Thaddeus Russell Speaks at Liberty Forum

April 6th, 2013   Submitted by Seth King

This was one of my favorite speeches at Liberty Forum. Unfortunately, it happened towards the end of Sunday, which meant there were far fewer in the audience than deserved.

I really think Thaddeus Russel brings a lot of original ideas to the liberty movement. This can be a hard thing to do since we’re often left regurgitating the same ideas over and over. After listening to him speak I think it’s clear we need a paradigm shift in our behavior if we’re going to change the world. We need more than a philosophy of freedom. We need to live a culture of freedom. Enjoy!

6 Responses to “Thaddeus Russell Speaks at Liberty Forum”

  1. MAMNo Gravatar says:

    ” We need more than a philosophy of freedom” I guess when someone you know makes a speech the stuff they say is true. But when someone posts on a forum the same thing, it isn’t…

    Interesting occurrence that.

  2. MAMNo Gravatar says:

    You may not believe this, but my fellow heads and I many of whom are hedonists and not the intellectual types have come to very similar and some cases the same conclusions as this man while we were sitting around passing a bong.

    I’m a Lorite for a reason. Because there are no original ideas.

  3. Zell FazeNo Gravatar says:

    Does anyone have a transcript of this video that I might be able to read (I’m at work)?

    • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

      So you at “work'” and you requested a transcript of a speech about not working. Rather ironic.


  4. HReardenNo Gravatar says:

    Russell reminds me of Maynard G. Krebs.