Daily Anarchist Update

February 21st, 2011   Submitted by Seth King

Daily Anarchist has gone through some behind-the-scenes changes in the last few days I would like to share with everybody. Keep in mind that all of this has been done by a total technophobe noob and that you too can take control of your online existence.

It all started one year ago when I dreamed up Daily Anarchist as a website but had no idea how to build one. Fortunately, my wife knew enough about the little things to explain to me that websites no longer have to be built from scratch. She recommended WordPress to me as a Content Management System that would fit my needs. I couldn’t conceptualize what exactly WordPress was at the time but I went along with it. I also had no clue what a webhost was or why I needed to pay some company to display my website. But again, I went along with it.

Over the course of the year I have been slowly learning HTML, PHP, and a bunch of other technical acronyms that at one time had me totally confused and frustrated. For the most part, however, I felt like a passenger being taken for a ride. Following directions online I rarely understood what I was doing, merely that it needed to be done.

It wasn’t until I learned of the Linux operating system as a secure and ethical alternative to Windows that I first began to take control of the digital wheel. Since then, my understanding of how things work instead of just why things work has increased dramatically.

Having fallen in love with the knowledge the Linux world offers, as well as its power, I became motivated to host my own websites. To do this I would need to build my own server, a feet incomprehensible to me a few months ago. My wife, again, introduced me to a company called Linode. They offer what is known as a Virtual Private Server. This essentially means that they provide the hardware and bandwidth and I build the server with the software I desire.

I would like to ultimately have control of my own hardware, but for the time being I neither have the money nor the high-speed internet access to host my own websites. Linode not only offers VPS service but also excellent tutorials and chat rooms to help noobs like myself learn how to build a server. Needless to say, I have been very happy with my Linode service and from what I can tell other customers swear by Linode as well, compared to other VPS enterprises.

It took me one solid month to build a server from scratch on Linode. I will admit that the learning process has been quite a time suck, but I have a strong motivating factor behind me. The truth is, while I may still be young at twenty-nine, I am ancient compared to the whiz kids nowadays. And the competitive side of me tells me that I’ll be damned if I’m going to let those snot-nosed little brats wipe the floor with me in the digital age. I look at my parents’ generation who is barely internet literate and how clueless they really are to the rapidly changing world around them. They’re still getting their information from the nightly news and talk radio. That’s baby-boomer shit. Every generation since the beginning of the industrial revolution has seen rapid technological expansion. Those who fail to keep up get left in the dust. Our generation will be no different.

The new paradigm is emerging. The brick-and-mortar business is being replaced by online business. The entry costs to entrepreneurship are decreasing. Instead of coughing up expensive rent for a storefront that maybe gets a few dozen customers per day, founders can build a website for next to nothing and get thousands of customers daily. Despite all that is wrong with the world there is hope for the future.

To finish this small success story I have fully migrated The Daily Anarchist to Linode over the weekend. It allows for both receiving and sending authenticated email, something my former webhost did not offer. I’ve also replaced two proprietary software analytics scripts, Google and Statcounter, with an open-source program that I host, called Piwik. This should afford visitors more privacy. And there are some other behind-the-scenes tweaks I’ve done to hopefully make the website more secure for everybody.

I still have a lot of learning to do. In fact, it is a never ending process. But the more I learn the more I feel confident in what I am doing for my financial future. I hope you too will take the time to advance your computer skills if you haven’t already.

On a side note, please notify me if you notice any glitches or a slower page load time since our server switch. Thank you.

One Response to “Daily Anarchist Update”

  1. CitiZenPeteNo Gravatar says:

    Good job. Obviously time well spent, and admit it: You had fun (yes you did, don’t lie).

    For a while now, I have been trying to find a cheap laptop to tun Ubuntu on. Linux / Unix has way too many security advantages over Windows to ignore.