Don’t Even Think About 2016

September 5th, 2012   Submitted by Seth King

Tonight Ron Paul gave his much awaited interview with Jay Leno. It was an appearance that came with anticipation of a big announcement. There was a lot of speculation amongst Paul supporters. Would he run for president as an independent? Would he endorse Gary Johnson?

To the dismay of many he would do neither. In fact, there was no big announcement. The most Paul revealed was a cryptic desire to rest for 2016. Now new speculations arise. Will he run again in 2016? Is Rand Paul running for president in 2016? What?

If there is one message I could get across to all of the minarchist Paul supporters out there it would be to get over it. That ship has sailed! Ron Paul is not the Messiah and he’s not going to save us from the New World Order!

Ron Paul is now entering the phase of political irrelevancy. His son is never going to become president. There isn’t another governor or member of Congress that is half the man Ron Paul is. There is no hope for a libertarian president. Stop dreaming! Wake up!

I think yelling “wake up” to minarchists is apropos, too. For all of their philosophical wisdom and efforts to wake up the sleeping masses, minarchists are by-and-large living in la-la land. When I was still living in California I was active in the Campaign For Liberty. Shortly after the 2008 campaign I converted to anarcho-capitalism and set my sights on New Hampshire.

I called several members active in the C4L and tried to clue them in about how much of a lost cause California was. It was all to no avail. Many of them truly believed John Dennis could unseat Nancy Pelosi in 2010 and that Ron Paul would win California in 2012. Needless to say, I was baffled that so many of my fellow patriots could be so out of touch with reality.

Sadly, I fear many Paul supporters are grasping for straws at some miracle happening in 2016. And I suppose I don’t blame them. If I were still a minarchist I’d feel there was no other choice but to keep putting my hopes into another election. I pity the minarchists, really. The poor saps are trapped in a paradigm where the impossible must happen to achieve salvation. Sound familiar?

The truth is that America is in cardiac arrest. I say let it die. Bury it six feet under. But put your energies and resources into saving the patients that can live; the patients that want to live. Save yourself. Save your family members, friends, and colleagues that aren’t total zombies. Get out of dodge and concentrate your forces with others of like mind. Move to New Hampshire and opt out of the statist system. And for God’s sake don’t sacrifice yourself trying to save others that don’t want saving. What are you, a socialist?

27 Responses to “Don’t Even Think About 2016”

  1. hbeachrealistNo Gravatar says:

    Yes. You are 100% correct. Tonight was a MAJOR letdown. I don’t even understand why RP went on the show. He did nothing. However, in the back of my mind, I never felt RP would become President. The sheeple are just too stupid and won’t wake up until SHTF. And by then it will be tooooo laaaaaaate!

  2. Bob RobertsonNo Gravatar says:

    Indeed. Take the abominable results of these last two election cycles and do exactly what RP has done: Retire.

    Time to simply withdraw one’s consent and move on.

  3. sean truittNo Gravatar says:

    your attitude toward minarchists seems condescending. i tend to eschew collectivism, but i want to do it in a friendly way. would you like some flowers?

    • Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

      I think condescension is a rational way for anarchists to feel towards minarchists. Minarchists fail to take their arguements to a logical conclusion that ultimately an anarchistic society is the only society conducive to all non-coercive philosophies of life. You know the saying,”Minarchists are anarchist without balls”.

  4. Andrew MerrillNo Gravatar says:

    Unless like Abraham (Genesis 18: 17-33) , you think that there are even ten good people left, that are worth saving…

  5. Brilliant post, Seth.

    The way to freedom is through our personal relationships. No more, no less.

    Burning your emotional energy and life away on distant leaders is at best a distraction, and at worst, self-destruction.

    Get right with yourself, and your loved ones, and go do what brings you real joy, because no one else is going to give it to you, no matter how popular they are.

  6. Micius PorciusNo Gravatar says:

    It is most definately impossible to change the GOP. The Republican and Democrat parties are the machine. For lack of a better way to describe it they are the state itself. They pretend is if they are mortal enemies, BS.

    I can understand working within the Libertarian Party as a way to educate people but winning an election requires massive amounts of money and volunteer hours. Besides don’t most people within the Libertarian Party want to end the state too?

  7. Kathy KingNo Gravatar says:

    Brutal reality, but totally the truth. I’m only hoping the people that relocate to New Hampshire are the real deal, though. So far it sure seems that way.

  8. BlackandGr9yNo Gravatar says:

    A little tough love for the masses. I was also extremely letdown by his appearance on the Tonight Show. I was expecting something really big to manifest itself, but I was greeted with disappointment.

    Also, people who think that he’s going to win in 2016 need to get a grip on the truth. By the time 2016 rolls around, Dr. Paul is going to be in his 80s. Give the man a break! He deserves to rest and get away from the bullshit. Besides, by now, Ron Paul supporters should know that this country isn’t going to make it 2016. At the rate we’re going with our economy, I’d give it until the end of this year or early 2013.

    Dr. Paul’s purpose for existing in the political system was to educate people. He did his job and more. For God’s sake, let the man rest.

  9. macsnafuNo Gravatar says:

    Well, for me, the main thing about Ron Paul’s campaign was in its educational value and media attention, not in the hope that he would actually win.

    Given that, losing the nomination just closes a phase of his campaign. From now till the general election, he should be calling Romney out on his campaign views and promises. And after the general election, Ron should be calling out the elected president on his actions, for at least a year, pointing out what he’s doing wrong and showing the consequences of the president’s actions.

    Then he should take a well-deserved rest. And of course he shouldn’t run again in 2016. I didn’t really think he would run again this time, but since he did, he did better this time than in 2008. That’s something to consider.

  10. Paul TNo Gravatar says:

    Minarchists may be pitiable, but they are also statists. Thus they are enemies allied with leftwingers, centrists, and rightwingers, even when we share with them a few ideals.

    Although statists adhere to a wide variety of religions, often with outlandishly silly superstitions, it appears that their favorite religion is an aggressive, secular cult that carries on its affairs under the color of law. It’s interesting that the phenomenon is not so very different from the religion, say, of Moses and Joshua or of Muhammad. (Christians, bear in mind what you affirm about Moses and Joshua.)

    Liberals need never to neglect inconvenient facts about minarchists, esp. when being polite to people who are so obstinately impolite. We should also not neglect the possibility that we need a religion, albeit one that has no superstition but that is flexible enough to be amended as our knowledge and understanding of existence improves. At minimum, it should have or be a coherent ontology. I use ‘ontology’ a little differently that most people; it is no mere branch of metaphysics but instead should be thought of as being superior to an encompassing physics, cosmology, epistemology, and metaphysics. Ontology is the study of being in the widest possible sense of the word existence.

    In fact, I have come to believe also that we need our own language and our own script, too, but these would not be appropriate without a lot of improvement to what already has a few traces of religion.

    Now, “[c]ardiac arrest, (also known as cardiopulmonary arrest or circulatory arrest) is the cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively.” So it’s claimed at Wikipedia. puts things bluntly, however. Cardiac arrest is “abrupt cessation of heartbeat.” A heart attack is different and less serious, although one could induce to cardiac arrest.

    So, what counts as evidence that Columbia is experiencing anything so serious as even a heart attack? It seems to me that she’s carrying on as usual with heart troubles no more serious than a little angina pectoris. Granted, she may have some narrowing and hardening of her arteries. Perhaps she’ll have a stroke one day.

    It’s by the way that I have no intention of leaving Chicagoland. And why should I? It’s the statists who are criminals and socialists. THEY need to leave if they won’t behave appropriately.

  11. Coltan LNo Gravatar says:

    I remember when I use to gnash my teeth at posts like this one. In 2008. Its better on the other side guys. Some of my ancap friends call it the libertarian depression, and I had it bad post 08. No more gods or kings, only people. As long as you’re concerned with the here and now, hoping to be saved by a stranger is not the way to go.

  12. RonPaul2016No Gravatar says:

    Ron Paul will continue to be relevant, because his name is now a shorthand description for a philosophy of governance that (unfortunately!) is new to most Americans despite having been around for a long time. As more people wake up, they will look to Ron Paul for guidance in building a free society. Some of them will take the idea of liberty further and become peaceful anarchists. But Ron Paul is the gateway drug.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      Ron Paul was relevant, but his time as a public speaker is coming to an end. Don’t get me wrong, I have the greatest respect for Dr. Paul. He’s my hero. But he’s also an old man and is clearly having a much more difficult time getting quality ideas across in interviews. I really don’t think he shined at all on Leno’s interview.

      With all due respect, it probably would be better for him to retire and enjoy the rest of his days with his family and such. I’d like to see him move to New Hampshire for the Free State Project. But other than that I don’t think he has any more tricks up his sleeve.

  13. RaleighNo Gravatar says:

    Amen Seth! As a long time RP supporter, I felt the same way about appealing to authority for them to put their interests above your own is simply naive at best and insanity at it’s truly worst. I never put my hopes in this campaign, I knew better. We would have a much better chance if people understood the non aggression principle, voluntarism and agorism, than thought just one man, and only one man could save them from themselves…

  14. HReardenNo Gravatar says:

    It should be clear given the way that the GOP establishment treated Dr. Paul’s supporters and delegates that someone who supports liberty will not get the GOP nomination. The oldest two parties break their own rules and do whatever the Hell thy want to in order to prevent a liberty candidate from succeeding. Just today (Sept. 5, 2012) at te Dummycrat’s convention someone made a motion to amend the party platform and when the voice vote was called it was clear that there were more no votes than yes votes. The person who was presiding over the convention called for the vote 3 times and claimed in the end that in his opinion 2/3 of the delegates voted yes when it was clear that the majority voted no. These parties do whatever the Hell they want and break and ignore rules to get the bidding of the party leaders done. If one gets involved in electoral politics they may have a chance to fight for liberty at te local or state level unless they live in NY, CA, or NJ. The best chance of success seems to be NH as far as the 50 states go.


  15. 8yerbrainNo Gravatar says:

    You have pretty much nailed it. I have been a minarchist most of my life, and only recently the obvious hits me. As long as we attempt to wrest liberty, using the framework of government force, we will continue to have nothing but tyranny. I say opt out.

  16. Steve PNo Gravatar says:

    I was disappointed with Paul’s appearance on Leno. I was certain he would announce the start of a 4 year, cross-country, “I Told You So” tour. Instead we get “Ron Paul Shrugged”. Anyone find “Paul’s Gulch” yet?

    • Paul TNo Gravatar says:

      Perhaps Ron Paul finds his gulch every time he pulls into his driveway.

      There are some aspects of the novel that ought not to be taken too literally. The fantasy about Galt’s Gulch in “Atlas Shrugged” may be one of them. The magical power generating device is another.

      Now, it could be that Rand’s use of the term “gulch” is unintentionally ironic. suggests that the word came from “M.E. gulchen ‘to gush forth, to drink greedily.'”. Of course, Alisa Rosenbaum scoffed at the idea that greed is a character flaw, and her alleged heroes relished their own greed. Yet does not the behavior of statists, esp. crony capitalists, leftwing intellectuals, and grasping socialistic rabble, demonstrate daily that there is inordinate desire in the hearts of many people?

      I would like to think that Ron Paul’s home is no gulch. A refuge from statists, yes, but not a gulch.

  17. Julian AdamNo Gravatar says:

    Dr. Paul bowed out gracefully and I believe he feels accomplished for being able to awaken so many people, especially the youth! He exposed over the last 5 years so many crooked things that are wrong in our governmental system! He educated as a teacher who can see the snakes in the grass and cut the lawn for us! I feel a better man today knowing there is still a hero among us. And now I am confident there will be more to follow.

  18. Fritz KneseNo Gravatar says:

    I basically agree with you. I am often appalled at how minarchists can make such wonderful arguements for liberty in reduced government without recognizing that their arguements taken to a logical conclusion are arguements for anarchy.
    I have been an anarchist basically all my life, though I did not know the meaning of the word until my junior year in college when writing to Indlividual Liberty. I agree that we should stop trying to save the USA, but just how do we save ourselves? Don’t mention New Hampshire to me. That is a joke. The closest thing I know to both living free and setting an example that other free people can emulate is in some form of back to the land self sufficiency. Most folks today are terrified of living without electricity or running water even if it is temporary while one builds up your homestead. But the country life does have its rewards. I live in a stone house I built myself over 15 years ago. I do not have any utility payments because I am off the grid. I seldom see anyone but my girlfriend unless I choose to go to town or a friend’s house. It is not perfect by a long way, but being in the country eliminates so many problems you automatically run into when living in town. And it is a lot cheaper. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find good work in the country. But there are ways around that too. The increase in personal liberty is so much that I can’t imagine why so many otherwise free people don’t pack up and head out to the backwoods.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      You could do that in New Hampshire too. I think there are plenty of people who do.

    • Paul TNo Gravatar says:

      Fritz, perhaps you could solve your income problem by moving into an urban cottage for a few months each year. It just so happens that big cities like Chicago have several universities that are nearly vacated each summer. Further, many students live off campus but leave for the summer without even bothering to sublet their units. (Mommy and daddy may be paying the rent.) So it’s a renters market for those units. There are also many neighborhoods with relatively low rents. Granted, those same neighborhoods often have dangerous wildlife, but someone like you may find that dealing with it is an interesting challenge.

  19. dave levinNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent. You nailed it. Time to move on.