The Shifting Paradigm

May 2nd, 2014   Submitted by Scott Thomas Outlar

DevilOnce upon a time, in a simpler era, when philosophy was pure, when ideologies had solid truth backing them and were presented in a straightforward manner, when words, speech and language actually had objective meaning, when the world wasn’t upside down and topsy-turvy, when there was a foundation of focus and clear pointedness to ideas, there was a way of viewing the political spectrum through the lens of what was termed “the left/right paradigm.” It was quite evidently clear what each side espoused.

On the left was tyranny. Centralized government apparatus. Control and command operation. An extreme representation of masculine yang energy to the point of being repressive and dominating. The literal, logical, linear left brain. Rigidity. Stagnation. Suppression.

On the right was freedom. Liberty. Sovereignty. Personal responsibility. Feminine yin energy. Intuitive, divine, open, expansive. The creative right brain functions.

To put it as simply as possible, on the left there was statism, on the right there was anarchy. And smack dab down the middle there was a big fat line etched in the sand.

This paradigm, once again, has begun to shift. It is now up to those of us who are awake and aware to fully restore it to its organic roots. The time is quickly approaching when every individual must make a choice about where they stand.

For a vast portion of human history, societies have been engineered and orchestrated by a core group of secretive elitists, some refer to as the “Priest Class.” They control from the shadows the major institutions, be they religious, governmental, financial or educational. They dominate the majority of the population from behind the scenes using rigged markets or, in many instances, sheer force. Essentially, power is established and maintained either through constant fear mongering via economic doomsday threats or, as a more despotic, fascistic, in-the-face type of scenario, with jackboots and the barrel of a gun.

In very rare cases, during periods of spiritual awakening which lead to human Renaissance and Enlightenment, there have been moments of rebellion when society has escaped from its feudal bondage and thrown off the shackles of repressive authoritarianism which rears its ugly head using such masks as socialism, communism, totalitarianism, monarchism and fascism. At such times as these, the masses of people have been able to assume their Divine Right of personal freedom, bestowed unto them through the Natural Law of God, by shifting and swaying power away from the oligarchical rulers and into the hands and will of themselves, the individuals. When the rule of law is dictated from the edicts of God, not the moral relativism of man, periods of evolutionary fruition can emerge and bring about lasting freedom. Revolutions, such as that which brought about the Independence of America, shine brightly as examples upon the hilltop of history.

But, as tends to happen in an open and free society, liberty and the need to display personal responsibility, by some cruel twist of karmic fate, seem to inherently decay into laziness, gluttony, sloth, decadence, cruelty, ignorance and apathy in the actions of the masses, giving those who seek the reins of power and tyrannical control ample opportunity to slither their way back into positions of authority like the snakes that they are. When the people blink and close their eyes, the demons of the night come out in full force. When the door is left cracked open, vampires will gladly enter. In order to maintain the precious jewel of liberty, a society has to remain constantly vigilant. The price of freedom is steep and comes with some strings attached, such as the necessity of always sleeping with one eye open and forever keeping up the eternal effort to ward off any and all attacks to the idea of personal sovereignty. Having an informed public that is wise, self-aware and willing to defend the gift of liberty at all costs is the only way for a civilization to remain on the right path.

The paradigm that was once so easily defined and understood has, in this current day and age of corrupted corporate media and Pavlovian, soviet-style, dog-training education, been hijacked and turned into a circus freak show. Humanity has been placed atop a mile-high tightrope without a safety net below. There no longer exists a true left and right. The compass has been shattered. The needle is stuck toward the left. A despotic wind doth blow. We are heading for disaster. Oh sweet Lord, abandon ship!

Is this the proper response when stranded out at sea in such stormy conditions? No, I say! Nay and never so! The only option is to reconfigure and fix that which is broken in the hopes of restoring a semblance of balance to our problem. At least the people will then be presented with an honest and meaningful choice when it comes to deciding what type of world they want to exist in.

The problem goes something like this. It’s quite simple, really. A large, demonic, out of control, bloated, bureaucratic, fascist, banking cartel beast (a veritable three-headed snake from the pit of hell) wormed its slimy way up the ladder of leverage and into an ivory tower position of power over the course of many decades to set up a near indomitable stranglehold over society. Once entrenched in place and firmly in control of the levers of perception, the gangster, mafia, mob-run, organizational tyranny used its speciously gained influence to indoctrinate the masses through psychological warfare waged within the collective consciousness and was thus able to gradually and subtly shift the definition of the left/right paradigm by unfairly moving the pieces in play. But what else could be expected when dealing with liars, cheaters, deceivers and thieves? The people got up to take a piss and the demons on the other side of the chessboard switched up the position of the King to falsely put us all in check. But it’s not quite mate. The hour has not yet grown too late. They have not managed to completely seal our fate. But, God knows, they are certainly trying their damnedest to do so.

There no longer remains the old, reliable, tried-and-true definition in place which aptly describes tyranny as being on the left and liberty on the right. Now we are faced with a broken, two-party system, controlled at the top of the pyramid scam by the same interests that wickedly, although ingeniously, set themselves up on both sides of the same coin, with each representative pawn being stationed comfortably within the boundaries and limitations of the left wing. Such a paradigm creates a false political narrative of choice. The enemies show their ass when they present themselves as being democrat liberals on the left and conservative republicans on the right. I call complete and utter bullshit. Don’t bite on that backwater bait. The hook is surely rigged with poison. Both parties are positioned on the left side of the paradigm. Both represent the interests of large tyrannical governmental control. Both are power hungry fiends with an insatiable lust to continue indulging in a perpetual feeding frenzy. What is their main food source? What keeps these psychopaths well-stuffed and nerve-numbed? As disgusting as it may sound, the nasty truth is that these foul cannibalistic creatures feast upon energy from human souls. They are reflections of their master, the Devil, prince of demons, and so seek to squash all that is good, honorable, decent, free and creative within the spirit of God‘s ultimate creation, Man. They are robotic, mechanical, relentless and unforgiving in their automated bloodlust toward complete dominion over the Earth. Existing as parasitic leeches of liberty, they suck upon the neck of those who no longer have the will to stand up and take responsibility for their own destiny.

But be not lured into utter despair by this seemingly unhappy screed into believing that all is lost, for there are options of truth emerging on the real right. Anarchist voices are beginning to be heard rising from out the wilderness, espousing on classical ideas of liberty and the inherent beauty of individual power. These men and women of extreme esteem are out there, doing all they can to keep the possibility of real freedom alive in the hearts and minds of their brothers and sisters, screaming from the mountaintops, battling in the trenches, trying with every ounce of integrity to break through the white noise of the corporate controlled airwaves as they fight to create a viable philosophy that is acknowledged in the national discourse.

Do we possess the individual fortitude and collective will to shift society back to a state of liberty? Will our efforts prove to be enough to bring the Beast System down to its knees? Will there be a Renaissance of the human spirit in this day and age? Or are we the walking dead in a zombie nation of fast food, political correctness, pharmaceutical drugs and technological gadgetry? Has the mob majority been medicated into a trance-like hallucination of some unholy illusion? Has the false sense of security brought about by having our every move tracked via a surveillance state intelligence grid and having militarized federal agents deployed on every corner trumped the ideology of personal freedom? Is evolution a fait accompli? If there is a higher destiny for humanity, must we first make our way through this blistering round of chaos before emerging in a more intricate state of order? If this is all just a game are we but puppets on a string? If not, then what role does free will play?

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13 Responses to “The Shifting Paradigm”

  1. Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

    This was a delight to read! When are you moving to New Hampshire?

    • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks, Seth. I appreciate you letting me contribute to your site. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the free state project lately. Hopefully my path will lead me in that direction sometime in the near future.

  2. VanmindNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, couldn’t get past the preposterous first sentence.

  3. cryptArchyNo Gravatar says:

    I read the entire post, but there was too much Christian ethos in it for my taste

    • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:

      I can certainly understand if you don’t dig religion. I don’t necessarily use words like demon, devil and angel to reference Christianity, per se, though I do find the esoteric tradition to be pretty cool. Mainly I just get a kick out of comparing the state to Satan.

  4. autonomousNo Gravatar says:

    Most certainly overstated. I hope that it was not totally tongue-in-cheek. Between bouts of laughter, I stood and cheered.

    • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:

      I’m glad you realized that parts of the essay were meant to be a bit over the top and exaggerated with hyperbole. Though the core of the matter was written in dead earnest. Cheers, mate.

  5. HReardenNo Gravatar says:

    You should check your premises. First of all regarding the left/right paradigm,
    there have always been elements of tyranny and freedom on both the left and the right in general. It is a mistake to demonize one side by claiming they were at one time for tyranny and cheer the other side by saying they were at one time for freedom or anarchy. That just isn’t the case. I am not a fan of conspiracy theories. Your article appears to me to be pushing a giant conspiracy theory about who controls the state. It really boils down to this: there are people who want to varying degrees control others and there are people who don’t want to control others and be left alone by those who do want to control others. There are those who don’t believe products and services should be provided through force and there are those who think products and services should not be provided through force.

    • Scott Thomas OutlarNo Gravatar says:

      I get what you’re saying about the generalized idea of left and right and how both sides historically have elements of tyranny within their movements. My point is that we, as anarchists, can co-opt the paradigm and it’s definition. If we slightly shift the way things are perceived by stating that anyone who seeks authoritative, statist control is on the left and anyone that wants liberty and personal freedom is on the right then we can begin to use it in a simplified, straight forward, easy to understand manner to our advantage in public discourse.

      As far as conspiracy is concerned, I think it’s safe to say that people with institutionalized power have colluded amongst themselves throughout the ages. The LIBOR scandal revealed conspiracy to rig financial markets. False flags have been conspired and carried out to rally the fervor of nationalism and persuade people that war is necessary. Corporations and banking cartels have conspired and funded both sides of wars to consolidate their power. I could go on and on but basically the idea of conspiracy theories has been demonized in popular culture so much at this point by the politically correct brigade that, to me, it’s just about become as meaningless a term as the words racist or sexist to describe anyone that isn’t on board with a particular progressive agenda. They are just thrown around willy-nilly to see what might stick.

  6. Dear Scott:

    Never try and catch a falling safe.

    A trend in motion tends to stay in motion until it stops.

    “America” is not listening to you.

    “America,” 109 million of them collecting welfare alone, is a fat pig sitting in a recliner smoking, drinking, and watching TV.

    “America” will never listen to you until she goes hungry for two or three days, and THEN they may start to pay attention.

    The pain is not yet great enough; we have yet to hit critical mass. You, Seth, Davi, and countless others are still only “lone voices crying in the wilderness.”

    The “System” is what’s broken, i.e., the very paradigm you refer to.

    “. . . The only option is to reconfigure and fix that which is broken in the hopes of restoring a semblance of balance to our problem. . . “


    The problem isn’t who’s in charge, the problem is that someone’s in charge.

    “If you have the wrong model, you’re going to get the wrong result every time.” — James Rickards

    Good luck, though, and keep speaking out, . . . just like me.

    BTW, your Christian ethos is spot on and the “State” IS Satan. Your Christian ethos was your salvation in this piece.

    Bill Bochynski

  7. Sam SpadeNo Gravatar says:

    Bill Bochynski:

    “…The problem isn’t who’s in charge, the problem is that someone’s in charge…”

    I’m sui juris. That means I’m totally and 100% responsible for my behavior and my defense. Those who claim “jurisdiction” over me are strangely lacking in power to really change anything with me — unless I grant them the “power” they seek, which I’ve learned not to do.

    They lack power because they are psychopaths — or at least sociopathic — and full of ego and vanity and self-aggrandizement. If one wears a state costume and is dangerously armed, then I have to recognize his or her “jurisdiction” as long as s/he threatens me with the firearm.

    Same with a rattlesnake. I know enough to wear boots to the woods.

    On the other hand I’ve learned the nature of the beast, and they are fairly easy to side-step most of the time. I don’t flagrantly present them with a target on which to zero in. I gently encourage you and those I care about to join me in abstaining from beans.

    But if you choose otherwise, that’s your concern — not mine. Sam

  8. AnonymousNo Gravatar says:

    The imagery you create is sure to resonate with those that haven’t escaped the paradigm forced on them as children.

    If you want to short circuit the machine you can use no better shunt than money.

    IF the people that went to work today go to work tomorrow the stores will be full. As long as the the driller drills, the trucker trucks, the paper mill keeps us supplied with the important paper, and the farmer farms it doesn’t matter if they are paid in dollars or a free pass to the store. Edward Bellamy and Pierre Kropotkin proved all that over 100 years ago.

    We have to have work, we don’t have to have money.

    When the workers unite to the degree that they banksters have we can start reminding those that control us with violence that it’s wrong to hit your neighbor with a stick to get what you want.

    We can get down to living perfectly peacefully.
    Maybe go to the moon,…..