Piercing the Status Quo

June 4th, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

StatusQuoIn this world of spiritual blindness and decadent madness, the dharmic path of the individual can become muddled by the mediocrity of the mob. The mindless masses, however, are not representative of a true societal movement. It is the forward-thinking entrepreneurs and innovators that spur evolution. The voice of the majority, despite what the advocates of democracy may try to persuade us into believing, is never the be-all end-all of any meaningful discussion. In fact, the screeching sound they make is naught but noise pollution generated by an unthinking, scared herd. It is critically important to pierce through the static of the status quo and realize that the stagnation it represents is not worth saving.

Clinging to fear and hierarchical power structures is a dead end street. The fate of humanity rests on individuals coming to their senses, and fully understanding their spiritual power, which is found when their soul experiences connection to the source energy of the Creator.

The only Revolution of any real value or significance is the one that takes place within a person’s own soul when it aids in the development toward a contented state of blissful wholeness. The real magic of consciousness transpires within the psyche. When the events in the physical world, be they good, bad or ugly, no longer have an effect on the state of perfect peace that is felt inwardly, then, and only then, can it be said that enlightenment has truly been achieved. No Revolution in the physical world has any chance of success until those who seek to bring about change first go through a process of reaching spiritual enlightenment themselves. Inner Revolution leads to enlightenment and then, to complete the cycle, the wisdom garnered from enlightenment helps foster outward Revolution.

To know thyself, after all, is the deepest Revelation that can be experienced. All of the outward chaotic nonsense that arises from our foolish attempts to change the world through sheer might and ridiculous grasps for power is just that, nonsense. Violence begets violence, and when aggression is initiated to attack an enemy the moral high ground is lost and the battle, for all intents and purposes, is already over. Fighting fire with fire only leads to an inferno, while pacifism simply empowers the bully. We must become wise in the methods we use to ensure that the villain of Statism is vanquished forevermore. It is through individual empowerment, resistance to tyranny, self defense and moral integrity that victory is ultimately achieved.

Life itself is a testing ground to determine who sees through the illusions, and who gets trapped in the hyped-up hysteria of worldliness. The political parties and statist powers that seek to dominate society through their fascist and communist regimes are simply manifestations of the dark shadow cast by the collective consciousness. Such government forces have no true intrinsic power. These institutions organically arise by nature in order to teach each person what the negative aspects of the untended human psyche look like, so that they can be addressed, and universal balance can be preserved. Spiritual Law always maintains harmony in the collective consciousness, and in the affairs of humanity.

Even when it may seem otherwise, the polar opposite energies of cosmic Order and Chaos are perpetually held in equal distribution by the scales of Karma. There is a divine creative intelligence at work in the constantly unfolding process of evolution. Seemingly random events in life are actually imbued with a higher purpose, and every action of each individual arises from a combination of freewill and destiny. All paths eventually lead back to their source. It is the choices we make throughout the journey that determine our fate, and how fast we arrive back to our eternal home. When the two eyes become one, the third eye of the pineal gland- the seat of the soul- is activated, and spiritual awakening is realized. Dualistic contradictions and dichotomized opposites become known in their inherent Oneness. As above, so below. As within, also without. The zodiac of the heavens is a perfect reflection of the inner zodiac of each person. That which transpires in the physical world is like a mirror that each individual can gaze into in an effort to diagnose and deal with their own inner psyche.

We are at the threshold of a New Age. In fact, we have already entered the sphere of its space and time. Those who sense it are coming awake, alert and alive in exponential number, and taking on the responsibility of tending the soil in their own hearts and minds. These individuals, as they come to realize their intuitive, inherent, abundant, infinite, eternal nature, begin to blossom and reach full fruition by expressing themselves through their specific gifts, talents and skills.

Those who awaken, in turn, connect with others who have gone through the same process. These empowered people come together to form anarchic tribes and communities where everyone naturally plays the part they are destined for. We are all interconnected in the grand design and so our specific soul signatures match up perfectly with each other when we are operating at a high vibration of electromagnetic energy. The Holy Spirit pours forth from our soul to synchronize in harmony, rhythm, balance and accord with all others who are living from the wellspring of creative power found in the Kingdom of God within. It is through bringing such a Kingdom outward from the inner realm that a true paradise on Earth is formed. But the even deeper understanding emerges once it is realized that paradise was here all along and it was only faulty mental constructs, programs and perceptions that kept us wrapped up in the illusion that nature, God, Earth and all aspects of Creation were not already perfect and paradisiacal to begin with.

The institutions of this world, formed by crafty and manipulative dark occultists who use propagandist techniques in an effort to tether and control human consciousness, are designed to keep mankind trapped in such disempowered, delusional thinking. Religious dogma based in original sin and the fallen nature of the world propagate such silly madness. The churches and their patriarchs who supposedly serve as a medium between Man and the Creator represent the most abominable absurdity of absurdities! The governments contribute to the problem with their faulty premise that one man is intended to rule over another, and that collectivist state power is more important than individual liberty. The indoctrination camps, which pose as educational systems, teach (brainwash) children, not how to think for themselves and organically adapt to life by exploring and learning the beautiful mysteries of consciousness and existence in this wonderful realm in which we are blessed to live, but by hammering home left-brained, Pavlovian dog-training programs designed to keep them looking up at teachers who are placed on pedestals above them for answers while memorizing mind-numbing data points so they can fill out multiple choice answers on standardized tests and be awarded star stickers and pats on the back as they ascend from one grade to the next. Subsidized corporations greedily feed off such educational mismanagement by placing a ladder in front of recent graduates so that they are forced to continually climb forever up the rungs while constantly seeking the next reward.

But where does it end? When does a person wake up and realize that true fulfillment will never come from the baubles, trinkets, gold coins and paper currency that such a system is in place to dole out? When lightning strikes? When the floods arrive? When fire burns everything they cherish to the ground? Or can it come sooner? Can it be a spontaneous Revelation? Can it be a death and rebirth realized simultaneously in one moment like a stark epiphany cascading from the central Source outward into waking consciousness? Can it flash as an inward flame that blots out the past programming and torches the habitual pattern energies to ash so they can rise again like the Phoenix? Can it emerge as an entire Generation of people experience a wild and fervent uprising that is born from within? Can it be a true Revolution? Are we destined to forever follow the self-proclaimed leaders of this lemming brigade as they march us off the edge into the abyss of Hell on Earth? Or can we jump off the hamster wheel that perpetually spins in a stagnant motion of freefall? Can we emphatically say Yes to our true nature as children of a loving Creator and bring forth the beatific blessings that result from such a magnificent self discovery and use them as bountiful boons that altruistically help our fellow friends of the world? Better yet, have we already? Has the process begun behind our backs without our even comprehending the full magnitude of what is transpiring? Is the train rolling along the tracks, picking up speed by the second, as it creates a runaway velocity that is exponential in nature? Is it our destiny to achieve enlightenment as a species and reach a state of constant, continual, progressive, evolutionary adaptation? Are we the inheritors of the New Day and Age? Is this the Crystal City of Atlantis version 2.0 coming into full fruition right before our very eyes? Has righteous rebellion been triggered in the hearts, minds and souls of all God’s beautiful creatures? Is there no other choice but to press onward? Is the only way out to go straight through? Are the signs of synchronicity manifesting to weave their magical web into tangible reality? Are answers ever received? Or is it that the existential journey along the way toward reaching understanding is actually what the game of life is all about?

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6 Responses to “Piercing the Status Quo”

  1. VanmindNo Gravatar says:

    Important ideas to share and discuss, Mr. Outlar, thanks.

    There is no such thing as “spiritual power,” for spirituality is the concept of letting go. Indeed, it is the flip-side concept of worldly power (material accumulation) which necessitates a sanity/soul release valve known as spirituality. Spirituality exists as a metaphysical “yang” cleansing mechanism precisely because the pursuit of worldliness “yin” can only be a reasonable obsession for those who are omniscient & omnipotent — so to that end: is travel one of life’s great teachers?.

    This is the reason why NWO types pretend to be superhuman, they want to claim to be in a position to accumulate gobs of worldly stuff. This is the reason why NWO types encourage billions to walk into carefully scripted spirituality traps like New Agery nonsense, they want to trick generation after generation of useful idiots into fomenting the very “revolutions” that allow NWO types to accumulate gobs of worldly stuff and thereby conclude that they are superhuman. It’s one of those self-fulfilling feedback loops of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo that NWO types consider to be their foolproof “magic” ability. Same deal for NWO insistence on the validity of moral relativism (“My eternal salvation lies within my willingness from time to time to ease my foot off my worldliness accelerator — to pretend that I’m taking time out for spiritual reflection by allowing peasants to accumulate some worldly stuff as well”).

    Those “revolutions,” though, that the NWO tricks useful idiots into fomenting, they guarantee only that things will end up right where they started: in a worldly place of dialectics and materialism. Such is the very definition of that particular word, so if one is looking for lasting improvement then one must stay clear of any revolution either external or internal. Seek the legitimacy of “I remain imperfect” incremental growth, not the fantasy of “We self-aware gods on Earth can fix everything” fell swoop change (the Outlar avatar did of course say as much within the article).

    Other than the occasional and commonplace conflation of Logos and Eros, thanks for the enjoyable read. Almost every societal misery in history is due to the categorical mixing of “I” with “God” or “I” with “We” or “We” with “Gods.” Combine one or more of those errors of consciousness, and genocide is just around the corner.

  2. Dave WeinerNo Gravatar says:

    “But the even deeper understanding emerges once it is realized that paradise was here all along and it was only faulty mental constructs, programs and perceptions that kept us wrapped up in the illusion that nature, God, Earth and all aspects of Creation were not already perfect and paradisiacal to begin with.”

    I am very intrigued by this notion, but I am not sure how a radical libertarian can believe this to be the case.

  3. Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:

    As I was walking down the sidewalk today, making my daily trek to the park, there were freshly sprouted blackberry vines along the side of the road. I ate of them freely.
    As I listened to the birds sing their sweet songs this morning as I awoke, I was not concerned with what might happen in the future, or what has already taken place in the past.
    We live in a quantum field, a virtual computer simulation (for lack of a better metaphor), in which there are varying degrees of circumstances taking place simultaneously on many different levels of reality.
    There is that which is manifested by the actions of others.
    There is that which naturally arises in the physical dimension so that homeostasis between Order and Chaos can be kept in perpetual balance.
    There is that which we create due to our own perspective.
    All of these facets play into the illusion.
    The blackberries still grow and the birds still sing whether we believe the world is controlled by psychopaths, or we realize the world is a construct of our own perceptions.
    In the flesh, but of the soul.
    The body can be enslaved. The spirit is eternally free.
    Perspective can be limited. But Creation is wide open.
    This might not address your concern perfectly, but, at the moment, as this glass nears its point of being empty, it’s the best I can come up with.

  4. MelissaNo Gravatar says:

    Beautiful, inspiring and thought provoking. I hope to see more 🙂

  5. Libertarian shamanism. Trying to create reality by chanting. I can’t decide if it’s a necessary brick in our cultural facade or harmful obscurism.