacy being that domestic homelands are not typically considered to be war zones). A matter of degrees, apparently, with encroaching socialist absolutism generating evermore blurred lines of distinction.

    The career thing is also important. Every war ends, but the NWO institutionalizes domestic martial dominance through the make-believe codification of Official Legality. Seen from the other perspective: Orwell described a society of perpetual warfare as requiring a fictionalized bad guy whom the population could never consider defeated. As Orwell put it, if you institutionalize a system of scripting non-stop terror threats from “Goldsteins” and then encourage the population to think only of “hating” the scripted “Goldsteins,” they’ll pretty much force themselves into compliance on domestic issues as well because it all becomes part of supporting the fictionalized overseas effort.

    That’s it right there, the difference. Soldiers, by and large, get to the point where they realize it’s all fiction, while cops back home, by and large, remain trapped within the two-minute-hate program of domestic drooling. “See the world,” and by doing so come to understand that home is the very kind of fu*ked up place where no one would be out “seeing the world” in a martial capacity if it wasn’t for the domestic fraud that is already well down the road toward totalitarianism.

  2. DarrenNo Gravatar says:

    The answer may be a matter of age. Most join the military right out of high school. If they become anarchists or even liberty minded statists they won’t join the police. Most who join the police are older, in their 20s or even 30s. Since they haven’t figured it out by then it’s not likely they will as their LEO careers progress.

  3. HReardenNo Gravatar says:

    Have you heard of Brad Jardis? He is an ex-leo who is perhaps the closest to being an Anarchist. http://freekeene.com/2010/01/27/brad-jardis-leaves-law-enforcemen t

    Have you heard of Threat Management Center in Detroit? It is a free market policing and/or community security organization.

    See: http://youtu.be/onWC8nNpIco

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      I know who Brad Jardis is. He’s a fellow New Hampshire resident. He’s not an anarchist.

      The Threat Management Center is pretty cool, but it’s not run by anarchists and it’s not agorist.

      • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

        I did not say Jardis is an Anarchist, I stated that he is perhaps the closest ex-leo to being an Anarchist. So are you going to poo poo something because it is not anarchist or agorist? I think that the TMC is on the right path and doing good things.

        • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

          I think TMC is a step in the right direction, but it’s still a state corporation, so it will never challenge the state.

          • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

            How do you know it will never challenge the state?

            • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

              Well, I’m not omniscient, but I’ve never seen a state sanctioned corporation turn around and overthrow a state. Maybe they’ll be the first, but I doubt it.

            • BenNo Gravatar says:

              I saw a Reason TV interview with the head of the Detroit organization. He talked about the return of stability and ‘functional government’. Minarchists at best, but who knows?

  4. Kyle ReardenNo Gravatar says:

    Agorist policing? I think you may have meant, “agorist bodyguarding.” Either way, it’s an intriguing proposal, but HOW to make that happen is a virtually untouched upon topic, and will probably continue to be because the Free Statists ostracized Chris Cantwell and targeted Larken Rose, thereby demonizing self-defense, unless more articles, podcasts, and videos are made on this topic.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      “Free Statists” Hah! That’s funny.

      There were like a few people associated with the corporation known as the Free State Project that had issues. But they don’t speak for the 1600+ other free staters that live here. Cantwell lives in New Hampshire (again) and both he and Larken are more than welcome in New Hampshire by most free staters I know.

      • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

        Cantwell says that he is an asshole. I have a no asshole rule and thus avoid having anything to do with assholes.

    • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

      Who targeted Larken Rose?

      • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

        I have no idea who “targeted” Larken or Chris for that matter. I’ve tried my best to stay out of that drama cesspool. I’m more interested in ideas and action and less on personalities and he said she said bullshit.

  5. BenNo Gravatar says:

    I’m one of the myriad ex military ancaps, but you’re right, I wouldn’t necessarily know how to create or operate private security company. I would ponder doing something in the US if I weren’t already going the expat route here in South America. Although if I did, Detroit would be a more interesting target to me as an anarchist.

    The FSP also has some sort of voluntary response force, doesn’t it? Is that not going so well?

    The other point you make about troops turning ancap and leaving after a few years is also very accurate. The guys that make it into the senior nco and officer ranks that would have the maturity and know-how to operate larger units or organizations tend to be lifers – military and statist.

  6. DaveNo Gravatar says:

    What is the background to the video? Why did those guys assault him for filming?

  7. Don DuncanNo Gravatar says:

    Did the FSP videographer prefer charges to recover damages? It’s better to take evasive action or show defensive strength for deterrence. It looked like the attackers were emboldened by a passive attitude and force of numbers. The violence began slowly with blocking movement, in your face belligerent confrontation, and finally physical attack. I could see it coming. The attackers were looking for weakness, or a sign that no retaliation would occur. One bodyguard or a large tough guy or the appearance that “I’ll fight back!” would have deterred (frightened) them. Notice the mob mentality as they came at him one by one out of the pack, first using verbal assaults, to test his resolve and work up their nerve.

    I have seen this before and I always wonder why the person showed up alone or did not have a second video shooting from a distance clandestinely. Once his camera is knocked out, it is his word against theirs. A second camera away from the action would capture any increased aggression and could be helpful if needed in court. A second camera would show a criminal conspiracy.

  8. KeithNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Seth,
    I’m not sure that you’d actually want to have ex cops- they’ve probably learned too many bad habits:
    Steroid abuse, loitering in donut shops, framing people and escalating encounters to violence and murder, instead of de-escalating Then there’s the burglary rings and kiddy fiddling rings…

    With few notable exceptions, they’re not ususally particularly skilled fighters and in general they’re miserable shots.

    Now for the big one, despite all of the bluster, in general cops are not brave – quite the contrary, the normative cop is a predatory narcissistic coward and bully. They enjoy other people’s discomfort, but are highly averse to any discomfort of physical risk for themselves. This is reflected statistically, only once in a while, through statistical fluke, does Cop enters the top ten most dangerous occupations.

    Radley Balko has graphs for statist cop fatalities over time here
    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/radley-balko/police-fatality-statis tics-2012_b_1619725.html

    Figures for workplace fatalities for other sectors are given here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Number_and_rate_of_fatal_occup ational_injuries.png
    and in .pdf format, here http://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/cfoi.pdf

    The skill set of statist cop is probably not sufficient to do the job you are looking for them to do.

    An agorist defense agency, will almost certainly be for profit, even if it is informally structured in order to be resistant to statist disruption.

    That stated, I have been introduced to people who in the Irish Traveller community (Travellers avoid the state and have done so for centuries), have a reputation for sorting out disputes and for chasing away miscreants – these guys seem to arise by reputation, sometimes a particular extended traveller family will have the reputation.

    A man whom my family have dealings with, had a brush with one of the guys from the Traveller community (he has a livestock haulage business and he’d transported some horses, not knowing that the guy he was transporting them for had rounded them up for grazing on his land without permission).

    The Traveller was courteous, well mannered and polite – no threats given, and the people he was representing got their horses back, and the guy who told me the story was not left out of pocket either.

    A story I was told about another such gentleman, after I’d been introduced to him, was that he and his pals had pursued a group of unruly young Travellers who’d been causing trouble in the pubs in a small town in the mountains of County Carlow, and chased them half way back to Tallaght, on the outskirts of Dublin. There may have been a few bloody noses, but that was the end of the matter. That gentleman still gets free drinks in the pubs.

    Helmets, clubs and flak jackets are probably the second last thing that an agorist defence agency would need.

    The very last thing they’d need would be a bunch of entitled, donut thieving narcissists.

    • Don DuncanNo Gravatar says:

      A great point Keith. We can eliminate that group as potential private protectors. What next? How about a psychological profile on the private protection agency in Detroit? Find out what makes them tick. Look for, or develop those traits in young people. Encourage them to be private protectors.

      Eventually, when trouble comes, the potential victim, if overwhelmed, calls a private company, without a second thought. Cops keep munching donuts.

      Peer-peer cryptocurrency, home schooling, off-grid energy independent homes, private defense agencies, email, dispute resolution by arbitration, on and on until one day, public services? What’s that?

      • KeithNo Gravatar says:

        Hi Don,
        Indeed, what next?
        I haven’t got my thoughts ordered in that area (and perhaps never will get them in order).

        First the problem
        Statist cops fail on a number of fundamental levels, which I’ve been fleshing out over the past few weeks in the comments over at Mr Grigg’s “Pro Libertate”

        Mr Grigg’s point is key, the prime actor argument: the statist oligarchs sign the cops pay cheques; he who pays the piper calls the tune. statist cops don’t work for “us”, they work for “them”.

        I’ve been arguing from monopoly theory: a monopoly cannot calculate, suffers from the knowledge problem, and due to the disutility of labour, will suffer a continuous trend of providing ever less and lower quality goods and services for ever higher price.

        Statist cops are “free” at the point of use – hence there is far greater demand than at whatever the intersection of supply and demand would be at a market price.

        Statist cops are of course not free in any other sense of the word, monetary and opportunity costs abound, and part of the “free” at the point of use and of the monopoly, is the supression of alternatives.

        As with drug and alcohol prohibition – where friendly corner shops and family run cafes and bars selling a wide variety of acceptable quality goods, were replaced by ultra violent gangs selling gut rot whisky and low quality, high strength smack and crack, and trying to lay claim to “turf”.

        So it is with defense. You could probably get the miscreants legs broken for under $100 (likely by a pair of off moonlighting cops), but you wouldn’t be able to find a person who has the charisma to go and speak to the miscreants, explain some simple facts of life to them in terms that they understand, and have them follow his advice. The cops would be on him in a flash.

        Possible sources of fresh ideas
        The areas which I think we need to look at are communities which have never been statist, and which have avoided our state for centuries.

        I’m guessing that the Apache and other traditionally anarchist native Americans are now thoroughly corrupted by reservation communism and welfare.

        That leaves us with Gypsies, Irish Travellers and Somalis (anyone who can add more to that list please do so! ultra orthodox Jews perhaps?) as our first choice for studying dispute resolution and protection.

        The next level, would be to study how various outlaw gangs avoid conflict.

        I don’t think that there is much doubt that gangsters can be very effective at supressing petty criminality. People in the east end of London still openly comment on the lack of petty crime when the Kray twins were operating. China towns are generally very safe places, even with several competing Triad tribes present in the same small area. Tokyo, Kobe etc were much safer before the Yakuza began to be actively surpressed in the early 1990s (I gather that if you paid Yakuza protection money, and you got problems, they always showed up promptly to sort things out – unlike statist cops).

        Although second best – studying gangsters could still throw up some interesting insights into how overtly violent gangs avoid and peacefully settle conflict.


        • KeithNo Gravatar says:


          Even though I suspect that many gangs descended from toppled statist regimes (the Mafia from the Sicillian regime toppled either by or before the Knights Hospitaller, the Triads from former members of the Ming Dynasty, the Mogadishu warlords from the former Barre regime etc)

          and probably still work on a statist paradigm of farming the productive population in an area as their tax cattle,

          They have been softened (I guess a statist would say “corrupted”) by the need to compete on a market against the new state, and to remain beneath its coercive radar.

          Hence, if you meet a mafioso, despite the menace and violence which he can undoubtedly wield, he’s actually likely to be very well mannered and pleasant to speak to – far more so than say a member of the post office counter staff!

          I’ll try to get back to this tonight to discuss some ideas of how to avoid protection agents from claiming “turf” and some other possibilities, for example a handful of ancaps who are skilled fighters and negotiators, offering their services as for profit house guests, travelling to and staying with ancaps who are having problems, teaching them some skills and explaining some facts of life to miscreants.

          Such holidays might be simply a part time occupation, the guys’ main living could well be teaching fighting and shooting skills, NLP, or communication skills. Have motorbike with small license plate – will travel.

          With modern communications and transport, there is no need for such people to be local, and if they are peripatetic, there is no way for them to claim an area as “turf” they really cannot become a new state.

  9. Anthony CaprioNo Gravatar says:

    Check out Barry Cooper and his site “Never get Busted” he was a former NARC who started a business to help people beat drug related charges. There are also Private Dectives who specialize in anything from
    recovering property to personal protection. I think neighborhood watch programs are a great example of people voluntarily helping to protect each other.

  10. AdemoNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve also asked this… IMO, this is how it works. Military people who figure it out come home and want to do something else; rarely that’s spread liberty but a few have. IMO, the negative experience with protection service provided by government leaves those who may provide an honest service (privately) with such a bad taste in their mouths that they don’t want to do it. And even the ones who do think about it realize the man won’t let them and they aren’t willing to die providing the first agorist protection agency.

    The military people who enjoy the military, and telling people what to do, become cops. IMO, its why cops are ‘as bad as they are’ these days. Think about it; alot of cops are former military… if they’ve been through 4 – 8 years of blind obedience, taking orders daily and buying every last BS story, than when they come home, policing seems like the next step.

    Yet, all new cops do one of two things… they either quit because they realize the job isn’t what it’s supposed to be, or after 10 years of working for the man, they learn how to bend the system. They begin to believe that they are actually better than others, above the law and are all that stands between a civil society and a chaotic one – they are brainwashed, psychopaths at this point.

    IMO, this is why you see more ex-military folks who are liberty minded and less ex-LEO’s..

    • rojorNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Ademo.

      I just wanted to add a comment describing my own experiences with this matter.

      As I’m ex-military myself, I’ve noticed the same phenomena with some of my other discharged colleagues. Many of them went straight into the police academy after being discharged. These guys were exactly the types you described: the hyper-obedient order takers, never questioning authority, believing everything assigned to them was always of the utmost importance.

      However, I suspect that these individuals were flawed from the beginning. These flaws were not instilled into them through training, but were instead amplified, and even encouraged by working in the military environment. In their civilian live, they carry the same flaws, further sharpened and refined. This makes them impossible to be reasoned with.

      I should point out that none of these guys ever saw actual combat and will never experience the guilt some feel when being placed into the position of being forced to kill other human beings. I think that this has even futher reinforced their flaws, and gives them the illusion that they are more important to the world than they really are.

      I’ve had conversations with these guys over the years, some friendly, some not. Most of the time, when I bring up libertarian concepts (Non Aggression Principle, Free Markets, etc.), they refuse to discuss them. Instead, they constantly bring up my combat record, believing that since I’ve “seen the faces of evil” as often as I had, that I should somehow be more sympathetic to their way of thinking. They are unable to understand that being told to do something from a perceived authority still does not make it right. They confuse the law with morality and believe instead that they are the same thing. In turn, they view themselves as the enforcers of morality.

      Like I said, flawed from the beginning, and incapable of being reasoned with.

      This contrasts with my own experience. While I’m aware of my own flaws, military training did nothing to amplify them. If anything, it made me more iconoclastic. I did well, despite my internal conflicts. Unfortunately, I was deployed into combat a number of times and was forced to kill more people than I’d like to remember. Right or wrong, sometimes you just have to do what you’re told. Without getting into details, the last operation I was involved in convinced me to not renew my contract. Then I was discharged.

      Needless to say, I had no interest in obtaining employment with law enforcement nor had the desire to seek any other government employment. Instead I enrolled in medical school. After graduating, I signed up with the FSP.

  11. Jim DaviesNo Gravatar says:

    What a shocking video. I’m still reeling from the sight and sound of that well endowed young lady holding a baby and mouthing such vulgar words. Is this what American womanhood has come to? What future must we anticipate for the babe, as (s)he grows up surrounded by language of that ilk? Tut, tut.

    But I’m also a bit concerned by your “there are a lot of ignorant, violent, non-state affiliated thugs too.” Quite right, there are – present tense. Each generation is raised in an environment of bad language and worse behavior, so it’s little wonder if monkey see, monkey do. But would it not be a mistake to speculate on how members of an anarchist society will choose to defend themselves from non-state thugs as encountered today, when non-state thugs will be far fewer and less offensive by the time an anarchist society has come into being?

    Universal re-education will not change human nature, nor does it need to; but it will show everyone that they can get more by peaceful voluntary exchange than by aggression and theft. So I anticipate that there will be less thuggery around by one or two orders of magnitude.

  12. KeithNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Jim
    Thanks for the link, I’ll have a look at that when I’ve got the other browser started (I’ve got all of the script blockers and cookie eating badgers loaded on this one).

    Even without re schooling, the simple undoctrination of making it clear that there are zero special privileges – there is no entitlement to bully,

    will likely reduce the incidence of thuggery to those who have real problems, and even there, the prospect of receiving medication (hot lead) should ensure much better behaviour than we see with the present assumptions of entitlement.

    Kent, on his hooligan libertarian blog, posted some book a video links, amongst them some of the traffic light turning off vids. http://blog.kentforliberty.com/2014/07/important-readings.html

    It is amazing how the attitudes of people change as soon as even as small an assumption of entitlement as “priority” at a road junction is removed.

    Empirically we have an excellent animal model with Proff Sapolsky’s baboon troop, which lost its alpha males and 20 years later is still incredibly calm and peaceful compared to its neighbouring troops. http://youtu.be/QZcTvFqzxA0

  13. We need prolific producers of self-defense implements and tools. Not demagogues with the “right attitude.” That isn’t very important.

    I think the ancient Hebrews provide thousands of years of examples of how to survive among stronger more dominant cultures.

    The TL;DR version is be more productive and useful than those who are numerically and tactically superior.

    When you’re market anarchists. Which is to say both marketists and anarchists. The most important thing about you is your wealth generation abilities. Your survival depends on how good of marketists you are.

    Marketists remain free because they produce enough for themselves. And are growing organically. And they even produce plenty of surplus to allow to be plundered by the statists of all nations.

    Look at how China does this very thing. They concentrate on being makers. Allow the stronger more regimented peoples to concentrate on being takers.

    Every year in Africa China as a whole makes 200 billion to everyone’s benefit. The US only makes 85 billion in Africa. Plus loses 40 billion on its military spending. This 200 billion is bottom up deals, growing organically, no statist system is going to prevail over this in the long run.

    Our version of Judaism would be wholly secular and completely voluntary of course. The anarchism is of lesser importance. The Jewish culture being one of intellectualism and societal contribution and achievement. That’s what’s important. We can ignore the parts that don’t pertain to our desired ends.

    What matters to us is not being forced by our political system whatever it is. Permanent anarchism comes from wealth and surplus. Temporary anarchism in the aftermath of violence is fleeting and brief, and usually leads quickly to some archy far worse than the archy that existed before the anarchism of the moment amid the rubble and bloodshed.