My First Call to Action

June 3rd, 2012   Submitted by Seth King

In the more than two years that I’ve been running Daily Anarchist I’ve never published a post calling for a targeted mass action by the community. Today I am changing that.

One of the greatest strengths of activist websites is the ability to organize and concentrate efforts towards goals that can only be achieved by mass action. As you may or may not know, several months ago I began rejecting the Dollar in my store section. I now only accept Bitcoin as payment for my anarchist flags.

A few months ago I mentioned to my flag dealer that I would eventually like to start paying for my flag shipments in Bitcoin. I didn’t expect him to jump on it as he’d likely never heard of Bitcoin before. Again, a few weeks ago, I told him that I would soon need to order another batch of flags and that I am only interested in paying in Bitcoins. Again, he was not interested.

Today, I have officially run out of the most popular selling flag, the 3′ x 5′ free-market anarchist flag, or standard yellow and black. I would very much like to purchase some more but am unwilling to do so with Dollars. I think it would be wonderful to send a message to my flag dealer that there is a large and growing community of people who use and support the Bitcoin economy.

If you could take a short amount of your time to send my dealer an email asking him to accept Bitcoin as payment for his goods it would mean a great deal to me. If successful I am sure it would also mean a great deal to those who will be eager to purchase such a flag in the future.

The individual to address your email is Jason. His email address is Please mention Daily Anarchist in your email.

Thank you very much! Let us hope this works!

16 Responses to “My First Call to Action”

  1. dpalmeNo Gravatar says:

    Email sent. I hope he accepts it, because that’s the flag I want!!!

  2. Kathy KingNo Gravatar says:

    E-mail sent.

  3. HReardenNo Gravatar says:

    The problem with a business accepting Bitcoin is that businesses they make purchases from don’t accept Bitcoin and they can not pay their bills with Bitcoin.Physical cash is king and that means FRNs are what everyone except for you and perhaps a few others accept. That is reality.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      So what if he can’t pay rent with Bitcoin? It’s not like 100% of his customers are going to be paying in Bitcoin or anything. Merely a small fraction. And even IF 100% of his customers paid in Bitcoin, it probably means that it’s become so accepted in the marketplace that he would be able to pay his bills with it.

    • dpalmeNo Gravatar says:

      You can always convert BTC to cash too.

  4. Caleb NightengaleNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Seth,

    I’m rather new to your site, I do find it interesting though, but I’m wondering why you’re seemingly trying to promote the Bitcoin.

  5. SethNo Gravatar says:

    E-mail sent.

    I’d love to use Bitcoin but I’m using Ubuntu exclusively, and the learning curve is a bit steep for me. Can you recommend any good tutorials?

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      You could create quick and easy wallets at or

      But if you want the Satoshi Client on your computer you’ll need to download and installed the software from Go there and then click on the ubuntu install button on the top right hand part of the page.

      I don’t know how experienced you are at Ubuntu, but the easiest way to do it is to add the Bitcoin repository, then install. I believe the instructions are like

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin

      sudo apt-get update

      sudo apt-get install bitcoin

      It’s SOMETHING like that. It’s been a while since I did it myself, and I don’t remember exactly. But help is out there if you need it.

  6. AuNeroNo Gravatar says:

    What do you think about changing the yellow to a more gold-type color?

  7. dpaalmeNo Gravatar says:

    Any word on him accepting it yet?

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      No. In the traditional sense our attempts failed. But if you want to keep a bright outlook we can assume that this vendor will likely have this experience stored in the back of his mind, for a later date. And he will likely someday accept Bitcoin earlier than had this experience not happened.

  8. SeeseeclivyNo Gravatar says:

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