Liberty Forum 2013

February 25th, 2013   Submitted by Seth King

LibertyForumI’ve just returned from the 2013 Liberty Forum in Nashua, NH hosted by the Free State Project. Let me tell you, it was amazing! To be honest I went in with low expectations, but came out a bigger fan of Liberty Forum than Porcfest. I’d like to share with you some of the highlights of my trip.

To start I have to give a big shout out to my employer Charlie Shrem, CEO of It was he who financed my hotel accommodations, forum tickets, and meals. Without him I would not have been able to go. Thank you so much Charlie!

Secondly, because I had no car at my disposal I was essentially dependent on finding a ride from another Free Stater who not only lives in North Country, but would be going to Liberty Forum as well. I gave notice of my situation a few days prior on the Free State Project’s Facebook Page and luckily got connected to Dann; a retiree I had never before met who lives just a few miles up the road from me. Dann turned what would have been a complete hassle figuring out how to get to Nashua via public transportation into a pleasant and fascinating journey filled with quality conversation. Thank you for all of your help Dann! This is another testament to the strength of the community that can only be achieved from living in close proximity to one another.

Shortly after my arrival I finally got to meet Daily Anarchist’s own Davi Barker. Needless to say, the conversation was stellar. And that is really a standard theme with liberty events. So, for the sake of brevity I’ll just say that the entire weekend was filled with phenomenal chats with many dozens of activists that I admire.

A few days prior, realizing that I would have the opportunity to meet Davi in person, I asked him if he would be interested in purchasing the rest of my stock of anarchist flags, of which there were about thirty left. He said he would. After coming to a mutually beneficial price, the flags were his. And throughout the course of the event not only would he sell several, but the Nashua Telegraph ended up publishing a large picture of these very anarchist flags for thousands of Nashua residents to see on the front page of their Sunday paper. Wow!!

And speaking of newspapers, the statewide Union Leader published two articles on the Liberty Forum and the Nashua Telegraph not only published one article on Bitcoin in the Friday paper, but also published three articles about the Liberty Forum in the Sunday paper, all of which were front page articles. Double wow!!

Team BitInstant played an invaluable role at Liberty Forum this year. Bitcoin was on everybody’s lips and was cause for much of the excitement in the air. As Erik Voorhees, co-owner of BitInstant, said “last year there was only one vendor who accepted Bitcoin as payment, and I couldn’t even get my smartphone app to work, so the purchase failed. This year nearly all the vendors accept Bitcoin and lots of people are using it.”

Between Roger Ver, Gabe Sukenik, and myself working the floor we popped several dozen Bitcoin cherries throughout the weekend. I’m proud to say that not only did I install the blockchain app on both Jeffrey Tucker’s and Tom Woods’ smartphones, but that I was also the first person to send them bitcoin payments.

Thursday night Jeffrey Tucker and myself, among others, shared dinner in the hotel bar. Afterwards Tucker paid my bill with Dollars and I reimbursed him with Bitcoin. Since that night he’s been absolutely bonkers about Bitcoin. Hallelujah!!

Throughout the duration of the forum were guest speakers which made for much needed breaks in between all of the Bitcoin evangelizing I was doing. My three favorites were Jeff Tucker’s keynote speech, the BitInstant panel on Bitcoin, and Thaddeus Russel, who brings such a unique and refreshing outlook from what can only be described as a market anarchist philosophy from a life-long leftist, lecturing on politically incorrect history. I was in intellectual heaven!

The Free State Project and its many volunteers do an amazing job putting on this event. The venue was great. The food was great. I know many porcupines spend all year looking forward to Porcfest, but I’ll be eagerly awaiting next year’s Liberty Forum. I hope you’ll join me!

11 Responses to “Liberty Forum 2013”

  1. dpalmeNo Gravatar says:

    Sounds like a helluva weekend Seth! Wish I could have gone!

  2. HReardenNo Gravatar says:

    I’m curious about what your job is with Bitcoin is not a company.


    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      Customer support.

      • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

        Oh. I am curious to know if you are paid in Bitcoin. Is the office in NYC?


        • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

          Yes, I am an independent contractor. I get paid exclusively in Bitcoin. I work from home in New Hampshire.

          • HReardenNo Gravatar says:

            That sounds great. Nothing is withheld from your pay. I would hate to work as a salaried employee of an employer in NYC and have 3 different levels of government get portions of my pay. In FL only the federal government gets a portion of your pay. No state or county income tax in FL.


  3. helioNo Gravatar says:

    Really wanted to go to Liberty Forum. After all, it was only 5 miles down the road. But my wife and I are saving every penny to buy a house and another car so maybe next year.

  4. Oscar MiloNo Gravatar says:

    I really need to do some research on Bitcoin. I am pessimistic about the idea of a purely digital money, but I confess I have not given it a whole lot of attention.