Targeting Anarchists

October 17th, 2012   Submitted by Seth King

There has been quite a stir recently in anarchist circles on facebook regarding the imprisonment of three individuals from the Pacific northwest for refusing to cooperate with the feds. Chances are these three individuals are of the anarcho-syndicalist persuasion, but I think they’re handling themselves perfectly. Refuse to even talk to the grand jury, even if you are completely innocent. Exercise your right to remain silent under all conditions and take your lumps. Then make an example out of the government for their criminal behavior. I was considering writing a full-length article on this story, but I’m happy to see that RT has done all the legwork for me. This video just came out today. Also, after this video Capital Account with Lauren Lyster interviewed anarcho-capitalist Joel Bowman of The Daily Reckoning. The topic of anarcho-capitalism was discussed for more than 10 minutes. I’d say we’re making progress! Enjoy this video and consider sharing it on youtube!

12 Responses to “Targeting Anarchists”

  1. macsnafuNo Gravatar says:

    I keep expecting to hear more about this story. They were imprisoned simply for refusing to talk to the Grand Jury? That’s it? Is there no allegedly-crime that took place that the Grand Jury is investigating? There’s got to be more going on than I’m seeing. I can’t believe it’s a crime to *refuse* to talk about one’s beliefs. After all, one is generally better off when they don’t bore other people with their beliefs.

    • flatNo Gravatar says:

      My understanding is that the grand jury grants the people it subpoenas immunity to anything under discussion, which legally (apparently) removes your right to remain silent. So if you remain silent after this, you get held in contempt and caged.

      As I understand it, there was some act of vandalism that was under investigation, but at least some of the people brought in were out of town when that happened. Regardless, pointing a grand jury at a vandalism case seems a bit.. overzealous.

  2. Bob RobertsonNo Gravatar says:

    One of the problems here is that Grand Juries have always had broad power of subpoena, but since they have become little more than government rubber-stamp machines the Common Law meaning of the Grand Jury has been lost.

    The 5th Amendment does not say “nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness”, it says “nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself”.

    So the authorities interpret this as meaning its just fine to compel someone to be a -witness-, and to be compelled to give testimony, so long as it’s not about themselves.

    How’s that for linguistic legerdemain?

    The media and school children have been carefully taught to fear “anarchists”. I gladly use that hesitation to make rhetorical points, but in the news it’s a buzzword for “bomb throwing”.

  3. Paul TNo Gravatar says:

    “They [some militarized police] said is was in connection to May Day vandalism that occured…”.

    So is the girl an anarcho-capitalist, a libertarian, a Rothbardian? Is she an ally of Sheldon Richman? Has the girl. or RT’s hostess or pizza joke boy (Andrew Blake, RT web producer), complained that the militarized cops grabbed someone’s copy of Rothbard’s “The Case Against the Fed”? No? Then it seems plausible to suppose that the three people arrested are leftists, e.g. Occupiers, Greens, and other such troublemakers who crave an absolute despotism.

    Nevertheless, we have a private property issue. One has the right to use one’s own body, including the speech parts, as if it is one’s private property. False imprisonment obstructs exercise of this right. I’ll add without argument that the right to private property is wedded to the right NOT TO USE that property. These rights are subordinate to the alleged right of a collectivistic government, one established through fraud and aggression, to compel a person to speak to police or the investigators or the prosecutors of that government.

    Well, do the three imprisoned people affirm these rights? Do they affirm them for all people at all times and all places, and not just for those who want to establish socialism? No? Well, can they be made into tools of liberty with justice? No? Then let them rot for a while. In fact, mock them and ridicule them. Encourage their captors to treat them without respect. Inform those captives that they are just being served a little dessert and likely deserve to be treated much worse.

    Now, let’s not be naive when watching RT. It may be a tool of Russia’s leading predator class, i.e. the Russian political class. Wikipedians allege that RT is “owned” by RIA Novosti which is a news agency owned by the Russian government. ( Let’s assume for just a moment that the Wikipedians’ claim can be confirmed. So, why would the Russians’ government find it useful to promote civil liberties in the USA when the Russian government is intrinsically hostile to civil liberties in Russia?? Why would the Russian government find it useful to embarrass the government of Columbians? (Columbians: Those loyal to the government seated in the DC.)

    Is it really so hard to figure out that RT is a tool of gangsters to be used against other gangsters, e.g. Columbians? Beware of RT. It’s a tool of the enemies of liberty and justice, and this fact puts them on the same team as can be found Occupy’s little reddish brown and reddish black dingleberries. Yes, RT’s masters and all Occupiers are on the same team, a team called despotism. Probably RT’s own employees would deny that they have impure intentions, but so what if they did? Naive employees are useful to the predator class of Russia, just as naive employees are useful to the leaders of Columbians.

    Still, maybe Seth could draw some good out of this story. It could be used as a peg on which to hang an article about RT. The article would advocate for privatization of RT. Let it be argued that there should be attached to RT no strings attached also to the Russians’ government or to Occupy or to anything substantially similiar to the Russians’ government or to Occupy or to political parties like the Democrats and the Republicans. RT must never be funded through taxation or central banking or other criminal means. I could go on, with the terms and conditions of the privatization, but I’ve think I’ve made the main features of RT’s privatization sufficiently clear.

  4. RyanNo Gravatar says:

    Leah was release on the night of 10/17. She was treated like shit by the State but what would one expect from their captors. She was in solitary for the whole time that she was locked up and apparently much worse for the wear. More information is supposedly going to be released in a few days. No word on Matt or Kteeo. been-released

  5. murphasaurNo Gravatar says:

    Subpoena power can be abused, but it is useful – even important. Reverse the situation. Imagine that the witness is a thug who has information that would convict a rogue cop for hijacking drugs, killing the drug dealers, and selling the drugs at a nursery school, after which he kidnapped and sold the drugged children to orcs for ritual sacrifice.. Or which one of three suspects killed your wife/husband.
    The ability to compel testimony about others’ deeds evolved in the common law for a reason.
    Good luck to the anarchists. They’ll likely be released when the political importance of the case times out.

    • Don DuncanNo Gravatar says:

      “The ability to compel testimony… evolved in the common law for a reason.”

      Yea, because control freaks have faith in violence, all evidence to the contrary.

      The end does not justify the means, as socialism has proved. If one uses moral means, the end will be a moral world. “If one takes care of the means, the end will take care of itself.”

      • macsnafuNo Gravatar says:

        Exactly. Even criminals have rights–they are not forfeit because they committed a crime. The commission of a crime merely means that the victim or victims are owed restitution.

        If the state has the authority to compel someone, for anything, then they have the authority to compel anyone for anything, and that’s not a good thing for liberty.

  6. Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

    There are other ways to get information from people without having to resort to the initiation of violence. That’s all the state does is justify its own criminality under the guise of protecting us. I’m over it.

  7. Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

    I guess I just think life is to short to do prison time rather than cooperate with the feds. Especially when your refusal is hardly even a blip on the news.Pragmatism trumps morality every time.

    • MAMNo Gravatar says:

      Pragmatism is the problem. If people stopped being pragmatic and started being principled the State would collapse. They can’t arrest us all, further more they don’t want to. They want slaves, not prisoners, do not fool yourself you are a slave and by giving into them you perpetuate the system of slavery.

      You wish to save your life, but you only destroy it. You are Turin son of Hurin. You wish to save what you value, but your actions only ensure its destruction.

      What is freedom worth?

      “Give me liberty or give me death!” – Patrick Henry