All I’ll Say About Treyvon Martin

July 15th, 2013   Submitted by Davi Barker

TrevonI wish I lived in a more rational world. In Alabama a mob of 20 black aggressors used chairs, pipes and paint cans to send white Matthew Owens from his front porch to a hospital bed the hard way. As they left they remarked “Now that’s justice for Trayvon!” It’s part of a string of black-on-white retaliation related to the Trayvon Martin shooting including Mikhail Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party announcing a $10,000 bounty for the capture of George Zimmerman in 2012. When asked if they were inciting violence he told the Orlando Sentinel “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Keep in mind, George Zimmerman is Hispanic. It’s as if the world has gone mad.

I don’t have a lot to say about this case. I won’t bore you with a retelling of the events and evidence. I’m sure you’ve heard it all, and if you haven’t I’ll let Stefan Molyneux bring you up to speed.

I think an honest assessment of the facts, acknowledging the facts in dispute, is inconclusive, and so anyone asserting a conclusion either way has most likely spiked the punch with their own prejudices. If I were on the jury I would have plead “not guilty” which doesn’t mean “innocent.” All it means is “not beyond a reasonable doubt.” But more distressing to me is the level of hysteria exhibited by both sides, because it means I live in a deeply bigoted, divided, and irrational culture, which has many more deadly unforeseen byproducts.

For example. Let me tell you about Ibragim Todashev. Ibragim was once a friend of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and as such he became a person of interest to the FBI. Ibragim agreed to cooperate on multiple occasions, without an attorney, and even delayed his plans to travel to Chechnya in order to satisfy their questions. Then an FBI agent, backed up by a posse of other law enforcement personnel, went to his apartment and shot him seven times.

There are a number of odd circumstances surrounding the incident, at least as it’s been self-reported by law enforcement. For example, despite all the back up, the FBI agent was allegedly alone with Ibragim when he was killed, leaving no witnesses. Law enforcement alleges that Ibragim confessed to a triple homicide just before being killed, but no written statement exists. Law enforcement initially alleged the he lunged across a table with a knife, but it’s now been reported that he was unarmed. And finally Ibragim was not suspected of any involvement in the Boston bombing, and the nature of the questioning is mostly unknown.

Ibragim’s father says the FBI murdered his son to “shut him up” and the family is calling for an independent investigation. It’s hard to imagine anything coming from such an investigation when the only potential witness is the killer.

So, what’s this got to do with Treyvon? Well, I see some pretty significant similarities between these two cases. Both took place in Florida. Both victims were approached by someone suspecting them of a crime, although Zimmerman was neighborhood watch, not an agent of the State. Both involve disputed allegations that the victim attacked and the killer acted in self defense. Both even involve victims of marginalized minority classes. Treyvon being stereotyped as a thief on account of his ethnicity and Ibragim being stereotyped as a terrorist on account of his religion. And although the ethnicity of the FBI agent wasn’t reported, if we take the integrity of the mainstream media as our standard, I guess we can assume the killer was white. Then if we find out later that the FBI agent was Hispanic, or Chinese, or black we’ll just call them white-Hispanic, white-Chinese, or white-black. But most importantly both cases involve a huge deficiency of corroborating evidence.

Like the Zimmerman case I have to admit that an honest assessment of the available facts is inconclusive, and my desire to find the FBI in the wrong represents my own prejudice. But what makes this relevant is the disparity of hysteria over two incredibly similar cases.

The question is why? Why aren’t they receiving the similar coverage? Why does Treyvon inspire an avalanche of irresponsible media coverage and Ibragim does not? Why does Treyvon inspire public outcry and Ibragim does not? Why does Treyvon inspire asinine commentary from celebrities, Congressmen and even the President, but Ibragim does not?

I have a theory.

There is a disparity of hysteria because in the Treyvon Martin case the outrage is horizontal, toward a citizen, but in the Ibragim Todashev case the outrage must be vertical, toward the State. Ibragim is ignored for the same reason that infants and children killed by US drone strikes are ignored, and the same reason the death of Abdulrahman Al Awlaki is ignored. Because the heartstrings of irrational mobs are loyal instruments in the hands of the media, and the media knows slaves may only criticize other slaves. They must not criticize masters.

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44 Responses to “All I’ll Say About Treyvon Martin”

  1. Ryan TaylorNo Gravatar says:

    You’re onto something Davi. If Zimmerman had a badge this would be a different story as far as public concern goes, not to mention the media attention.

  2. bradNo Gravatar says:

    These fucking animals that are rioting in the street know absolutely NOTHING about the case. They are ignorant bottom dwellers who can’t function in society and have to rely on the government to support their heroin addictions. I don’t care if the rioters are white or black, either way they are ignorant and do not deserve to even voice their opinions especially if they’re going to act like a sub-species over an issue they know nothing about in the first place.

    This trial had NOTHING to do with stand your ground it was 100% self defense nothing further.
    Search youtube for “truth about zimmerman”

  3. Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

    As a matter of principle I don’t pay attention to these media created sensationalist stories. I view them as a way of giving Americans their 5 minutes of hate every day.

    But it seems I’m always going to have to hear about them one way or the other. I’m neutral in this case. I sort of view it as bad guy vs. bad guy, and the bad guy won.

    I’m of the viewpoint both Trayvon and Zimmerman are dirtbags.

    Zimmerman was no voluntaryist, that’s for sure. I can respect carrying a gun for protection. And I can respect being neighborhood watchman. But I can’t respect calling the police. Calling on a criminal gang to solve a crime problem shows a lack of consistency.

    Granted, it’s extremely difficult to fight crime in this world. I don’t know what the solution is. We can’t stop state crime at this point, and if we refuse to call on them for help, we have a very difficult time stopping non-state crime as well.

    Ultimately, it’s going to take building new institutions that fight crime and enforce justice. Zimmerman didn’t have these options, as they currently don’t exist. But it also doesn’t seem like he cared about these solutions, either.

    • RagnarNo Gravatar says:

      Pragmatically speaking, in the real world, calling the police is often the only effective way to defend yourself from them. I carry a handgun for self defense if necessary, and if I ever have to use it, you can bet I will call the police immediately thereafter, if only to avoid jail.

  4. Thanks for the link, great article.

  5. MAMNo Gravatar says:

    Is this Zimmerman case that important to our cause strategically? I don’t know because I know nothing about the case and I have my doubts about it’s efficacy from the start. Why is a Black Hate group interested in this in the first place? Sensationalism…

    Life is a giant strategy competition, but to my knowledge the end has always been the same, thus far: Death is the ultimate God, it takes all always.

  6. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    Yes Seth! The real indictment here is against the press. The deliberate withholding of exculpatory information, the withholding of incriminating histories, the altering of audio tapes and the publication of the “innocent child” type photo of a twelve year old all led to a distorted public perception. The race baiters are the only winning faction here. Is it true that two days before Treyvon was killed he had attacked a bus driver for refusing to permit him to ride free of charge? That the driver was instructed by his company to refrain from filing charges? Was it true that Treyvon told his girl friend of his plan to beat another schoolmate (again) because he “hadn’t bled enough”?

  7. jimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Most intelligent comments on the issue read or heard so far

  8. DarrenNo Gravatar says:

    Davi, great article. The double standard you point out is amazing. It is disgusting to hear the media claim that they only cover what people have an interest in while they spare no effort to lead the public where they, the media, want instead.

    One thing that came out for all to see is how lawless the courts are. As I document on my blog (See “Did the Prosecution in the Zimmerman Trial Try to Use Reverse Jury Nullification?” rosecution-in-zimmerman-trial-try.html ) the prosecution basically admitted that they had no evidence but asked the jury to convict anyway. This is too much even for Alan Dershowitz:

    Dershowitz: Zimmerman Prosecutors ‘Should Be Disbarred’

    In the prosecution’s final argument on Friday, lawyer John Guy said Zimmerman deliberately followed Martin and “shot him because he wanted to.”

    Dershowitz called Guy’s statement “such speculation. How does he get into the mind of Zimmerman? He hasn’t cross-examined him, he hasn’t met him.

    “To ask the jury to believe that is to ask the jury to convict based on complete and utter speculation and that’s not the way the law operates.”

    Read Latest Breaking News from tin/2013/07/12/id/514847#ixzz2Z8xT2UW5

    To MAM’s point this is something we may be able to get some traction on.

  9. Don DuncanNo Gravatar says:

    Does the “public education system” educate? Or indoctrinate? Does it teach critical thinking techniques? Does it encourage thought? Or does it teach obedience and respect for authority? Does obedience and respect entail denial of conscience? Is denial of conscience psychologically healthy? Does it make a sick society, prone to violence and irrationality. Is this sickness promoted and exploited by the MSM? Will it destroy us all? Or at least make us less safe? And less prosperous? Is this case a mirror on our society?

    If you know the answers, you know why anarchists make up less than 1%.

  10. Winston WallaceNo Gravatar says:

    Have you ever bruised your arm, had it heal. Months or years later the same spot is hit and you are back in the same pain again? It’s that way with blacks in this country. I remember growing up in Jamaica and watching Roots for the first time. It should be required for everyone to watch or understand what happened, even a movie like Rosewood.

    The black psychology has been bruised over 400 years of slavery, and many years of systemic racism and discrimination. Regular, educated, middle-class people still feel the sting when we see (what we perceive) to be racial injustice. Because we are so bruised (many won’t admit it) we are more sensitive at times than we would be if history was different.

    I can’t help but wonder what if the roles were reversed and it was whites that had to endure 400 years of slavery and decades of discrimination which still exists today, how different would the average white person’s thinking be? All I am saying is try to understand the hurt an entire race has had to bear, knowing that every single one of us are descendants of slaves.

    My direct descendants were particularly recalcitrant and took every opportunity to kill their white masters such that they had no choice but to free the most pugnacious set of slaves they had ever encountered. That warrior spirit is alive in many Americans today and these people must be made to feel that they are normal humans. Any form of systemic prejudice will be met by violence.

    Today, we are more educated, civilized, and understand that we can’t just go around reacting to every court decision that doesn’t harmonize with our sense of justice. Let’s just try to understand each other, our histories and give each other room to vent in a peaceful way. The average white person walks around as if slavery never happened; as if some how, because he or she wasn’t there, and frankly neither were we, that the stain pain, and burden of history no longer matters. It matters, we feel it, and it hurts. There are fringe elements on both sides that want to foment violence and division.

    Let us not give them the way. Tolerance and understanding is what it is all about. Let’s work together, end the dissimilar and unequal sentencing, and finally get to a place where all men and women are equal. Not judging by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character… MLK.

    • DarrenNo Gravatar says:

      Winston, this is the wrong place to try to use collectivist arguments like you present. Your comment comes across as an appeal to white guilt. You won’t find any here. If individuals have emotional problems they need to deal with them not try to lay it on someone else.

      We are only responsible for our own actions. The slave masters are responsible for their crimes against the individuals they wronged. That is where it ends.

      If you understand our kind of anarchism you should know that we are against the injustice of the present system. “Tolerance and understanding is what it is all about.” Yes, let’s begin with the non-aggression principle. No one may initiate the use of force on anyone else. Do we agree on that?

    • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

      White people did not invent slavery. Slavery existed in Africa before it did in America. In fact slavery stills exists in some parts of Africa today. There are Africans who enslave Africans. In many parts of Africa today Black people are far worse off than they would be in American, Europe, Asia, etc… I have never heard any of these so called civil rights leaders in America decry the slavery that exists in Africa today. Instead they claim everything that happens in America to a Black person is because of racism. The fact is that Martin assaulted Zimmerman. Zimmerman did not punch himself in the nose and bash his head into the sidewalk.

    • MattNo Gravatar says:

      Winston Wallace: “My direct descendants were particularly recalcitrant and took every opportunity to kill their white masters such that they had no choice but to free the most pugnacious set of slaves they had ever encountered.” You clearly mean direct ancestors, not direct descendants.

  11. Winston WallaceNo Gravatar says:

    We can absolutely agree on that. But the notion that we are not a part of a collective weave of time and experiences; that somehow the past is the past and the present the present, I think is wrong – and clearly comes from the mouth of he who didn’t feel it. Regarding our present system of politics, legal injustice, the entire way our country is going I agree with you.

    • Don DuncanNo Gravatar says:

      Winston: You didn’t feel the oppression of 400 years. You didn’t inherit those memories thru your DNA. Memories of your ancestors are not inherited.

      What you’re experiencing is an emotional response based on stories you heard along with your psychological history. If I’m wrong, then how do you explain the lack of even greater outrage when you see a black oppressing a black? You should “feel” stronger outrage because that has been going on a lot longer. Did you know that black on black slavery was common in Africa for millennia before contact with the white man? That history should induce stronger feelings than the shorter exploitation period of white on black for 400 years. White on white slavery has a much longer history also. Why don’t I feel it? Do you see, it’s because no such memory is passed down?

      Racism is an ethnic version of collectivism. For example, had the Nazis killed off all non-Nazis, they would have turned on themselves. The denial of the individual as the primary unit of society undermines humanity. It is irrational and therefore social suicide. The present state of the world is proof, e.g., as the socialist doctrine gains acceptance instead of property rights, economies devolve, as well as personal (civil) rights. Both categories of rights are based on the same source: the sanctity of the sovereign individual.

    • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

      Black people in America do not have a monopoly on racism and social and political oppression. People from nearly every European country and Asia who immigrated to America was discriminated against and faced racism. Some do even today. Also Blacks don’t even have a monopoly on being slaves because there were Europeans who were forced to come to America because they were indentured servants. There are White Americans today who are Americans because they have an ancestor who was knock on the head in Europe and placed on a boat that sailed to America and forced into indentured servitude. some were indentured servants in Europe and forced to come to America.

  12. Winston WallaceNo Gravatar says:

    Trying to explain racism to a white person, is like trying to express color to a person who is blind. Yes, there is a phenomenon that people often refer to as genetic memory or racial memory. We absolutely feel and understand black on black crime. Sadly it too is a part of our genetic makeup.

    We often talk privately to each other about how we blacks are like crabs in a bucket. We never like to see each other progress and actually hate when another black person is prospering, even if that person is a family member. Makes me sick to say that but for many it’s true. We are unique humans, who cannot get along well with each other.

    The Chinese, Mexicans and other nationalities often leave their countries, and ban together, many living in a small house. They work and save and help each other to complete college, start businesses and one by one they make something of themselves. Not my people. Rarely do you see us banding together except when we are threatened by injustice from an outside source.

    We call each other the N-word all day long but the moment anyone else outside our race says the same thing, it’s war!. Don’t ask me to explain why that is.. it just is. We are a strong, proud race but like all others, we have our issues.

    For you or anyone to say that we are acting on emotions.. let injustice continue to be as flagrant as it is, and you will see what I am talking about. We will burn the whole city down. Logical, of course not. The right thing to do, clearly no. But it is the collective frustration and feeling of oppression that is hard to explain.

    You have heard the term mad black woman, or angry black man. This is caused when effort isn’t eventually met with success. Ask yourself this question. Why are black women disproportionately unmarried and have children with many men as compared to whites? She worked hard, went to college, but for some reason, every man she meets is a dud.

    He worked hard his whole life. Yet he remains the lowest paid man in the entire company despite his recognized talents and abilities. I am grateful to see my sons less affected by this disease than I am. I am hoping the stench dies off over time. I appreciate the dialogue and hope something I have said here today resonates and helps us to better understand each other.

    Understand finally that there are conversations among our race that outsiders are not privy to. Tears black men cry that he never shares with anyone. The burden; current pressing knowledge that he is the most hated creature in America. Treyvon probably felt threatened not for what he was, but for who he was and escalated into his death.

    Trying to juxtapose us with other races – trying to draw similarities and conclusions is a fools errand. Like insects, some have no compunction of consuming each other. But one thing is for sure. Come near us or demonstrate that there is a external force that threatens us, and we turn into a pack of wild bees. Some may not agree, but it’s how I see it.

    • Davi BarkerNo Gravatar says:

      “Trying to explain racism to a white person, is like trying to express color to a person who is blind.”

      You know… I’m not a swearing man… but Fuck You! I spent four years as a white minority in a Hispanic majority middle school getting beat up on the regular for my race. It’s not genetic memory for me. It’s scars. Don’t tell me I don’t understand racism. You just lost all credibility with me.

      • Don DuncanNo Gravatar says:

        Davi: I didn’t get out of the ghetto until I was 13. I spent middle school with 60% black, 30% Hispanic, 10% white. And gangs on every street by race. My best friend (white) was attacked in front of my house, much to his surprise, even though I warned him. He thought being class president and most popular in 7th grade made him safe. I told him to arm himself as a deterrent but he was non violent like me. I carried an exposed chain/knife so I would not be attacked. The gang was white. I went back at 18 (5 years later) to pick up my sister who was going there and I thought I was not going to get out. I was surrounded by a dozen blacks and I was unarmed because I had forgotten how bad it was. That was a close call and if my sister hadn’t come along (she knew them), I was toast.

        My point is that I suffered racism first hand also. And I’m white. I would like to point out that Winston did not answer my questions or arguments.

        My parents knew the danger from racism/poverty and worked two jobs each to get our family out. But they did not know the danger from a police state. No matter. There was no escape save great wealth. Fifty-eight years later, the situation has not changed. And that is why I am an anarcho-capitalist.

        • Winston WallaceNo Gravatar says:

          Don, good for you. You escaped thanks to affluence. I am not poor, or uneducated. You know, it doesn’t matter how much money I have. I can’t escape racism the way others can, neither can my three beautiful black children. We are stuck in this hole as long as we are alive.

          At least we are talking to each other and not cursing or fighting. There is obviously a great deal we don’t understand about each other’s race. If Davi can get pissed off, and curse at me, what say the black community as a whole? Decades of police brutality and unfair treatment. America isn’t ready for us to speak our minds.

        • Winston WallaceNo Gravatar says:

          Sorry Don,

          I didn’t see the questions or arguments you posed. Regardless of the race issue, there is a larger issue that concerns us all. As you stated Don, the Police State looms and when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. Today is my first day on this site. I am reading quickly to get up to speed on what you all believe. Succinctly, our govt is corrupt. Obama is a puppet. The dollar is under attack from within and externally. The two party system is a joke, and nothing can deter us from what is coming save a revolution in our minds and hearts.

      • DarrenNo Gravatar says:

        Well put Davi except for the cursing. Winston just stereotyped a whole race but he is here trying to have a civil discussion. We should be civil too.

      • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

        I thought you were Arab.

      • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

        Also there are many Jewish people who are White. In the 1930’s and 1940’s Jewish people in Europe faced racism on scale that was far worse than the racism that any race or people with the exception of American Indians have faced in America.

      • NahidaNo Gravatar says:

        Davi, people being absolute shit to you isn’t the same as them being racist to you. There’s a difference between someone bullying you because of your race (like they would for any other feature they may find displeasing) and relying the powers of institutional racism to help them do it.

    • T WilliamsNo Gravatar says:

      @ W Wallace,

      If you’re judging how the black psyche should be shaped based on the novel/miniseries “Roots”, you should understand that Alex Haley was sued for plagarism and discredited as to being a descendent of Kunta Kinte, which led to his exclusion from notable black authors. By his own admission, “Roots” is primarily a work of fiction, so basing your worldview on that is not constructive.

      Might as well be a theist.

  13. Winston WallaceNo Gravatar says:

    Davi, exactly.. Fuck Me! You’re pissed off.. believe me.. I get it. Most of the people haven’t experienced what you have. Frankly neither have I. When you talk about your experiences, some people may not understand why you feel the way you do. Racism is a bitch regardless of the race.

    Exactly what you said to me is what every black person wants to say to the entire white race for putting us though the shit we have had to endure. But you know what, we can’t. We have to get up and go to work tomorrow, putting up with the crap day in and day out.

    Racist laws, racist hiring practices, getting stopped by racist police officers. When it comes to racism, he who feels it knows it. I for one am sorry you had to go through all of that, especially as a kid. For you, it’s over. For me, it’s never over. Now my children are growing to see and endure their own hardships in a racist country. When is it going to end for us?

    • DarrenNo Gravatar says:

      Winston, I grew up in Puerto Rico & can say that I suffered verbal & physical abuse at times over there for being white. Then there was the time I got smacked on the back of my head in St Thomas while walking down the street minding my own business. How many times blacks called me white boy in Baltimore & Philly I can’t count. To say whites have no idea of what racism is is way off.

      Back to the non-aggression principle that you say you agree with. That precludes taxation which is what finances racist laws & racist cops. Wouldn’t you like to be able to stop paying for your oppressors? To be able to hire real protectors? We advocate that, do you?

      Non-aggression precludes the racist war on drugs. We advocate its end, do you?

      Non-aggression requires a free economy & absolute respect for private property. These offer opportunity for all. Do you advocate this?

      My point being that many who rant & rave about racial disparity advocate the very things that maintain it.

      BTW, no, there is no such thing as genetic memory. I’m surprised you use such a ridiculous idea.

      • Winston WallaceNo Gravatar says:

        Hi Darren.

        I respectfully disagree with you regarding racial memory theory. I am speaking from first-hand experience; an experience so real it is as if I lived it myself. I have always wondered if it was a reflection of a previous life (reincarnation). As a Christian, I do not believe in reincarnation.

        According to studies “Theories that suggest that we can tap into the deep nature of DNA to uncover ancient memories are not new. In the 1960s, some psychological researchers claimed that there may be keys that unlock our DNA, revealing experiences of generations of our relatives who lived long before our present time.” (

        Clearly race is not why we are here, and an issue where few find consensus. There is however the issues you mentioned. I agree with non-aggression. I believe however in the right to defend oneself. I can’t say I agree with no taxation. I think a fair and level kind of flat tax is better. It is easy to collect, and difficult to avoid.

        Everyone should pay their fair share of the funds needed to maintain the common infrastructure. Capital markets by their very nature are to be free-floating without government intervention, which allows the price discovery mechanism to work the way it should.

        Intervention of any kind creates market distortions, and pushes capital in directions not dictated by the will of the free market. To that end, GM should have been allowed to go bankrupt. The same goes for Ford. To survive, businesses must adapt and serve the will of the public. Poor prices management, products and service, and companies should be allowed to fail or prosper based on their service and value to the community at large, ending the notion of too big to fail, endless bailouts and quantitative easing to maintain a dying economy.

        I believe in having rules of fair play and a level field and the markets participants do the rest. Unfortunately, the government has wrecked the economy, benefiting the powerful few at the expense of everyone else. We have come to the end of the road. Politics have failed, government has failed.

        We stand together now at a crossroad. Police state on the left, revolution on the right. The choice is Americas to make.

        References: an-we-remember-our-ancestors%E2%80%99-lives/

        • DarrenNo Gravatar says:

          Winston, You’ve got to be kidding me. A self published blog on wordpress that cites not one scientific paper to back up this genetic memory hooey. Please. Anyway, this BS can be a double edged sword. If it were true & if it is true that blacks have other emotional traumas based on their own experiences with racism aren’t you arguing that they are “damaged”? You seem to be saying that your own race is inferior. Not a good way to fight discrimination. You won’t achieve equality nor end racism that way. What it comes across as is an attempt to play victim to see what you can get out of it.

          As I thought you like many agree with non-aggression in theory but as soon as it comes to applying it run from it. Forcing people to part with their money is theft. Calling it taxation doesn’t change that fact. You can only tax people by violating the non-aggression principle. If you really want people to live harmoniously together we can’t have institutionally sanctioned violence rampant in society. I invite you to read & comment on something I wrote in January essivisms-violent-world.html

          • Winston WallaceNo Gravatar says:


            What I am trying to have with you is a frank and honest dialogue. I am admitting that we blacks have issues. I said nothing to suggest inferiority. I openly shared that I personally have feelings, mental impressions, dreams that are not from my own experiences, but are as real as any other. You constantly insinuate that I have some ulterior motive, or trying to gain something.

            Whatever you are suggesting, please stop. My hands are open and non-threatening. At the end of the day, you are still a white man, living in your white world. A world I will never know or experience regardless of my economic status. Let’s face it. The fact that we are even having this conversation proves we live in two completely different worlds. You and I know that America is a racist country period, end of story. To argue otherwise is a waste of my time.

            Let’s focus on the points where we agree and move forward. Regarding economics. Man I am open to hearing how to move progressively into a bright future. We both agree that what we have now is untenable. How you propose to have infrastructure and a functioning economy without contribution from the masses, is beyond me. I will read your article and get back to you later today. I hope to find something beneficial.

    • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

      I am White and was born in Benton Harbor, MI. Until I moved to FL when I was 15. I had lived in a predominately Black community until I was 15.

  14. AK48No Gravatar says:

    Well since we’re just all throwing our race out there I’m Choctaw American Indian. But who cares? What does a person’s race contribute to the discussion?

    • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

      Osiyo AK48. I know that is the Tsalagi greeting but American Indians regardless of which nation or tribe they are know that it is a greeting. I have a distant relative who was born in the 19th century who was Tsalagi. The reason people are mentioning their race is in response to a post by someone who stated that trying to explain racism to a white person is like trying to explain color to a blind person. The fact is that nearly everyone is a composite of different races. My great grandmother because she was not far removed from our relative who was Tsalagi looked Tsalagi. She did not look White. Few people today are 100% one race. That is true of most Blacks in America. Many Blacks in America have an ancestor(s) who was White.

  15. JaxNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks, I needed another reason to think “anarcho” capitalists are a pile of shit.

    • MattNo Gravatar says:

      Jax, the names of collectivist forms of anarchy deserve to be placed in quotation marks much more than the names of any individualist form of anarchy.

    • Davi BarkerNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you for your substantive and thought provoking analysis of my position. I’ll take that under advisement.

  16. Martin BrockNo Gravatar says:

    I deliberately avoided most reporting of this case, because the race baiting that Molyneux laments in the linked video is all too predictable. Still, based on what little I knew of the case, I basically bought the conventional line. Like many black teens, Martin may have fancied himself a gangsta, but he was in his own neighborhood minding his own business at the time, and Zimmerman stalked him (if not in the legal sense of “stalking”), so Martin reacted in fear of an armed, menacing, white guy stalking him. Whatever you think of the self-defense claim, Martin was very much a victim.

    Molyneux’s video undermines this impression, at least, but I’m not here to debate the issue and won’t debate it.

    Another impression seems more salient here. Despite the title, this post is really about Ibragim Todashev, not Trayvon Martin, but scanning the comments, I don’t see a single one addressing the Todashev case. His case is as lost in the homeboy hysteria in this forum as Barker suggests that it is in the major media. No one seems to have followed the link to details of the case, and though I followed the link to Molyneux’s video, at this point, I haven’t either. That’s a shame.