Baby Steps To Survivalism

December 8th, 2010   Submitted by Seth King

I’m going to start an ongoing series here at Daily Anarchist I’d like to call “baby steps to survivalism.” I’ve been a little bit hesitant to do so because the online world is already littered with countless survivalist websites. But we’re going to go through with it anyways because there are so many issues I take with many of the popular preparedness blogs.

If you’ll allow me, I’d like to point out why I think our series will be different than the rest. For starters, there are no overtly anarchist survivalist websites that I know of. The majority of them either do not discuss issues outside of survivalism or they clearly have a conservative bent. The main problem I see with this is that conservative, religious, apolitical, and overly conspiracy theory crowds lack a coherent philosophy or Weltanschauung, and because of this their vision is clouded and judgment impaired.

Let me give you an example of why this is the case. Many in the survivalist movement take serious issue with “illegal immigrants,” marijuana users and even electronic pirates to name just a few. Because of this, these survivalist groups have an alternate set of enemies than the anarcho-capitalists. And as a result of them having an alternate set of enemies than us, they are preparing for a type of war which requires both a different style of survivalism as well as long-range goals.

Oftentimes American survivalism is wrapped in emotionalism, patriotism, romanticism and spiritualism that is much less pronounced and usually devoid in anarchist circles. I know not all voluntaryists subscribe to my point of view, but I am a firm believer that the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. If and/or when the shit hits the fan the anarcho-capitalist is likely to be grossly outnumbered by their minarchist and fascist counterparts. If this is the case I fully intend on taking a non-interventionist approach to any sort of civil war in this country and my immediate location. I simply cannot see any reason why the free-market anarchists should be on the front lines of the violence being waged between the varying factions of statists.

If we anarchists are wise we will not waste our energies attempting to prevent evil from combating evil. And having once been a minarchist well steeped in survivalist mentality, I can assure you many notables in the American Patriot movement are preparing for war more so than survival. It should also go without saying that as the overt socialists ratchet up their combativeness towards the state, that anarchists would be served best by not coming to the rescue if the state gets hyper-violent in retaliation. Simply put, let them duke it out. As an anarchist-survivalist my approach is to outlast the coming shitstorm using as non-violent means as possible with the intent of ushering in a new age of voluntary human interaction afterwards. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Another reason I wish to discuss the issue of survivalism in part on Daily Anarchist is that I will not overwhelm my audience. Guest bloggers on libertarian sites tend to completely inundate the readers with more information than can properly be absorbed. We’re often presented with fifty things we need to do, buy, and learn right now to avoid total calamity. Or if an individual interested in survivalism visits a blog dedicated to survival, they are either turned off immediately by the prospect of having to invest one hundred thousand dollars and every waking moment to prepping, and therefore never get started, or they radically change their lives and become a full blown “prepper,” thus missing the forest through the trees.

Survivalism, or disaster preparedness, should not radically alter your lifestyle for a perceived upcoming event. Instead, it should be incorporated into your routine with the intent to increase your quality of life regardless of current events or potential threats. My goal is to help share with my audience the steps I have taken over the years to both increase my quality of life as well as simultaneously add a level of security that naturally accompanies the ability to persevere through crises.

This is not to say I am a master-survivalist; I am far from it. It is for this reason that I encourage readers to share their own experiences and knowledge with the rest of us, either by use of the comment section after my posts, or by also contributing guest articles on baby steps to survivalism.

2 Responses to “Baby Steps To Survivalism”

  1. JustSayNoToStatismNo Gravatar says:

    I look forward to learning about the manageable steps I can take.

  2. HelioNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent blog topic!

    Suvivialism isn’t about having the most crap stashed when the SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan). It is about gaining the knowledge now that will be in short supply later.

    Knowledge like which wild plants are eddible and which will kill you dead, how to start a fire without a match or firestarter, how to snare small game and field dress it. How to stop bleeding and mend wounds.

    It is also about having valuable trade skills. Knowledge of electricity, or metallurgy and backyard smithing techniques, or canning and food preservation.

    Food stockpiles, guns, ammo, and gear can be confiscated, but the knowledge in your brain, if thoroughly mastered, will remain. It is Knowledge Surivalism.