The State Is A Paper Tiger

February 14th, 2011   Submitted by Seth King

If the Egyptian protests can teach us anything it is that even the most tyrannical governments rely heavily on a veneer of overwhelming popular consent. When just a small minority of individuals withdraw their financial and moral support, the jig is up. This is because the state neither has the legitimacy, nor the resources, to capture and cage large swaths of the general public. Instead, it relies upon two major tactics to maintain hegemony: instill fear and attack weakness. Today, I will address how to combat both of these issues.


It is widely understood in the realm of warfare to appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak. And let there be no misunderstanding about it, the state is at war with us. But the truth is that the state is weak, and the weaker it gets, the stronger it acts. It does this solely to create an environment of fear, because when an individual is afraid, he or she self-regulates their behavior to walk in lockstep with the state.

It is essential for the state to convince us to obey. When we do not, others become less afraid to disobey. Two perfect examples of legislation that have been effectively nullified by individuals are bans on downloading music and playing online poker. The state simply cannot prosecute millions of more people. It knows this and we know this. The result is that the state turns a blind eye to these activities. If the state were to attempt to enforce its prohibition it would fail miserably and lose its ability to instill fear in the populace. Instead, the state wisely attacks our weak spots.

Take, for example, the state’s prohibition on certain drugs. Clearly, it has no power to halt the cultivation, distribution, or consumption of any of the drugs it outlaws. It is estimated that roughly eighteen million individuals living within the geographical location commonly referred to as the United States smoke marijuana every year. Yet, why does the state continue to wage its war on marijuana producers, traders, and consumers? The answer is because the vast majority of those people have unwittingly castrated themselves. They have internalized the state’s fear mongering to the point where they hide what should otherwise be open behavior.

“Courage is contagious.” – Wikileaks slogan

If even a select few publicly disobeyed all marijuana prohibitions, the rest would follow suit, and the war on drugs would end once and for all. The same can be said for all voluntary activities. Yes, the state will lash out initially, much like it did when it went after Napster and intimidated Paradise Poker. But since that time we have seen tremendous growth in the accessibility to free music and gaming.

The state, therefore, is defeated each time an individual has the courage to confront their fears and disobey. The United States federal government, like all governments, is on its last leg. It is bankrupt, both financially as well as morally, and is attempting to fight on all fronts. It is also losing every war that it wages. The state is extremely vulnerable and hanging on to the productive class for its life. If you want to attack its weak spot, you merely have to let it go.

11 Responses to “The State Is A Paper Tiger”

  1. Bill GreenNo Gravatar says:

    “The fundamental political question is why do people obey a government. The answer is that they tend to enslave themselves, to let themselves be governed by tyrants. Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve. Tyrants fall when the people withdraw their support.”
    -Etienne de la Boetie

    But what is the role of the military in all of this? They can certainly squash a minority, and may even destroy a majority if they were unified in that purpose. Isn’t this what we are seeing in Egypt? Haven’t we seen it again and again? Can the people ever really overcome the state while a modern military is present? Or does the military just change hands?

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      I think the Egyptian protests show us that the people do have some power when they flex their muscles. However, they were still waving the statist flags of Egypt, so they clearly have a ways to go before they get to anarcho-capitalism. But if they keep learning about freedom on the internet, I believe they’ll figure it out eventually.

    • Ken PuttNo Gravatar says:

      The USSA Military is made up of our sons and daughters and serve us not our enemy.

  2. Doing what you said, PLUS also realizing that “government” is merely a fiction, is powerful.

    Doing what you said MINUS realizing that “government” is a fiction, is ineffectual.

    In reality, “KNOW THINE ENEMY” equates to “KNOW THYSELF”

  3. Mary L.No Gravatar says:

    Only absolute retards and parasites think government is a good thing. The evolved individual sees the terrorists in DC as Terrorists and not as – What the stupid people call tem – Leaders.

    The Democracy Parasites do not have my permission to take my earnings. I will defend myself and property with my life if I have to. The parasitic scum-of-the-Earth will never own me.

  4. ToddNo Gravatar says:

    The public schools and TV broadcasts have turned Americans into retarded psychopaths who naturally support criminal gangs called Government. Democracy ALWAYS fails because these voting parasites ALWAYS have the majority. The State is not a Paper Tiger but a HUGE army of ifantile parasitic psychopaths called voters and their murdering political terrorists. Look what is in the White House…A filthy psychopath that thinks it owns us all.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      I share many of your statements. But I believe that the day the state disappears we will be left thinking to ourselves “man, that was easier than I expected it would be. And to think, this whole time all we had to do was ignore the state.”

  5. Neo-Tech God-ManNo Gravatar says:

    The people of Egypt will again play “follow the leader” because they are too stupid to do anything else. The riots over there are meaningless…they are not wanting freedom like you all think…they want a different slavemaster.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      Just because the 18 days of protest didn’t result in anarcho-capitalism for the whole of Egypt doesn’t mean it wasn’t a step in the right direction.

      They’ve got the internet back. It’s only a matter of time…

      • boniekNo Gravatar says:

        I agree with Neo-Tech God-Man. It’s naive to think ancap will emerge out of this. It took me a year to come to the conclusion of ancaps. I was highly reluctant to the idea at first. I doubt it was easy road for most of us.

  6. Don DuncanNo Gravatar says:

    When will the “Arab Spring” result in real change? Will it be crushed? Maybe. That’s up to them, and no one can predict if they will ever be free. But consider China in 1980. Who would have predicted a grass roots revolution starting in the farming communes?