Dave Ridley Interviews Early FSP Mover

December 26th, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

I know it may seem like I post a lot of articles concerning the Free State Project and New Hampshire goings on in general. But for all of the time I spend scouring the internet for anarchist activism, or even more generally liberty activism, Shire Porcupines account for the largest amount of chatter worthy content hands down. I encourage those of you who either will not or cannot move to New Hampshire to at least pay close attention to what is going on there. You can learn a lot about how to replicate their successes in your small corner of the globe. In fact, if it weren’t for the courage shown by other Porcupines in New Hampshire, I may never have taken the initiative to engage in my own civil disobedience here in California.

My goal is still to move to New Hampshire as soon as humanly possible, and I intend to document it every step of the way. Some of my favorite things to publish on Daily Anarchist are testimonials of others on how they converted to full blown anarchism or the story of their move to New Hampshire. If you have your own story I hope you will consider sharing it with us. Simply create a new post in your profile’s dashboard and submit it to the editor for review.

On a side note, Dave Ridley has published some excellent video blogs from the 17th to the 25th of December 2010. Check them out after you enjoy this short interview.

4 Responses to “Dave Ridley Interviews Early FSP Mover”

  1. AndrewNo Gravatar says:

    Seth, thank you for your blog, which I just found.

    My wife and I recently retired, want to move away despite long-held ties to kith and kin, but have yet to decide where.

    As you began considering your move, did you also investigate the Wyoming Free State Project? Have you perused their website? If so, do you mind sharing any other reasons why you favored New Hampshire – besides their chatter worth content which, I agree, is a critical criterion? Perhaps you have covered this in precious posts.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Great question! I have looked into the FSP Wyoming and decided against it. I could be wrong, so please correct me, but my finding are that:

      A. There aren’t anywhere near the numbers of people that have moved to Wyoming compared to New Hampshire.

      B. Most of the Wyoming participants are people who are older and prefer to hunker down, waiting for the STHTF.

      C. Are minarchists and not anarchists, thus working completely within the system and no civil disobedience.

      D. Have absolutely no media compared to that of New Hampshire.

      If you’re looking for a part of the world that is best suited for the SHTF then perhaps Wyoming is marginally better than New Hampshire. But if you want to be surrounded by a large, and growing, population of anarchists looking to have fun while challenging the state, I think New Hampshire is your best bet. And furthermore, there are all types of people moving to New Hampshire, young and old, rich and poor. You’ll be very much welcomed when you arrive.

  2. AndrewNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, Seth.

    It seems that many of the Wyoming folks came to libertarianism from the right, and obviously support the strategic legitimacy, if not the tactical wisdom, of the wars abroad. Generally they do not seem as adamantly opposed to statism as I have become.

    That said, I have learned much from Boston T. Party’s (Kenneth Royce) writings about the importance of keeping and bearing arms. I will also add that two or three their more articulate and thoughtful spokespersons on the blogs – Mama Liberty (Susan Calloway) comes to mind – are most clearly and staunchly anarchist.

    What I would like to find in NH that I doubt would be available in WY to the same extent are the amenities of a small college town where one could access a little of the fine arts, farmers markets, health and natural food stores, good seafood, and the occasional vegetarian restaurant.

    Hard winters, of course, will be inevitable in either place.


  3. MamaLibertyNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you, Andrew, for your kind words. 🙂 I happen to be one of the more vocal FSW Wyomingites, but certainly not the only one who has declared for individual sovereignty. We usually don’t use the word “anarchist” anymore because it takes too much time and effort to constantly explain. The word has been hijacked for a long time and has too many different meanings to be very helpful.

    FSW is not any kind of political action organization – and indeed is not an organization at all in most aspects. Those who still think they can “work within the system” are perfectly free to do so (outside FSW and not using the name), but more and more of us have decided to simply BE free, here and now, to the greatest extent possible. What happens in the world at large, happens. We can neither stop it nor mend it. We prepare to deal with the current and coming disasters the best we can.

    FSW members include people from all ages, all walks of life, all stages of political persuasion and background. They embrace the FSW code of non-aggression, being good neighbors and working together for mutual aid and defense… many of these folks move here and stay. Some, for a variety of reasons, decide that Wyoming isn’t where they want to be… and they go in peace.

    Visit our forum and talk to us. We’d love to meet you.