Cure For Cancer?

August 27th, 2011   Submitted by Seth King

I’m going to give a disclaimer right now that I am not a biochemist and cannot validate any of the medical claims made in this movie. That being said, I believe this is a must watch for anybody that still buys into the legitimacy of the Food and Drug Administration and patent protection or so-called intellectual property.

Years ago I lost my faith in the mainstream medical establishment after having been successfully treated for different ailments using alternative means. Only later would I learn how institutionalized the state has become with the medical industry. It no longer surprises me how expensive and detrimental modern medicine is for our health. Medicine in America has become one with the state.

This film illustrates how one man, Dr. Burzynski, has been burdened by the regulatory nightmare of the state, likely costing millions of people their lives. What is for sure is that it has stymied independent research and redirected the vast resources of an entire nation towards the politically well-connected.

What should be taken from this documentary is two-fold. First, if you or someone close to you is suffering from a chronic illness, it would behoove you to thoroughly investigate alternative treatments. I can confidently say from experience that they likely not only exist, but that your mainstream physician is clueless about them. Second, the state cannot protect your life if it prevents you from healing yourself.

This is what patent legislation is all about: restricting the reproduction of scientific discoveries to the politically well-connected, thus resulting in stifled innovation and higher costs.

Unfortunately for Dr. Burzynski he is far less politically savvy than he is scientifically. His in-the-system activism has cost countless resources and man hours cutting through bureaucratic red tape instead of directing those energies towards treating patients and conducting research. While watching this documentary I want you to consider the possibility of his drugs being manufactured, sold, and administered in the black market. Surely, if millions of individuals across the globe can maintain an “illicit” drug-trade for recreational purposes, so too can they for medical purposes. If you are a doctor reading this article I implore you to practice medicine without permission. For many people, your doing so may be their only hope.

Enjoy this documentary and consider sharing it with others.

9 Responses to “Cure For Cancer?”

  1. KathyNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for posting this, son. Having this video go viral may be the absolute best thing that can happen.

  2. Passer-byNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting post and link. Thank you. However, I think this is less a question of faith, than economics; but, truth be told, I lost my “faith” in mainstream medicine many years ago as well.

    The FDA is just another tool in the politically connected’s arsenal to protect themselves from free competition. Why serve the customer when you can steal from them, and have them pay the robbers to steal from them. For their own good, of course.

    My real epiphany, however, came when I began to carefully think about the incentives within the system. The people who have the government in their pocket have a clear incentive to not only stifle competition, but to deny people real cures and keep them perpetually sick and dependent on their pills. Think about this a little more carefully and perhaps you will be a little more open minded the next time someone tells you they have a cure for cancer. (BTW, we do, and we have for decades now — but they don’t want you to know that!)

  3. LukeNo Gravatar says:

    Burzynski is a quack through and through. There are legitimate criticisms to be made of the modern medical industry, yes, but the legal headaches this bastard has to face are only a fraction of the pain he deserves.

    Science is not an economic system, nor is it a political one. Scientific consensus isn’t in any way democratic, because nature itself is not a democracy. Things don’t work a certain way just because you want them to. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to occur to people.

    Burzynski’s treatments have never been shown to have any effect whatsoever. He invented some fancy, vaguely scientific-sounding words, so that he could sell a bullshit treatment for a small fortune to people who, out of sheer desperation, are willing to try anything. This is not a matter of a person taking charge of their own health. This is a matter of a criminal exploiting the weak and uninformed, all the while playing victim to garner support for his scam. Bear in mind that people are not doctors, and often do not appreciate the sheer complexity of the field; most are not even equipped with the critical thinking skills needed to guard against medical quackery of this sort.

    A “documentary” that dishonestly tries to promote a sleazebag like this is *not* the platform to stand on against an industry that is, for all of its flaws and shortcomings, based at largely on legitimate science (if often narrowly and myopically conducted). If you want to fight Big Pharma, you first need to accept that they’re big because what they sell generally works. You need to fight the root of their size and power.

    If you’d like a starting point, look at cholchicine. It’s been manufactured for decades, and used to be very cheap and abundant — a dime per tablet *without* insurance (and practically free with even the cheapest insurance). In exchange for a shoddy, poorly-conducted study published in a second-rate medical journal, the FDA granted URL Pharma a monopoly on this drug, and prices rocketed up to $5 a tablet — a 5000% cost increase. Along with that came a heap of headaches from insurance companies reluctant to pony up for the vastly increased cost.

    Now, consider all the people out there with gout or pericarditis that depend on this drug just to function in their everyday lives. Consider what suffering they had to face because of this.

    THAT, friends, is what you need to get angry about. Not some vampiric quack crying about being oppressed. Burzynski can go fuck himself; he’s doing the world more harm than all the exploitative bullshit foisted upon us by the medical industry. What we need to fight is the sort of perverted shadow of capitalism invented by corporations and their hired politicians.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      You know, a lot of people say the same thing about marijuana and a plethora of other medicines and treatments. How about you butt the fuck out and let individuals decide for themselves what kind of treatments they can get.

      The federal government doesn’t have the moral authority to give candy to babies let alone prosecute doctors.

      • LukeNo Gravatar says:

        I do suggest you read my whole comment. There’s a lot you clearly skipped which would clarify my position on government regulation. See, I’m against it for the damage it can do to legitimate treatments (look above at my note about colchicine).

        That being said, you need to understand something very clearly. Burzynski is not being prosecuted. He’s crying persecution, but all he’s dealing with is regulatory red tape. The documentary is a lie.

        Look, if you want to fork your money over to some guy that won’t do anything for you at all, that’s your right and I’m all for it. It’s abjectly stupid, but it’s your right. But, at the very least, kindly avoid helping him scam other people.

        The difference between Burzynski and cannabis is that cannabis has a plethora of medical research that supports its efficacy and Burzynski does not, despite decades of hawking his bullshit.

        • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

          You’ve yet to offer any evidence that Burzynski is a scam artist. All you’ve done is spew vitriol.

          • LukeNo Gravatar says:

            I’ve stated that there is no evidence that his treatments have any effect. The burden of proof is on the one making a positive claim — you believe Burzynski’s treatments are effective, and yet you didn’t do your due research.

            It’s really not a difficult thing to crack open a medical journal and have a look. I challenge you to find even one study supporting his treatment. You find even one solid, well-conducted, and recent study in a respected medical journal that supports Burzynski, and I will gladly rescind my statements and personally send a letter to Burzynski apologizing for being an asshole towards him.

            Honestly, though, I question how much of an anarchist or a capitalist you are. You don’t seem to understand profit motive very well, and you’re so credulous and warm towards fluffy words that you might as well be a Democrat or a Republican.

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