November 17th, 2011   Submitted by Seth King

I’m extremely delighted to see that this New Age documentary gives a sobering account of the current state of affairs. What’s best is that it comes to the same conclusions that so many of us already have. It’s not a perfect film, mind you, but it speaks to a sector of society that can only be reached by those of a similar ilk. Every day I am hearing accounts of people of all walks of life discovering the voluntaryist paradigm. I assure you that this film will help you to introduce the Non-Aggression Principle to your relative, colleague, friend, or neighbor that you’ve never quite been able to reach, simply because the language you use is from a different background.

Watch this film and expand your archive of potential videos to help you convert people from all walks of life. Some videos are better geared towards conservatives, some towards liberals, and some are geared best towards punks. This one specifically targets the New Age crowd. Enjoy, and please share this with the ones you know would appreciate it!

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  1. prattNo Gravatar says:

    I’m so confused. Is there a shred of scientific evidence in this video, or is it just a bunch of outrageous theories about aliens, and appeals to commonly occurring geometry in nature? I don’t know why I feel compelled to watch the second half of this. How many of these silly videos can be made before people realize it’s nonsense?

  2. michael varholyNo Gravatar says:

    Incrwedibly powerful movie. Free energy has always interested me, yet I was unaware of all the breakthroughs that have been , essentially destroyed by the controlling elite

  3. Ryan TaylorNo Gravatar says:

    Pretty color!

      • RyanNo Gravatar says:

        There wasn’t time to watch it yesterday so I watched the first minute and that was my reaction but now I feel like a childish moron and your site won’t let me delete my comment. Drat.
        I always look forward to watching docs with your recommendation.

        • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

          There is nothing in this doc that is going to woo you. It’s basically a story of one man’s journey down the rabbit hole, from a New Age perspective. Again, the appeal is mostly in the fact that this will likely attract New Agers to voluntaryism.

  4. YubianNo Gravatar says:

    I was skeptical at first, but blown away by the analysis of the problem and the call for a voluntaryist society. The voluntaryist message is spreading!

  5. bwNo Gravatar says:

    How in the world can you even suggest this illogical pile of manure to anyone? They make baseless assertions and nearly every conclusion is a logical fallacy. “The sky is blue, my elbow hurts so there is obviously a Yeti in the room” makes as much sense as the first hour of that movie. And the rampant implying without any facts to back up anything.. “guy makes free energy machine, government raids office and takes it..” implying they did so because of the machine without providing any sort of facts.

    There is no way I’d recommend this to anyone, the bullshit poisons any valid points they were trying to make and serves to reinforce illogical thinking.

    • bwNo Gravatar says:

      Oh yeah, and the guests who I suppose they are implying qualify as experts.. The movie is worth some laughs though, wife and I could hardly stop.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      Supposedly, they back up all of their claims on their website,

      I think the point they were trying to make is that whether or not there is “free energy” technology or aliens is moot, because the government is, has been, and would do anything to cover it up.

      Why add the first part, instead of expanding upon the second part? I don’t know. But you have to understand that while you might not be too hung up on aliens and such, there is a portion of the public that is.

      I suspect that in the coming years you will see people from very different backgrounds discovering voluntaryism. And while they may seem like whackjobs to us, we should still welcome them with open arms.

      Consider Christians and Muslims, Satanists and atheists. A lot of them believe in whacked out stuff, too, but if they can discover voluntaryism within their pre-conceived beliefs then I say more power to them.

  6. kandelaNo Gravatar says:

    seems removed the vid….it may be viewed on this page…interesting…good..bad or whatever is clever or not on the opinions concerning the doc. why remove it?

  7. kandelaNo Gravatar says:

    I did already and enjoyed it..for what it is worth…an effort that should be respected…at least they did a little more then just type kaka on a keyboard with “opinions”…like A-holes we all have…and stunk up da stink…lol
    funny how it is still on this page…most be a snafu…or maybe da Aliens did it….who knows!

  8. Sima QianNo Gravatar says:

    I thought the Daily Bell’s commentary on the video was enlightening and rather subtle:

    “It pretends to be an examination of the power elite but it conflates this power-elite analysis with an “alien code.” This does two things. For many people it makes the movie a kind of “crackpot” endeavor (and we note they’ve gone out of their way to include many prominent free-market thinkers in their narrative). Second, it doesn’t apparently produce any real solutions, inspiring helplessness and fear rather than inspiration or education.”

    I suspect many here, including myself, have been victims of the “helpless fear” in the past, and were able to overcome it. Right now I tend to avoid scare-tactic propaganda that doesn’t suggest immediately implementable solutions. For instance, the guys at broken sidewalk farm are worried about food security, and are doing something about it now, from helping bums set up square-foot gardens to developing self-sustained agriculture.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      I think the negative rating is overblown. It might not have been as intellectually advanced as many people would have liked. For people that are already veteran activists, this movie doesn’t have much to offer. But for people who have spent their entire lives totally clueless, I think this movie offers them a way to wake up from a trusting voice, a fellow New Ager. People like those who write for Daily Bell, or even Daily Anarchist rarely convert total newbies. The reason why is because we talk way over most people’s heads. We might as well be speaking a foreign language to most people. We are incapable of “dumbing it down.”

      Veterans shouldn’t be so snobbish when it comes to newbie material. That’s exactly what this movie is, newbie wake up material.

      • Sima QianNo Gravatar says:

        @Seth: that makes a lot of sense. I definitely agree that “newbie material” is extremely important.

        • John PalomboNo Gravatar says:

          They admit that they didn’t even watch the film before they made the review. Give me a break.

  9. Dear Seth,
    Thanks for your appreciation of and attention to our film. I hope it takes the core ethic of non-aggression and the way of voluntaryism world-wide. Our website goes much deeper than the THRIVE film had time to and it will be my main focus going forward. I am convinced it is the evolutionary imperative for a thriving civilization.
    Along that line, as a voluntaryist, I assume you believe in honoring mutual contracts, so you must understand that the free copies like yours were gotten through a breach of a signed terms of use contract. So please honor our created property by taking down your version and discouraging others from theft.
    We can model a prosperous endeavor for transformation through truth, liberty and honest exchange of value…and then people will emulate it across the world.
    Thanks very much.
    May all thrive…

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      Foster, I believe you’re a good man on the right path. Please keep up the good work. However, I’m curious if you have studied in-depth the case against intellectual property.

      There was an interview you did with a woman on the film, I believe she was Indian, who mentioned how many farmers are totally disrespecting the so-called intellectual property(patents) of Monsanto in order to grow natural and independent food in her country. This led me to believe that you too have discovered the unjust nature of intellectual property.

      You strike me as a truth seeker and so I hope you will strongly consider reading Stephan Kinsella’s Against Intellectual Property. It is only 70 or so pages long and can be read online for free in a matter of hours. I believe you will enjoy it very much and it may change your paradigm about Intellectual Property. If this is the case, which I believe it will be, you will thank me later for continuing to show your film to as many people as possible.

      All the best.

      • John PalomboNo Gravatar says:

        Seth, I really like your response. Later, though, you said “it feels [for Foster] wrong that others could so easily benefit from it without any compensation to you.”
        I suppose you may have been wanting to be empathetic, but that just harshly goes against the grain in my own heart. The only force that wants to keep track of being properly compensated for all that receive benefit from my creation is fear. This is not the way of the future. But, i’ll say what i told another friend about this: I’ve found that as Light filled as people seem/are, we all have our f@cked “upness” one way or another. So, the God is there, even if there are some obvious scratches and dents – don’t loose sight of that.
        P.S. I like the “old” saying: No one ever steals anything that doesn’t belong to them. I also like the book called “Steal this Book”, as well as the movie that is also titled thusly.

  10. kandelaNo Gravatar says:

    conyooooooo,what a scam…5 bucks is the worth of your words…he same FED notes you talk kaka about…Mr.Gamble and i do say Mister…da mask fell off…you one of them playing a role….5bucks is what you are worth and your message…i seen the thing….free…now i owe you????????
    seems like you are not that removed from your family name after all………….it is all about the trading of something for nothing…which is which i will let the people decide.
    Seth do da do….if you leave it up or take it down i got your back…but as for Gamble…he made his my mind…all are free to decide on their own.

  11. AnistaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Foster! I wish I could find actual background info on you. Are you a Gamble of P&G? Thanks in advance.


  12. Dear Seth,
    If you check closely, I do not think you will find any mention of intellectual property. I referred to a terms of use contract. Do you believe in voluntary contracts?
    Do you believe that this film is your property, to do with whatever you like?
    If I had a stack of my books in my garage, would you feel just in taking them against my will and giving them away?
    Do you get paid for anything that you create?

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:


      Thank you for asking. I pay ten cents(USD) for every unique visitor who clicks on any posts written by contributing authors. I also pay eight cents for every unique visitor to my editor.

      So, posts that I publish that are not written by me cost me eighteen cents per click, which costs me, at the moment, several hundred dollars per month. My authors and editor make money by publishing their material with me first. We all have an agreement that they will not republish their own work on their own sites. If they breach this agreement, I will no longer publish their works in the future. However, if others wish to republish any of the material published here, even in its entirety, I will never complain.

      I do not copywrong any of the material on this website, despite the fact that I pay heavily for the content. What I am essentially paying for, then, is the first in value.

      Third parties who have not voluntarily contracted with me have no moral obligation not to reprint the material. So is the new paradigm. We find ways to work within it and we take pleasure that the message spreads any way we can.

      In the book Against Intellectual Property the case is made quite well that ideas are not tangible, thus they cannot be owned. This and much more are covered in the book. I was skeptical before I read it myself, believing that intellectual property was the cornerstone of free-market capitalism. I have since changed my tune, thank God, for it has helped to delegitimize the state in my mind.

  13. Dear Anistara,
    It is not very difficult. Please go to the website, and go to the about us section. As I say in the movie, one of the founders of Procter and Gamble was my great great grandfather.
    I invite any and all due diligence on me and I think you will find the film THRIVE much more interesting and important than anything about me.

  14. AnistaraNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you. is the only place I didn’t look! I was guessing about the Gamble name to be honest and googled you. Nothing came up elsewhere except under conspiracy sites. I understand you may be on the defense and I can assure you that you will be under the microscope for some time (not by me, but I am paying attention). I’m curious about all this from a socio and psychological perspective like the Zeitgeist Movement. I don’t have a full opinion yet as I haven’t watched your film in full, it’s not in my budget. Thanks again for your reply.

  15. Tim KeeganNo Gravatar says:

    This TED talk convinced me that Intellectual Property is coercive and arbitrary. ree_culture.html

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you for sharing this! An excellent video. I’ve got a buddy who still thinks IP laws are important to allow for the advancement of science. I will show this to him for sure!

  16. Seth,
    I am assuming that as a voluntaryist you have a commitment to rigorous logic, so instead of going on more about copyrights, which I never mentioned, please answer the question I asked you. I will repeat…
    Do you believe in voluntary contracts?
    Do you believe that this film is your property, to do with whatever you like?
    If I had a stack of my books in my garage, would you feel just in taking them against my will and giving them away?
    Do you get paid for anything that you create? – I will re-phrase this one.., – How do you make the money you live on and which enables your projects?
    Our film is not just an idea, it is an artifact, a cohering and sustaining arrangement of atoms and molecules that seems to be of enough unique value to individuals that many want to buy it, some want to steal it, and most want to pass it on to their friends.
    Please be specific and direct in your response this time. I do not mean to be adversarial. I want to get to the deepest truth and moral way I can. Just as I did in researching the film for decades, this is how I learn. I hope you also are more interested in what is true and just than in looking good and seeming right about what you thought you had nailed down.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      All good questions. Here are my answers:

      Yes, I believe in voluntary contracts.

      I believe that I should be able to put whatever code I want to on my own website. Code is language, pure and simple. I was given a code by DistinctTV that, if repeated, would show the film Thrive. That is what I did.

      I would consider taking a stack of books from your garage without your permission theft.

      I currently spend about 10 times as much running this site than I receive from donations, flag sales, and paid advertising. The money I use to fund this project comes from me working as a waiter, and credit card debt, which is a large risk I am willing to take.

  17. Thanks for your directness and candor this time, Seth.
    If you acknowledge that it was through a breach of contract that you were able to get my movie to enhance your site, it seems like an extreme fudge to claim it is now yours. It is as if you got someone else to steal my books and so now you can somehow claim them as yours. Shrewd, but you still have to sleep with your own ethics.
    I admire your commitment to spreading the word on liberty, but I am confident you will be able to improve on this sort of irrational and unethical thinking and an unsustainable financial plan.
    Meanwhile, please take our movie off your site. It undermines your reputation and is an embarrassment for much of your audience and for your web service, if not for yourself.
    Thanks for listening,

  18. A reminder…from your own mission page –
    “It is the position of the Daily Anarchist …that the only legitimate interactions between and among people are those freely assented to by all parties concerned.”

    I did not assent to your posting our video.

    • Tim KeeganNo Gravatar says:

      It is only a copy. Copying is not theft.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      What you’re missing is the fact that the video is not yours. You created it, yes, but the video is nothing more than the expression of information. It is an intangible and is unowned.

      Your permission to republish this information is not morally required. The party responsible is the one who breached their contract with you.

      I understand your frustration on this. You put an immense amount of time and money into creating this wonderful piece of work and it feels wrong that others could so easily benefit from it without any compensation to you. But all is not lost. Your movie clearly directs people towards your website, It seems to me that if you encouraged this film to go viral that you would see huge traffic spikes in the visitation to your website. From there all things are possible.

      I strongly urge you to read Against Intellectual Property. It is written in the Austrian tradition of Ludwig von Mises.

  19. AnistaraNo Gravatar says:

    You know. I actually have had to think about this video, well, the parts I’ve seen and ponder my reaction. While a lot of it seems like yesterdays news and pseudoscience, the simple ethical agreement here I support. Foster has asked that it been removed. I’m not clear why you would keep it on here except he argument for being against intellectual property. Don’t both parties involved need to be in agreement?

  20. kandelaNo Gravatar says:

    what you do not see is that it is not the intention for Mister Gamble to profit from this “thing” it is not the matter…he has another one…it matters not if you or I have Faith…or as i say Confidence in the message…only that the undercover plan is in effect…once more i ask Mister Gamble…if i see the Doc and not pay you…do I who Am I …OWE you?

    as my mother use to tell me in spanish..”yo te conejo”!!!!!!!!

  21. Denny JacksonNo Gravatar says:

    While I am mostly in agreement with the skeptics about the scientific validity of the film’s hypotheses in the first part, I stuck with it, watched all the way through and was favorably impressed with the sound Austrian economics, explanation of money and banking, general social analysis, and conclusions solidly in the direction of a peaceful voluntaryist system of social organization. Yes, there is much shaky speculation there, but overall I think it’s a good vehicle with which to reach especially the more New Age-oriented with the message of free market non-aggression. The film does pack a lot into a relatively short space.

    I too had read the Daily Bell’s commentary and they may be right about a deeper and less straightforward motive, although the Gambles certainly sound sincere about their agenda. I think it borders on pointless to argue that the new energy stuff makes the film appear to be the work of crackpots, most people think that anyone promoting the non-aggression principle are crackpots anyway. Besides, it is now quite apparent that much discovered recently in the field of physics and cosmology would have seemed completely crazy to most anyone a century ago. Pretty much anyone making a revolutionary discovery sounds like a nut until their invention or theory is demonstrated. I believe there is much more to learn about the universe than we already know, and that we are indeed on the verge of truly fantastic discoveries in energy production. Think positive!

    Too bad there’s such a controversy about the distribution rights. It would be nice if Gamble would take Seth’s advice about using the wider distribution of a freely shared video to increase his revenue, if that’s what he’s interested in (although I wonder just how much in need of income a Gamble heir would be).

  22. MichaelNo Gravatar says:

    I actually like the movie. I thought it was well done. However, after reading the comment by Mr. Gamble on this blog I am a bit confused. He says that the movie is his property and he is deriding you for putting embed link to it on your blog. Somehow he is equating this with theft of his intellectual property. My question is, did Mr. Gamble get permission to put all of the clips in the movie from their original creators. I noticed many clips that I have seen in other documentaries. I am sure that Mr. Gamble, if he didn’t pay for the clips in question would claim that they are covered by “fair use” a concept that many Copywrite holders would like to see made criminal. I am not questioning Mr. Gamble’s right to make a profit from the film, however on his web site he makes it out like he doesn’t care about profits and just wants the message of the movie to get out. For instance on the thrive movement website there is a section on hosting a screening. If you want to host the screening and you are not charging admission then Mr. Gamble says that there is no licencing fee. Only if you plan on charging admission is a modest licencing fee charged. Well how exactly is that different from linking to it online? You are not charging a fee for people to click on the link. So isn’t that the equivalent of a ‘virtual screening’?
    All that being said, I DO want to reiterate the fact that this is a well made movie. Those that think talk of aliens, conspiracies and free energy make this movie a ‘Crackpot’ film will not be convinced otherwise after watching it. I would remind those people that the vast majority of the American public DO believe in aliens, ghosts and the paranormal so if you want to persuade Americans to embrace voluntarism then you may want to just swallow your bile and suggest the movie.

  23. Tim KeeganNo Gravatar says:

    Check out the comments about the movie at the Daily Paul. Apparently you can watch the entire movie on youtube. Can someone explain this to me? Can Foster Gamble get the movie removed from youtube? Anyone can copy the link and upload it again if it is removed, right? Can youtube monitor every upload? Anyway here is the link to the thread at the Daily Paul. lains-our-freedom-message-to-the-liberal-new-age-crowd

  24. This is just a new-age woo-woo repackaging of Kepler’s attempt to harmonize astronomy with the Platonic Solids (Sacred Geometry). They’ve simply just decided that Kepler had the wrong shapes. Nonsense.

    Reason and evidence is how we become free. Bad science is not how we lead people to use reason and evidence.

  25. Ryan TaylorNo Gravatar says:

    Producers of original content which appears on Youtube from unauthorized sources can ask Youtube to remove the content and Youtube will quickly comply.

  26. Rigtheous WrathNo Gravatar says:

    Just to add some credibility to the claim of free energy:

    Tom Valone is a former patent examiner who was fired years ago from the patent office and recently won a lawsuit against the US Patent Office. Tom was awarded reinstatement and six years of back pay. Dr Thomas Valone estimated that patent applications for FREE ENERGY related technology have been “secretized” over 3,000 times over the years.

    In a 2001 email to Gary Vesperman, Valone wrote in part: Quote-“As a former Patent Examiner, I can tell you that the number of “securitized” patents in the vault at the Patent Office (Park 5 Bldg.) is closer to 4000 or more.

    • LukeNo Gravatar says:

      Easy solution… bite the bullet and not apply for a patent. Manufacture them underground… advances like these will never be allowed by our current government, unless BP or Exxon owns the right.

  27. LukeNo Gravatar says:

    I actually watched this about the same time you published the article (just found the site today). I’m a doc buff and rarely “force” anyone to watch one, but this one I made my wife sit down and watch with me.

    Yeah, the new age-y aspect is hard to swallow, but there is logic surrounding what he is saying… a general force of nature. We can see the Torus is action throughout parts of science, so it is an interesting concept. The alien stuff didn’t bother me because… well.. one can not prove or disprove the existence so I can entertain the possibility. To think we are the only intelligent life (so to speak) in the universe is a pretty weak opinion, it just hasn’t been proven.

    The last half was pretty spot-on. It actually pieced together the pieces of the puzzle I had already heard about and proposed interesting theories on what is going on.

    The solution at the end was priceless. I was expecting some tree-hugging, kumbya moment socialist utopia … but as he got to the end I was pretty impressed with his call that we would evolve away from a need for government and installing a voluntary system.

    I was rightly impressed. It is currently sitting at my #1 position for a documentary.

  28. I am a strong believer in finding and implementing technical solutions to various large problems such as new sources of energy, agriculture, education, and waste treatment.

    Hopefully my website points out a few practical solutions.

  29. Hollywood TomfortasNo Gravatar says:

    Please visit the Thrive Debunked blog.

  30. Seth – I caution you in the extreme about this man’s participation on your website. Following is the message I finally had to send to him personally and post on various sites just yesterday.
    I welcome constructive exchange, but this man is dangerous.

    For Tom Mellett, alias hollywoodtomfortas, alias tombuoyed

    I had to leave a Yahoo group because of the vicious, uninformed ways you were attacking me. You have twice apologized and then started in again almost immediately.

    Now you have been emailing me personally, and you got my home phone and called me, admitting that you are battling with trying to get off psychotropic medication and that you have been in depression and dealing with both homicidal and suicidal thoughts, even referring to the “Bin Laden” side of your personality. You have hounded me publicly and privately with venomous attacks on me and on THRIVE.

    My wife and I are accustomed to a wide range of people and their opinions. However, we consider you to be dangerous and have notified authorities of the threat we believe you pose.

    You are hereby warned that if you come to an event where we are or call or write to us we will seek intervention to protect ourselves from your sad and serious condition.

    I know from our personal conversations that you are admittedly uninformed: you have not read David Icke thought you constantly attack him, nor have you done your homework on Free Energy, conspiracy, extraterrestrial phenomena, or economics. You have acknowledged you have no interest in solutions, but want to take others down with you. You are obviously personally motivated and have stepped beyond the line of public dissent to personal violation and threat.

    This is my public request that you cease and desist all Emails, phone calls, visits or any other attempts to attach yourself to me or to my work.


    • LukeNo Gravatar says:


      And thus is the nature of the beast when one challenges the sheep and the misinformed paradigms they follow…. bottom feeders like Tom rise to the surface.

      I appreciate the work you are doing and the research you have done on the topics covered. Not to rehash old topics, but my only hope is that one day Thrive will be released freely to the people without DMCA enforcement and allow us who are vocal the ability to put this into every person’s hand freely. Its a hard sell to get people to buy something when they can get disinformation free from Fox and CNN.

      Either way, I applaud what you and your wife are doing and the sacrifices you have made to bring this forward.

      In Liberty,

  31. Mike11No Gravatar says:

    I followed this whole Thrive copyright thing around the internet with some interest. I love the film, although I don’t agree with absolutely everything. But I was surprised when Foster Gamble started to complain about things being posted. And I’m not a fan of abandoning intellectual copyright per se – take a recorded album of music for example, just because you copy it doesn’t mean it’s not stealing if it robs me of a rightful purchase of the original – it IS counterfeiting. It’s absolutely dishonest to take that, copy it and then say “it’s ok because you couldn’t stop me” and just to me feels very lazy and selfish of those who have no idea what goes into such things – films, albums – and frankly art would be a lot better if despite the availability of pirated artwork individuals everywhere chose not to participate in that theft. Should it be punishable by jail time or fines from the government – absolutely not, it shouldn’t ever have to come to that. But that’s the reflection of the society we live in and it will get the bad art, and rubbish music that it deserves. I don’t believe that government is the solution, since it is the source of all problems. But I don’t see why Foster didn’t do what Alex Jones does which seems to me to be the most intelligent model – you put the film out for free, encourage copying – it only brings more people over to what you’re doing, and people *will* still buy the DVD to support you out of the goodness of their heart, free will, or because they want a copy to give to friends and family, or a good quality copy for themselves. That part was poorly conceived on this part in my humble opinion. I mean you have to make exceptions and topically this is one good exceptional area (aka global genocide etc). So I was disappointed in what Foster did in this regard. But as for intellectual copyright, how to enforce it is the real problem – it’s like the drug laws. It’s just not practical, even though, as an recording artist (not a live artist) I believe in intellectual property. Perhaps in the same way that you buy food and contractually expect the supplier to not have poisoned it and should have countenance if they have done so and you can prove it, there should or could be an agreement between a music or film maker and each individual audience member who chooses to participate in that artwork that they will not counterfeit it. Yes it’s sad it has to come to that, but it’s the individuals who are counterfeiting and participating in it who are making that necessary, not the artists. Otherwise everything is just an abstraction (it is, but not in our minds and experiences so it’s dishonest to say it is one moment and not another), which means either everything is an abstraction or it’s not. But here’s the thing, we could argue about this all day and I can guarantee as I’m sure all of you could that we will never all of us agree (us and everyone else) – which is why I always take a further step back and realise the broader picture: if we didn’t have these new world order cronies reptiles or whatever they are robbing us and withholding technology then the world would be so damn prosperous by now that nobody would really *care* if they got their royalties, it wouldn’t make much difference. Prosperity means it would work out, we would work it out. It’s this scarcity that has us clawing at each others faces trying to either get our royalties, or in the case of people downloading counterfeited art, listen to some damn music without getting ripped off, or without having to pay even if it’s well worth it, because damn, it’s hard enough out there as it is. In the mean time the only solution I can see is a practical one right and wrong not being practical in this case – and that is a) assert your rights b) use technology to enforce them how ever you can non violently, state your case, assert your rights vocally, but you can’t throw people in prison while the debate is out, and, if people persist in failed ethics remember we wouldn’t be up against the wall like this if we weren’t put into this position by the mafia elites. We currently live in a system of artificial scarcity and so it’s necessary to adapt to it to some degree without being conned by it and indulging in the illusion that it’s necessary or real for things to be this way. We’re on the verge of a breakthrough though. Give it a decade or two. In the mean time, support artists of all kinds! If you listen to some music, a song, an album, or view a piece of art, or a movie, or a short film or anything that touches your soul and has spiritual value in your personal judgement please give what you feel it was worth to you. I have 100 albums in my collection I wish I hadn’t given a dime for because I don’t like or listen to them. I have maybe 10 that I would have paid $100 for each, because they changed my life and I still enjoy them decades later. But it’s up to each of us to honor artists for their generosity of spirit including people like Foster, although it’s a documentary it’s a work of informative art and should be rewarded as should his cause which is noble. Let YOUR heart decide your own ethics what does it tell you. Logic has one failing, and that is that it is not infallible. Absent all criteria for discernment of reality it cannot do so. But the heart knows a wider, broader and far more intelligent view of existence and can put you right where logic, which may say that stealing or counterfeiting is logically acceptable, is wrong. Listen to your heart.