Game Changing Technologies

November 12th, 2010   Submitted by august

It seems like every decade or two, a new technology blasts into society and radically changes our way of life; electricity, cars, radio, telephone, television, computers, cell phones and now the car blackbox/ dashcam.

Every day, growing numbers of people are realizing that the state thinks they own us. Whether it’s the ever-increasing taxation, regulation or police state, government is claiming more authority to run our lives. This is why the number of Tea-Partiers, libertarians, sovereigns and anarchists has grown so much over the past few years.

People in these groups are using many tactics to oppose increasing state power. Some go to rallies and protests. Some write letters or get bumper stickers, and some stop paying taxes -including the car license and registration stamp taxes.

No matter what type of liberty activism you do, it is critical that you protect yourself with a video camera. Otherwise, it’s your word against the state’s -and you will always lose!

The most likely time for citizens to interact with the police is while driving. That’s why not having a registered car or a license can be very risky. You need to not only have a plan of what you’re going to do and say when stopped, but you need the best video recording system as well.

And that’s where the GPS blackbox/ dashcam comes in.

This product is an amazing integration of several technologies. It has a high-quality video camera facing forward, like police dashcams we’ve all seen. It also has a camera facing the rear, recording the interior and sides of the vehicle. For further protection the blackbox has a built in microphone and infrared night vision.

It also comes equipped with a GPS navigation tracking system. This records your driving route using Google maps as well as providing your corresponding speed and direction.

Another feature is the state-of-the-art G-force meter. In case of an accident it details the exact moment, intensity and direction of impact.

Eventually, all cars will likely come equipped with this technology, unless police departments can successfully lobby against their use. If a large percentage of the population were armed with this technology right now, drivers would treat each other with a lot more respect and be more cautious in general.

This device will also change the way police interact with the public. If they thought they were being recorded everywhere they go, they would be far less likely to abuse their power.

To see this camera in action go to

6 Responses to “Game Changing Technologies”

  1. Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

    I need to scrounge up the flow to buy one of those things. Maybe once I get to New Hampshire and get settled. It would be nice to be able to video tape the action if I ever getting pulled over. Reading accounts of an event is nothing compared to seeing it on video nowadays. What does a person need to do to make it so that it uploads video immediately via Qik?

    There was one time I had some girl back up into me in a parking lot and mash my bumper. At the time she told me how sorry she was and gave me her information and said she would pay for damages. But when things got settled she changed her story and lied that I had rear ended her. There was nothing I could do about it and I just had to eat the money. If I would have had this device she would have been screwed. That would be nice.

    • JustSayNoToStatismNo Gravatar says:

      How big is this thing? I’d be a bit worried Mr. Friendly Thug would see it and just wreck this before I got the chip out. Sounds paranoid, but if he’s willing to beat me with a baton, he wouldn’t hesitate to break my large sticks-out-like-a-sore-thumb camera…..I agree with Seth that there needs to be a way for it to upload the feed elsewhere. Nonetheless, this is the technology of the future, and I commend those who work on it at this early a stage. It has to go through here before we have smaller uploading ones.

      • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

        The picture that is up at the top-right of the article makes the device look huge. But it one watches the video of the device in action then you’ll see that it’s actually pretty small. The big question is getting it to upload to the internet live. If it can do that then there is no problem as far as I can see.

  2. augustNo Gravatar says:

    The dashcam is surprisingly small. 4″x 2.5″x 1″, about the size of a wallet.

    There are new technologies such as Bluetooth and Wifi SDIO cards that may enable wireless/real-time uploads via a smartphone and Qik. But I have not had a chance to test them out yet.

    • JustSayNoToStatismNo Gravatar says:

      Wow, that’s a very appropriate size. I didn’t notice a video. Probably because I’m still missing plug-ins. I bet someone’s tech-savvy enough to rig it to upload online on command 🙂

  3. PaulNo Gravatar says:

    VERY cool, especially with streaming that could be turned on when needed.