Free Keene Releases New Advertisement

January 19th, 2011   Submitted by Seth King

I can’t wait until Grafton, Manchester, Concord and Nashua start giving Free Keene some real competition for liberty media. Free Grafton is coming along slowly, but surely. I look forward to the day when they too have a vibrant forum and professional youtube commercials.

Apparently Meg of Liberty Flair is responsible for the quality of this ad. She’s also done excellent fifteen, thirty, and sixty second advertisements for Free Keene. Perhaps some day I will have her create a commercial for Daily Anarchist that I can have air during Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano. When I dream, I dream big. Ha! Enjoy this short video and stay tuned, because in the very near future I’ve got some exciting news to share that should really help put anarcho-capitalism on the map.