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December 24th, 2013   Submitted by Alma Sommer

PhoneIf you are an Agorist, like me, you probably avoid the State whenever possible, including using FRN’s and being groped or irradiated when you fly. One of my goals is to create, find, and connect with as many alternative markets as possible. Well, there are apps for that. I love tapping something, and having the information I want at my fingertips, literally. If a new app is quicker and easier than an older app, I will switch. As my interests grow, so does my need for apps, but I’m also always looking to build the community offline, and there’s apps for that too.

If I had to choose one social network app that allows me to easily connect with everything I am interested in, I would say Facebook still wins, hands down. Connecting your other apps with Facebook makes it easy to find friends who are using the same apps. You can share what you are doing, which will encourage like-minded people to use the app for their benefit. But you’re also sharing with the spy agencies. If you live in fear of government knowing things about you, then this resource may not be for you. But, in this day and age it is more important than ever to connect with like-minded people to create intentional communities. I suggest creating a unique email account just for Facebook, so at least you will have access to events around you.

For people who love their privacy Diaspora may be the next big social network, unfortunately i have not found an app for this yet. It is a community run, distributed social network. As with anything new there is a learning curve, but Diaspora is definitely on my list of things to explore.

In addition, the Flipboard app allows you to sync multiple social networks and view the timelines like a magazine. You can create your own magazines, and share them in your networks. Flipbook may be the best design I’ve seen for viewing your social network timelines. You can flip through as fast as you like.

I know there are a lot of Agorist graphic designers out there, like me. I use Procreate and Grafio a lot. I try to find free apps whenever possible, but Procreate is one of the only apps I thought was worth paying for. It allows you to draw as detailed as you want, by changing the brushes shapes, sizes and color. It is easy to zoom and rotate. You can also create custom brushes and save them to use later. What Procreate doesn’t do, Grafio does. Grafio has a lot of free features, and there are a few things you can do to get extras without having to buy the full version. I swap images between these two apps when I am working on projects. ArtCircles is also a great app for Agorist artists to find inspiration. The app has a spinning wheel of categories, including colors, nature, art movements, inspiring insiders, superzoom, texture, and words that each match with a different art gallery. You can add images to your favorites, share them in your social networks, or email them directly.

Vine is a fun app to share multiple clips in a short six second video. When you want a clip added, you can do this by holding down the record button and letting go. You can fill the six seconds with as many clips as possible. Once you are done, Vine edits the clips and sticks the them together. This is a good resource to use if you are making a short entertaining videos, or trying to show step-by-step instructions.

Snapguide is another free app for showing step-by-step instructions. This app puts multiple photos together that you can add the text instructions to. If you’d rather sell your instructions Craftsy offers this service in their app. However, I don’t know how Craftsy reports your income. My suggestion is to open source your idea. If you want to spread ideas and draw people in you want the ideas to spread freely and unhindered.

Udemy is another great educational app that lets you download different curriculums, including one called, “Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto.”

What about bitcoin apps?

Bubblecoin is an easy way to get bitcoin news, trends, youtube videos, chat, photos, map showing other bitcoin people locations, and more.

Coinbits shows you the different trading market prices at the top, with a graph down below. It also has other tabs that allow you to set up alerts, scan QR codes, read bitcoin News, and info.

Having a barcode scanner is very beneficial to getting bitcoin addresses, and for leading to regular websites. There are a few different choices. Two that I have downloaded are Barcode+Free, and pic2shop. Pic2shop will create a database of everything you own that has a barcode on it. If you are into that sort of thing.

Lastly, Gliph is back after temporarily being unavailable in the Apple store. Gliph makes it easy to connect with and It also offers secure messaging, and allows you to send encrypted picture messages.

What about apps to create apps? Bubblecoin was created using the Mobile Roadie platform. You can download the app or use their online website. Mobile Roadie’s services are not free after the trial. The app Rev.u uses Conduit Mobile’s platform to create a custom app using information gathered from your Facebook page. I did one for Agorist Marketplace. The Rev.u app still has some bugs, but hopefully we’ll see some stability in the future.

If you have a smart device, you can completely eliminate your phone bill with these apps: iMessage, FaceTime, TextNow, Hangouts, and Skype. As long as you have WIFI at home, you can use these apps for phone calls and text messaging. Also, free WIFI is offered by many businesses, so anytime you need to make a call or send a text, or login to facebook, it is easy to pull over and login to a businesses WIFI. Businesses like Sprouts that don’t offer free WIFI will become less relevant in the future if they choose not to offer services their competitors do. There are also many apps that I use to help organize my thoughts, my life, and continue to help me create: Wunderlist, Yelp, TuneIn, Spreaker, Wavepad and Hugecity.

I welcome any technology that frees us from the State, and brings us closer to a voluntary society. I can’t wait to see what other technologies crypto currency makes possible. After being free from a slave job for a year now, I hope that I can encourage others to take the leap into full time Agorism. For many years I feared the crash of the dollar, but Bitcoin has freed me from it. The market always provides the solution.

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5 Responses to “Mobile Apps for Mobile Agorists”

  1. Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

    I, too, am always excited to discover new software that improves productivity and liberates me from the state.

    That being said, I highly encourage you to spend some time researching why free/open-source software is truly agorist, whereas proprietary/closed-source software is statist.

    Long story short: Proprietary software relies on the guns of government to enforce IP laws and is a security threat, since users cannot read the source code and inspect it for spyware. Free software(free as in freedom not as in beer) means the source code is open to inspection by everybody, and users can be fairly certain that it does not contain backdoors for the feds.

    How can we ever expect to defeat the state when they can listen to everything we say, even when we’re not talking on the phone, video record us, even when we think the camera is off, read everything we type, and have kill-switches, etc.?

    There is plenty of free software out there that respects users’ freedom. Please watch this short video to get just the tip of the iceberg of what I’m talking about.

    Again, to reiterate, everything you say in your home can, and likely is, being recorded by your smart phones or laptops, since they have built in microphones and is shrouded in closed-source software.

    This alone gives a tremendous advantage to the feds. It’s time to boycott non-free software. It takes time and effort to completely ween yourself off of it. I hope you’ll start today.

  2. RayneberryNo Gravatar says:

    This is why I frequently have my top secret conversations in the shower! Isn’t that the best place to talk privately? Also it’s one of the best places to breed out statism.

    I have an old android phone, maybe I will put that software on it.

    Basically what Richard is saying, is that there is no mobile device that can’t track you. So as an activist, I guess you have to be aware this can happen. Maybe it is important to leave your devises at home occasionally. At least until we opensource telecommunications.

    I am currently working on getting one of my computers set up on Linux. I am looking forward to that, and learning more about opensource software.

    Have you seen what these guys are doing?

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      Even Androids are littered with non-free software. I know, most people aren’t going to give up their smartphones. I gave mine up once I realized that it has the power to listen to everything I say in my own house, when simply laying on the table across the room.

      There is, however, something in the works by Motorola called Ara. It’s a 100% open-source hardware modular smartphone, which means that not only does the hardware respect user’s freedom, but it will be 100% free software compatible as well. I’ll likely get that smartphone once it comes out.

      • JCNo Gravatar says:

        A good faraday pouch allows you to control when you want the NSA to eavesdrop if you don’t want to give up the electronic leash. Second, I’d flash a custom ROM such as Paranoid Android today. If you’re running the stock ROM, it’s not you phone yet.