Push Any Button, Pull Any Lever

May 6th, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

SatanVoteEvery four years the first Tuesday in November rolls around and we all know what that means. Time for America to play the silly voting game and choose which pied piper puppet they want to watch on their television screens spouting off empty promises and platitudes. Do you want the GOP or DNP candidate? The right or left wing of the eagle? They appear, based on the cleverly crafted platforms they espouse, to be people with vastly different philosophical ideologies. Yet, if the thin veil is pulled back, a sinister truth is revealed. Both share a salacious and scandalous love affair with the Federal Government. Both love to steal and spend other people’s money. Both are controlled by the same shadowy interests. Both are operatives of the same fascist system. Both are vacuous, see through, empty suit, teleprompter reading, figurehead pawns for the real power brokers who work from corporate boardrooms across the globe. Both serve the United Nations’ Agenda 21 program. Both obediently serve their international banking gods. Both are funded by eugenicists and anti-human, soulless creatures from the underworld. Both bow down and kowtow to a corrupted Priest Class of Dark Wizard, Lucifer worshiping, elitist occultists.

The last time around we had the current President, Candidate A, and his opponent, from the other side of the aisle, Candidate B. The next time around, unless we drastically change course, we’ll have more of the same. The names haven’t been changed to protect the innocent because neither of the crooks is innocent, and the names don‘t really matter anyway. Both are socialists. Both serve the hive collectivist mentality. Both serve the military industrial complex. Both serve the CIA, FBI and NSA. Both serve Homeland Security and the TSA. Both candidates will do all they can to keep things running along as smoothly as possible just as they are now, at an ever-increasing pace toward the fruition of a complete Police State. Both serve the futurists and technocratic oligarchs. Both serve the industry of death that poses as healthcare. Both serve the Imperialist Empire. Both serve the Federal Reserve, IMF and World Bank. Both serve the agenda of the New World Order in its push to create a One World Government and a digitized, Mark of the Beast, monetary system. Didn’t John mention such things in his Revelation? Haven’t the prophets been warning about centralized power since they first started having visions? Isn’t it time to heed their dire calls? Shouldn’t we begin to look at this situation from a fundamentally different perspective outside the boundaries of the two-party paradigm? Isn’t there an angle that could shed some light on what’s truly going on behind the scenes in the dark smoky rooms?

It has been said that the only way to maintain a free society is to have a vigilant informed population that keeps those who seek power in check at all times. A culture that bases its thinking on 30 second video clips and sound bites has no hope in reaching a rational and educated opinion on matters concerning public policy. Certainly not while a corporate controlled media dishes out the so-called news of the day in a way that is scientifically designed to capture the absurdly short attention span of the lowest common denominator. The bullshit propaganda machine spews out its nonsense and the mob majority greedily sucks it down. If you are one of the rare individuals who questions authority and seeks truth you’re likely to be ostracized by the masses and labeled as a nut job, a malcontent or a trouble maker. If you actually see the way things are interconnected, and how the hierarchical pyramid scam operates, and choose to speak openly about such things, you’ll probably get labeled as a conspiracy theorist. If you understand the mechanics of the system, and aren‘t willing to just go along to get along, you’re in for a tough road to hoe. So it goes. Buy the ticket, take the ride, as the great Hunter S. Thompson advised on many an occasion.

Ignorance is bliss, some would say. He that increases knowledge also increases suffering, Solomon once wrote. Maybe it’s true. Maybe not. Probably all depends on your perspective, as most things in this life boil down to. It doesn’t really matter who controls the illusory aspects of the worldly system if an individual has control over their own soul. It doesn’t really matter if they throw you in a jail cell so long as your consciousness remains free. They can destroy the flesh, sure, but they can never destroy a spirit. But they sure as hell can and will try to tempt it with the tasty trappings of this three dimensional realm. That’s where the true test lies.

Who is this mysterious “they” that are always talked about and referenced when discussing world control? The Priest Class. The elitists. The generational leaders of the major institutions, be they religious, governmental, educational, financial, agricultural or corporate, that seek to control the opinion of the masses. The think tanks, round tables, secret societies and policy shapers. The signatories of humanity’s destruction. Those who hold wool over the public’s eyes. Those who drive the lemmings over a cliff toward a total collapse and imminent implosion. It couldn’t come soon enough for those of us who are primed and ready to live freely upon the Earth without the nooses and millstones currently tied around our necks. Hasten the demise of that which is decadent and corrupted. The Beast System must fall before the Phoenix Generation can rise from its ashes. Out of chaos will emerge order. That’s a natural law, Bubba.

Elections come and go. Empires rise and fall. Psychopaths tend to gravitate toward institutionalized positions of power. Only cream and bastards rise. These, also, happen to be natural laws. Part of the Universe’s way of exposing the scum of the world by bringing them up to the surface so they can be skimmed away. Then disposed of properly into the trash heap of history. Down below to the stinking pits of desolation and decay where they belong.

But it would seem that the American populace hasn’t learned its history quite yet. The last election proved that theory and now we’re doomed to repeat another cycle as the eternal recurrence loops us around in this nightmarish dream of statism. It’s been a year and a half since Candidate A was placed back in the White House after being reelected by an ill-informed, brainwashed population. The power grab of the Executive Branch is well underway and in full swing as the tyrannical snowball effect picks up massive velocity and creates an avalanche of epic proportions to follow in its wake. Now, as the hammer falls, the real pain will surely begin in earnest for America and its comatose zombie citizens.

The regime in place, and those malevolent forces which sponsor it, truly hate this country’s constitutional values. They believe that, having won the popular vote amongst those who still cast such a thing and help perpetuate the illusory legitimacy of the State, their alphabet soup agencies have been given a mandate to fundamentally change the system and continue the slide down the slippery slope toward full decay into a hardcore socialist government.

All hail the despot! Three cheers for the Beast System! The militarized Police State rolls on! The Social Fascist Dictatorship orchestrated through the rogue agencies of the Federal Government can now kick into high gear behind the momentum garnered unto them from an electorate so asleep at the wheel of reality in this country that they gave the go-ahead for four more years of the same type of policy that had been in place for the previous four. Eight years of a Republican before that. And eight years of a Democrat before that. And four years of a Republican before that. All pushing the same big, bloated government agenda. Can we see a theme emerging here about the foundational flaws of the rigged electoral statist system? A centralized power base of bureaucratic control that is completely mismanaged and out of touch with the populace can make it scary as hell at times for anyone who believes in liberty, freedom, personal property and the inherent right to make one’s own choices and decisions.

FEMA camps. Patriot Act. National Defense Authorization Act. Affordable Healthcare Act. Autonomous drones. The homeland declared as a war zone. The right for the State Department to indefinitely imprison any American citizen they label as a terrorist without providing a shred of evidence, much less a trial or jury. Welcome to the Fourth Reich. Welcome to the round up. Coming soon to a city near you. Strap on your helmets and buckle up the chinstraps. The fight has just begun.

Anyone who voted for either candidate, Democrat or Republican, is equally culpable for what is happening now as systemic breakdowns begin on every front. Anyone who bought into the illusion of the two party false paradigm, and was duped into believing that there was some sort of difference in the direction this country would be taken based on the misleading lies that both bases spew, has allowed the final piece to be put in place. The economy will continue to be artificially melted down into an inflationary mess. There will be gas and food shortages. Privately run businesses will be ushered unceremoniously toward bankruptcy, and the semblance of a free market that was still hanging by a thread will be snipped completely and snuffed out. The unemployed masses who have been socially engineered toward dependency on government handouts will riot once austerity measures are put in place. That which was beta tested in Greece will soon happen on the streets of American cities. At that point what happened in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Ukraine won’t be far behind.

For everyone who knew something was terribly wrong, but didn’t put in the time to research the New World Order, and instead kept playing along with the preposterous game of voting, it is you who bear the brunt of responsibility and have doomed this society to a type of hell unlike anything that could possibly be imagined. But, perhaps this is the only path that could have been taken. Perhaps things have to hit rock bottom before any type of fundamental restructuring of society can take place, and true anarchy can be given the opportunity it so richly deserves. It may just be that chaos has to ensue before enough eyes are opened, and some sense of higher order can be worked toward once more. It’s going to be an ugly few years for this society. Civil unrest is absolutely destined to flow once the policies of this current administration are fully wrought.

Lord, please save us. Better yet, grant us the wisdom and courage to save ourselves. It’s high time that we assume full responsibility for our fate, awaken to what is happening, and begin living a lucid anarchic reality. It’s about time for third eye vision to illuminate the path going forward. It’s time to shake out the cobwebs and prepare for psychological warfare against the enemy. All in the name of peace, of course. That’s called Orwellian Newspeak and it’s fashionable as all get out in this day and age of madness. So we might as well turn the tables and start using the terminology to our advantage. In the final analysis, the brass tacks of the matter is that none of these horrid predictions have to necessarily come true. Our fate is still out in front of us. There is always hope. We can always change. Right?

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6 Responses to “Push Any Button, Pull Any Lever”

  1. VanmindNo Gravatar says:

    Decent information, thanks, although perhaps too America-centric for the global web. I myself might love America, but literally billions of people don’t give a sh*t either way about “this society.”

    There are no such things as classes, so “Priest Class” would read better as “Priest Caste.”

    Also, “…turn the tables and start using the terminology to our advantage” is a misguided notion, although I sense some sardonicism going on there. Like any so-called revolution, of course, such a strategy guarantees only that adopters of the enemy’s this-or-that will turn into those very kinds of people they claim to oppose, and — as the word revolution itself is defined — things will end up right where they started. Adopting enemy terminology is a revolutionary action, it is priming the pump for a hopeful ascendency toward control. It is what The Fathers attempted in order to wrest some control that the Romans had over early Common Era people, which led obviously toward the modern-day confusion about whether Bill Cooper was correct or Jordan Maxwell is correct regarding the transition from the Roman Empire to the Vatican Empire (did the Mystery School Traditions co-opt Christianity or vice-versa?).

    Anarchy can never be “given the opportunity it so richly deserves.” Anarchy is a negation, it cannot be given an opportunity at all. Anarchy is The Way. What demonstrates anarchy is refusing to give any kind of “archy” that anyone might conceive — from monarchy to panarchy — the slightest opportunity to exist. It is a system of individual fortitude, which means it is no system at all. Ignore every aspiring ruler, and let instinct take care of anyone who might try to grow power from the barrel of a gun.

    Picture Macy’s character at the end of Pleasantville. He doesn’t have the slightest clue, for the first time ever, about what might happen to him in the next moment — and he’s ok with that. At the end of that movie, were there any kinds of governments in existence anywhere, or was it all simply televisions showing surfers on tropical islands and buses headed for Springfield? Did the slaves of that black-and-white masonic dystopia break free and “find their colour,” so to speak, by adopting the tactics & terminology of the movie-masons? Did they take to the streets for “People Power” protests? No, each of them reached a point where they were no longer willing to stifle their individuality for the sake of some scripted dominion.

    Grammar, of course, is a key to defying dialectician/rhetorician script doctors…

    • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:

      I like the distinction you make between “Class” and “Caste.” That’s something I’ll keep in mind from now on.

      As far as Revolution is concerned, I believe that the only one that has any real power is that which transpires inwardly within each person’s psyche as they come to know the inherent truth of their divine sovereignty. The more individuals who go through the process of an Intellectual Revolution and a Spiritual Renaissance, the quicker we as a species will reach a state of prosperous anarchy.

      When you describe anarchy as The Way, I can’t help thinking that it could also be said that anarchy is The Tao. A natural, unimpeded flow of energy. An eternal truth. Anarchy is the future, is a coming tidal wave, is a rising crescendo, is inevitable as a force of constant, continual, progressive, evolutionary change sweeping across this planet that cannot be contained.

      • VanmindNo Gravatar says:

        Well, the Spiritual Renaissance and divine sovereignty stuff that one encounters out there tends toward gnostic/promethean/luciferian horse sh*t. Trying too hard to “figure out and control” instead of simply letting go. Trying too hard to become a being of supreme reason — a deist — instead of appreciating revelation of The Word by way of grammarian exegesis. It amounts to a modern (indeed computerized) NWO strategy for breaking the water on One World Everything (including religion). As Iserbyt would say, “they’re dumbing everyone down.”

        The concept of The Way is the very pith and essence of Taoist non-teaching. The two are as synonymous as abstractions can get. The Way is pathless, it is the spontaneous manifestation of each person’s unscripted journey among intertwined Yin and Yang. The Way is The Tao, and The Tao is The Way.

        Life, though, doesn’t imitate art, and art doesn’t imitate life. Each person’s life from start to end is a continual artistic process (the one is not merely imitating the other), and artistic processes cannot be taught — one person’s seemingly helpful information cannot be passed on to others as mere instructional handbooks, but only as a blend of the practical and the aesthetic exemplified by impressive works of art (e.g. song). Art, like life, is a process, while works of art get passed on from one life to another. A poem, a painting, a newborn baby: all are works resulting from the artistic process of a previous life.

        Dialecticians try to convince you that A is A, but cannot provide adequate proof without quantifying The Word itself. Grammarians try to leave you with an impression about something important, but cannot provide adequate proof without encouraging leaps of faith. Neither is better or worse at providing absolute facts about Logos, because no man or woman can ever become infallible. NWO fraud, though, is based on tricking people into eschewing grammar altogether for school-to-work dialectical handbooks, thereby turning everyone into controllable half-wits. Again, Iserbyt wrote about this, although she limited herself to the post-Prussian era instead of reaching farther back toward Antiquity.

        So, then, dialecticians push people toward deism and “rules,” while grammarians push people toward keeping their heads in the kundalini clouds. Wisdom comes from a different way, from a pathless Way that fears neither grammar nor dialectics, neither Yin nor Yang.

        The Way begot one
        Then the one, two
        Then the two begot three
        And the three all else

        Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit

        Yin, Yang and Tao

        Anarchy is no kind of force that can sweep across the planet. Anarchy is negation. Only revolutionaries chase after freedom by way of force. If someone claims that they will be the “driver” behind such force, they have become a dialectical deist-doppelganger. If someone claims that they will allow the force to carry them along, they have become a grammarian dreamy-drooler. Screw all that. Just be.

  2. Every two years…not four and this is the off election. The only way to win is not to play. Smart computer, learned well.

  3. Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

    Abstain from beans, mates!


  4. eddieNo Gravatar says:

    This is one of my favorite articles you have written to date, the points you make about our bogus two party system really ring true to me.

    I just wish that you would tone down the rhetoric about secret societies a few notches. Is claiming that Democrats and Republicans worship Lucifer relevant to the conversation? Even if true, I think this statement only takes away from your credibility.

    I’m not asking you to change up your politics, I’m asking you to change up the way you present your politics so that I can share your insights with my peers. If you want to reach the most people and drive the most change in society then you need to make your ideas the most presentable to a mainstream audience.

    I’m only taking the time to give you this advice because I want to see you be successful. Keep up the good work!