Fair and Final Warning

June 11th, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

WarningIn my day to day contact with people I tend to trust those that are decent, honest, upright and pure, while I do my best to shun the creeps, murderers and thieves. Psychopaths, sociopaths, pathological liars, and narcissists aren’t on the list of people I’d like to sit down and have a drink with. So why would I let such Evil people assume positions of power that influence the society I live in? It would be absolutely ridiculous, completely contemptible, absurd and asinine!

The only sane solution at this point is to strip away all the power that colluding criminals have usurped through treacherous means in their takeover of governments and banking institutions around the planet.

It is high time we took back the land we live on by not complying with the edicts of democratically elected officials. We should turn a deaf ear to their nonsense, and start listening, instead, to the wisdom of honorable sages and gurus who have established themselves in our communities. The time for voting people into positions of power has passed.

It is time to scream from the mountaintop, and reveal these vile crooks, along with their mad schemes to destabilize and destroy sovereign civilizations from the inside. It is time to accept the responsibilities that freedom, liberty and sovereignty demand of everyone privileged to be alive in this pivotal time.

The entrenched powers will use the same tactics they always employ. Evil is a one-trick pony. It is old, stagnant, and repetitive. It lacks creative energy, imagination and innovation. The only card in its deck leads toward destructive chaos. Everything the State claims to have built was stolen from the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of creative individuals. Evil will kill, steal, rape, pillage and enslave to achieve its wicked ends. Its energy flows out of a compromised core, and can do nothing except seek and destroy that which is good.

But Evil has one thing going for it; tenacity. It never stops in its effort. So, as we turn back the tidal wave of unholy terror from those cowards and criminals who currently cling to their slipping reins of control, those who are corrupted by the system will try to kill us. We who resist Evil put a mark upon ourselves. It is the Holy mark of Righteousness. We are the Phoenix Generation.

The Phoenix Generation consists of those who will rise from the ashes of this corrupted and decadent system, as our enemy sows the seeds of its own destruction and implodes from within. We are spread far and wide, across this world, and seek to bring about the best possible conditions for evolutionary progress to flourish.

There is no place to hide, so fear is pointless. There is no time for doubt. Worry will only drag our spirits down. Anxiety will only trap us in static. We who fight against Evil are full of faith, and trust in a power that guides and graces us through this time of tremendous change. The Phoenix Generation is willing to die for the cause of truth and justice. We are willing to lay down our lives, and pledge our spirits to protect the free will of humanity.

We understand that it is not only our individual fates that hang in the balance. The destiny of the entire human species, and the future of our civilization is being threatened. The cards have been dealt and we must play our hand, now, before the game is lost forever.

The time has come for big ideas that springboard courageous intentions into action. The time has come to storm the gates of the Empire, and begin casting out all the swine who have sold the people of this world down the river. There are prison cells aplenty waiting for those who chose the lower path, which has led us to this deplorable condition.

Once the Renaissance Revolution has begun, and the psychological mutiny is in full swing against the Oligarchy, those who are entrenched in the corrupted power system will attack us like cornered dogs. Evil does not go down without a fight. It is through their brazen acts of violence against those who participate in principles of non-aggression, peacefulness, property rights and free trade that these wicked workers of deception will be fully revealed to anyone who is still scared to take a side.

The tides are shifting! Humanity is waking up! To fight! To win back the rule of law! To secure our natural liberties! To reestablish our sovereignty and free will! To cast out Evil from high places, and send it scurrying back to its lowly pit in Hell!

The Phoenix Generation shuns sin. We seek to live morally upright, decent, ethical, honorable lives. We turn away from those who do Evil, and exile them from our society.

Satan can have his minions back. Get ye away, and return unto the abyss from which ye emerged. Sink back into the negative entropic energy of chaos. Leave in peace those of us who are purified and elevated above such nonsense here in the Frequency of Heaven on Earth.

All you Godless creatures that seek the suppression of the Holy Human Spirit, do unto each other the Evil that you would do unto us. Hastily wipe your disease from the face of this planet. You who speak of humanity as a virus, give in to the cancer that corrupts your own soul, do us all a huge favor, and die off.

The time has come for nasty words against you who wield enough power to annihilate all life with the push of a button which would result in a hellish display of fireworks. To you who seek destruction and chaos through nuclear warfare, turn a gun upon yourselves and pull the trigger. Eternal oblivion is calling you.

The Phoenix Generation knows that all life is a perfect reflection of God’s Divine Source of Creation. We know that humanity has a beautiful, free, creative, dynamic, powerful Holy Spirit that is destined for greatness, and that our species is fated to evolve, expand outwardly through the cosmos, and eventually inherit the stars.

Face us and you will be defeated. Your Evil spirit that wields abusive authority over the people will fall from power, and you will lose your ill gained lofty position.

The Phoenix Generation will display courage and strength as we are reborn in the Holy Spirit Vibration. We will gleefully celebrate as Hell opens wide its fiery pits, swallows your foul forces in a plume of putrid smoke, burns you from the inside out, and extinguishes you from existence forever.

Be not afraid, those who are pure of heart and full of Love, for this Earth shall soon manifest into a Paradise and we will live together in peace upon its vast expanses of land.

This world is the home of free humanity. We have played host to our Evil guest for far too long. The atmosphere at this party has become unbearable and we are giving you wicked parasites your last chance to leave peacefully. Make your exit quickly, and this process will go smoothly and efficiently. Stay one moment longer, while sucking the life-force energy from our necks, and we will be forced to take a sharpened ax to yours.

The fun and games are over, kiddies. It’s adult swim now.

The Phoenix Generation would have peace, yet we will protect ourselves with force if necessary. We believe in non-aggression, yet we will defend our family, our treasure, and our sacred honor unto death. You have provoked us for far too long. We have offered our Fair and Final Warning to you who work against the spiritual evolution of humanity.

We plead for those of you who are possessed with Evil to repent, and to step down from your ivory tower. We do not want conflict. We do not seek an escalation of hostilities. We will spare you if you lay your weapons down. We would seek a strong resolution without the crossing of swords. But should you continue to push us to the brink of tragedy, know well that we are masters with the blade.

Let the record show that we have given you Fair Warning. Now make your final choices.

The Phoenix Generation understands that to topple the pyramid structure of your beastly system we must turn away from all temptations, and cease to participate within the limited boundaries that you have set up using all of Satan’s dirty tricks.

The Phoenix Generation will not be controlled, held down, nor obligated to follow laws writ by tyrants who are under the influence of wicked forces. We do not recognize such laws, and choose to live above, outside and beyond them.

The Phoenix Generation is made up of self sovereign, God loving, free human beings who are guided by the muse of Holy Spirit Vibration and resonate at a frequency that remains unaffected by the lowly energy of Evil.

By granting no quarter to Evil, we leave no opening in our defenses through which its vile serpentine workers of darkness can slither into our souls.

To you who would try and enforce upon us rules, regulations, taxes and laws crafted by criminal interests, keep thy hands off! Lest your wrists go limp from being snapped like twigs by our mighty grip.

This is a Manifesto of Revolution. This is a declaration of the destiny of humanity as we go through the transformations of a spiritual Renaissance that is beginning, at this very moment, within the hearts, minds and souls of individuals and societal groups of people throughout the world who simultaneously hear the synchronistic siren call of The Phoenix Generation. The path has become clear to those with open eyes. The sound is loud and vibrant to those with ears to hear.

We of The Phoenix Generation are those who will help turn the tide and heal the cancer that is rapidly spreading through the collective consciousness. The disease with which we are infected, inflicted upon us by those who hate God, nature, humanity and life, will be purged from our body.

We do not use the synthetic chemical drug abominations you created to wage war against our bodies and minds. We do not put your snake oil remedies into our system. We choose to ingest the plants and herbs that grow naturally upon the Earth as our medicines.

We do not take the pills you push, eat the foods you genetically modify, nor inject the immunity disrupting vaccines you concoct. We do not drink the water you poison with sodium fluoride.

The Phoenix Generation is spread far and wide upon this Earth. We are the many who will displace the few.

Humanity is only as strong as its weakest link. Those that have been corrupted and allowed themselves to collapse underneath the temptations of Evil shall be melted in the pit of Hell where their energy was spawned so that we who are made of strong spiritual stuff can forge anew the molten metal into a tougher shape. Our chain shall link together perfectly so that the electricity of the Heaven Frequency vibrates with flowing resonant conductivity throughout the whole of our human gang.

The Phoenix Generation is not locked in bondage, nor chained to the ideology of a sick culture, but is connected through the gift of free will at a high level of personal and communal prosperity, through the blessing of God’s Love.

We are legion in our devotion to the Holy Spirit Vibration, and when we are united as One, we rise into a spiritual ascension by the Grace of God and the source of Divine energy that flows through all Creation.

We of The Phoenix Generation are pledged, with hand over heart, toward our duty to be good friends to our neighbors, good stewards to the land, and to do good deeds upon the Earth. We have given our solemn oath to dig in deep and root out all Evil growth from our gardens so that they remain righteous and sanctified with healthy soil. It is from a sense of honor and sacred responsibility to God that we work with integrity toward the purifying of Humanity’s Spirit.

The Phoenix Generation is a free and soaring bird whose wings are spread wide. Our nest is found at the peak vibration of Heaven’s Frequency where we rest peacefully in the heart of that which is most Holy.

As above, so below; we plant our seed of anarchy and watch it grow.

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13 Responses to “Fair and Final Warning”

  1. VanmindNo Gravatar says:

    Ahhhh! This avatar has gone cyber-blind! So many old-is-new-again hipsterisms disguised as pith and wisdom, it’s like a one-world religion is encroaching upon everyone … just as the NWO hoped would happen.

    Only social engineers plant utopian seeds. Anarchy’s metaphor is soil that is too barren of Social Contract gullibility to support any government life. It is, rather, the individual actor under free markets who blooms and flourishes, with no collective “generation” involved except as ancillary anecdotes (i.e. as macroeconomic analysis).

    F*ck off, phoenix. Like any revolution, you guarantee only that things will end up just as they were before. Or does something other than a phoenix rise from the Harry Potter Generation ashes?

    • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:

      Blindness? Ye, gods! Too much Light, perhaps? Alas, it can happen at times. To those who have eyes to see, let them see. To those who prefer to sleep, leave them to their dreams.

      I’m presumptuousness enough to allow for and take poetic license in everything I write, but most certainly when I’m taking the liberty to lump together all those who love liberty into the same categorical imperative.

      Anarchist, Agorist, Voluntaryist, Libertarian, Phoenix- you can spell the idea any way you choose. It’s what you mean and how you say it that matters most.

      If you present the NWO as an archetypal essence on one side, playing the Bad Guys, now you can flesh out the dichotomy with the Phoenix on the other. We’re the Good Guys. Cheers to that. We get to rise.

      As far as pop-culture references to the Phoenix are concerned, I was always preferential to Claremont’s X-Men run from the 80’s. But, above all, when concerning the idea of Renaissance or rebirth, I dig the themes of Christ and Bacchus. Blood or wine? Mosquito or Merry-maker?

      If you believe that a Revolution always ends up in the same place, that may be fine and well if dealing only with the dimension of space. But time-wise, I assure you, with every cycle around the sun, I’ve become a little older and, hopefully, wiser. So, whether I’m spinning in revolutions or dancing down the linear line, I’m never in the same place twice.

      • VanmindNo Gravatar says:

        Ha. The misinformation is thick, but is it deliberate or just a child-like expression of hopey-changey?

        Guess what, everyone. NWO insiders are prepared to “allow” a small percentage of the remaining world population to survive the imminent Noah-esque cull. All one need do is embrace the shiny happy apocalypse, to “prove” one’s bloodline purity by way of “Fourth Book” numbers & junk. Circle the square to create Heaven on Earth.

        Here’s disinfo asset Jesse Ventura, climbing back into the square circle with a double-headed-eagle habit, fomenting revolution. Consider other phony prophets (e.g. “Snowden” or “Satoshi Nakamoto”) and other media for programming revolutionaries (e.g. V for Vendetta or Hunger Games).

        Little by little, the NWO is releasing formerly occulted information through carefully planted assets who, without much formal training or many expensive laboratories (just like you!), have “discovered” things that are as intriguing as pi itself. The wonder. The glory. The burgeoning one-world religion of dialectics and caste handbooks.

        It’s not “information that the NWO wants to keep from you” any more than the NWO wants to prevent a global revolution. Hell, why do you think Madonna became Esther-the-Kaballah-Chick? The Harameins (“I did it in a van up at Whistler”) and Leeds (“I’m having fun with numbers”) and CERNs (“We are creating the god particle”) of the world, they’re working you all like cheap steak, sparking up the magical proselytizing zippo in front of a bunch of awestruck pygmies. Sure, the golden ratio is a mysterious fountain of beauty and structure. Big whoop, no one will ever know the godhead, no one will ever become chief cornerstone — so stop blaspheming against whatever-it-is.

        To be sure, the programmed blasphemy is nothing new. The NWO, under various guises, has been pulling false prophet sh*t on people for centuries, feeding occulted information to “superhumans” like Newton. Should one simply call him Pythagoras? Was Pythagoras himself the recipient of privileged information? Why did Plato go through an initiation ritual at the Great Pyramid? Did a bunch of knowledge truly perish in the fire at Alexandria?

        So, how’s that zippo “Light” shaping up for all the half-witted avatars out there? Is Lucifer your apocalyptic buddy? Is everyone prostrated before the emerging 2160-year faith? Not being controlled & manipulated at all? Something other than useful idiots on the verge of a Dark Age?

        Oh, that’s right. Y’all are the “Phoenix Generation.” Ha. If only Stan Lee wasn’t such an obvious NWO stooge. Does everyone dig how Spidey displays the Baphomet sign whenever he’s about to engulf someone in Arachne’s web? Who knows what the term “X-Men” actually represents (hint: it’s not mutation)?

        Think crosses and stars and fallen angels and transhumanism … and then start ignoring Marvel Comics.

        • georgemNo Gravatar says:

          You called satoshi nakamoto a phony prophet?
          lol, you sir are crazy.
          You make the NWO out to be the superior power that controls everything that happens on this planet. I wonder why?
          Such a complex system like our planet can’t be overseen by anyone… too many factos.
          NWO is just some lazy fat bankers (and the like) sitting on war money, knowing – as the article rightly points out – only ONE thing: force and coercion.

          Yes, the NWO is evil… but most of all they are chaotic and desperate… they are just people like you and me, not gods. Stop making them look like some sort of immortal aliens, for crying out loud.

          • VanmindNo Gravatar says:

            Ha, you are either laughably ignorant, or a planted avatar.

            Reread the dull-witted original article (at the top of the page) for evidence of trying to create godliness out of some kind of clay that isn’t divine. Why do you think this avatar stated in the previous insightful comment that no one will ever know the godhead, that no one could ever become chief cornerstone, that The Word can only ever be described as whatever-it-is?

            Are you a spook? What’s with telling people to worship a make-believe being (Nakamoto) & the false divinity of technocratic encryption while pretending to be in a position to claim that others are making gods out of the profane? I’m guessing you’re a spook, because no one could be that much of a ridiculous simpleton.

        • X-Men? As in T.H. Huxley’s X-Club? Not one in a thousand who read even this site will understand that connection. Man, these Anglophile eugenicists get around. The scary thing is, this transhumanist garbage that’s been repackaged and resold to the masses over and over again, from Theosophy to parapsychology, from the Nazi Thule Society to the New Age, from Julian Huxley to the Technocratic Transhumanists of our day, is being repackaged yet again for the “Phoenix Generation,” as the author calls it, and the very use of those words proves it’s working.

  2. autonomousNo Gravatar says:

    They have been warned!

  3. Tor MunkovNo Gravatar says:

    It may seem like the same thing over and over post hoc. But as you experience these transformation first hand, they seem new and exciting. Maybe that’s just the way the world works?

  4. Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

    The author uses the dangerous word “we“, although he appears to only speak on behalf of a scattered few “honorable sages and gurus”. It smacks of an esoteric metaphysical chant — albeit a call for peace and harmony, for which most of us here long.

    I am a sovereign state (NOT “sovereign citizen”). I herewith proclaim world peace. Because the world revolves around my belly-button, not yours. My world.

    What makes this understanding so valuable is the knowledge that your world revolves around your belly-button — whether you admit it or not. This awareness aids me in avoiding conflict with you. I have no need to fight with you when I know your belief is sincere, even when that belief is in contradiction with my view.

    If you attempt to oppress me that’s another matter. I and I alone am responsible to fend off injustice. I try to always do that without combat.

    Living in a sovereign state which borders on all sides with an unfree world is challenging, but not impossible. Helping others to become free along the way is compelling, but not my primary responsibility.

    Being free is. I truly hope you choose liberty

    But neither of us have to be of a Phoenix Generation to be free.


  5. KellyNo Gravatar says:

    Aye, aye aye! I’ve just read both these guy’s posts and I feel like I just got out of a Peoples’ Temple meeting. Oligarchs? Isn’t this just a way of saying “we’re good, but a few people over there are BAD”, much the same as the current culture does? You know there are no great men; fine. But that also doesn’t mean you and your peeps are great.

  6. BenjaminNo Gravatar says:

    good stuff scott 🙂

  7. Hungry bellies motivate, that outcome is inevitable and secured by the law of exponents intrinsic to debt. The idea of young folks, hungry, desperate, misidentified with collective new-age dogma, displays itself as a short-term tool for gov’t to burn through pursuing the statist goal of genocide. I perceive the current ranks of statists as now having full knowledge of their rotten nature, and still willing to conduct their murders when the economic reset arrives. It shouldn’t be difficult for them to achieve pure manipulation of a “phoenix generation”. I mean “capacity to be manipulated” is the hallmark of their resume!

    I can always spot a cannibal by its entitlement mentality.

    No gods, no masters.
    Anarcho-Capitalism Or Else.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA