Why I Joined Shield Mutual

July 2nd, 2013   Submitted by Seth King

shieldmutualToday I became a member of Shield Mutual. Shield Mutual is the first implementation of a modern voluntaryist defense agency. It is a gray market company that is not incorporated with the state. The defense agency is owned and operated by well-known libertarian activist George Donnelly, whose mission is to be your greatest advocate should you be abducted by state, or non-state, affiliated criminals.

Shield Mutual is in its infancy, so it should be clear that it has its limitations. It is not going to send an armed platoon of mercenaries to bust you out of jail, killing all prison guards that get in their way. It’s not going to capture the law enforcement officers that initially kidnapped you and hold them for ransom until you are released. It’s not going to engage in any retaliatory or defensive violence to protect you from the state. At least not yet anyway.

What Shield Mutual will do, however, is come to your aide in any way it can, such as organizing call floods to the police department responsible, contacting media outlets, fund-raising, hiring a lawyer if desired, posting bail if desired, contacting family, friends, and/or colleagues to inform them of the situation. You name it.

There’s a lot that can be done that usually isn’t when peaceful people get thrown into cages. Often, an arrest can be financially devastating for the individual and family. While most people may have a close group of friends and family that sympathize with the victim’s plight, the sad truth is that there’s little they can do to help. They haven’t got the time, money, or knowhow to do anything effective. So, the victim usually goes it alone with little more than a few pats on the back and gets crushed by the state.

I joined Shield Mutual today not necessarily because I think they’re going to be able to protect me in the traditional sense. I joined for one main reason; I want to send market signals to the world that people are no longer just theorizing about voluntarily funded defense agencies, but actually putting their money where their mouths are. Do I think Shield Mutual is going to become as ubiquitous as Coca-Cola? Probably not. But I do think that if they start making decent money they’re going to get competitors. And as capitalists, we know what that means: greater value for consumers.

That’s not to say that Shield Mutual doesn’t already offer excellent value. In fact, I purchased a year’s membership for only $50(paid in Bitcoin). I hope I never need their services, but if I do I could very easily wind up with several thousand dollars worth of donations raised on my behalf, far exceeding the amount of annual dues. Even if the results of their actions turn out to be underwhelming it would be hard to lament a measly $50 wasted. The dues are so low that it’s essentially throw away money. If nothing else, I can consider it a donation to George Donnelly for actually putting the time and effort into pioneering a substantive market based defense agency.

I encourage you to do the same. It’s a small peace of mind knowing somebody’s got my back, even if in a limited capacity. Furthermore, I’d really love to see some defense agencies competing with each other over who can be a bigger thorn in the state’s side. But that’s never going to happen until the first defense agency gets off the ground.

Sign up today, and tell them Seth King sent you!



14 Responses to “Why I Joined Shield Mutual”

  1. Good article, Seth! 🙂

  2. MAMNo Gravatar says:

    Someone should create an Assassination Politics website… Talk about a thorn in the side. That would do it.

  3. FreeRadicalNo Gravatar says:

    Another private defense agency in Detroit is making some headlines in the Libertarian press – the Threat Management Center.

    (See for example http://libertycrier.com/government/police-department-in-detroit-s tops-responding-to-911-calls-private-firm-fills-the-gap/)

    From their site:

    “The objective of our organization is to make the world safer by denying the opportunity for violence to take place. By using tactical psychology, tactical law, and tactical skills, we create conditions which, by design, are not conducive for violence. V.I.P.E.R.S. Threat Management emphasizes the use of deterrence, detection, and defense to achieve non-violent outcomes.”

    They also do voluntary police (as in peace keeper) work because they make enough from corporate clients to provide some free service to the public.

    Hopefully this is just the beginning.

  4. Thanks for joining and for this article, Seth. We will do our best to be worthy.

    I would like nothing better than to be so crushed by superior competition that I have to close up shop because my customers are getting better service elsewhere.

    But the fact is that no one else is doing this and it needs to be done. I’ve proven the value over and over and over again. We all need to up our games and join in to advance the practice of our ideas.

    When I’m on my deathbed, I don’t want to look back and regret that I didn’t do all I could to leave the world better than I found it and to leave a peaceful, prosperous place for my son and for his children and so on.

    The time to act is now.

    • GordonNo Gravatar says:

      Mr Donnelly,

      I am glad you are responding in comments on this blog. I take that to be a good sign. This article introduced me to your company and persuaded me of its value, and, in time, I will become a customer. I wish you the best of luck in this venture.



      Thank you for writing this article. Information like this should be spread far and wide.

  5. Joe AgoraNo Gravatar says:

    I too have joined, I’m just thrilled this organization exists and think everyone should join.

    I am also not much of an activist but joining has made be actually want to do some, now that I know I won’t be alone (not many ancaps where I live).

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      That’s awesome! That’s what I’m hoping will happen. Once people know they’ve got at least SOMEBODY in their corner, people will begin to resist the state in ways they never have.

      It’s going to be really fun watching Shield Mutual grow and offer more and greater services as their membership grows.

    • That’s the best news I’ve heard all day!

  6. Davi BarkerNo Gravatar says:

    Glad Shield Mutual is getting it’s deserved props as a pioneer in the Agorist market. I signed up nearly a year ago (probably time to renew), not because I thought I needed the service, but because I understood how insurance works. For Shield Mutual to have the resources to cover high risk activists in their time of need, it needs a base of low risk activists paying for coverage. I was also thrilled to learn that they would cover me if I landed myself in an international incident. I traveled to Saudi Arabia last October, and although I wasn’t intending any kind of disruption, one never knows when face to face with open tyrants. The trip went off without incident, but knowing I had a media bullhorn at the ready if needed made me just a little more willing to speak my mind when confronted by sociocrats.

  7. Pete SiscoNo Gravatar says:

    This is a fantastic development that I intend to look into. These are the technologies and services that will one day supplant a coercive State. Thanks for posting.