Liberty: The Gathering

October 25th, 2010   Submitted by valhelion

I’ve decided to make the move to New Hampshire and take my place among the Free Staters.  I didn’t make this decision because I’m fighting for the cause of limited, constitutional government, but instead because I desire to be among fellow liberty lovers.  It’s true, New Hampshire isn’t a perfect agorist paradise and still suffers from many of the same ills as my current state of residence, but I’ll take slightly more liberty any day.

It was a tough decision to make because I really do like living in the South.  All of my family and friends will be left behind, including my elderly parents and my two dogs, whom I love dearly. I will be leaving behind many memories and that comforting notion of ‘home’.  So why am I headed there and when will I be going?

While I cannot sign the Statement of Intent because of a slight disagreement over the proper role of ‘civil government’, I think agorists will benefit tremendously from having a bunch of libertarians affecting the state’s legal structure.  Sure, they aren’t going to privatize all the roads, or abolish the state monopoly on police and justice, but they may be quite helpful in shielding our own efforts from the machinations of Washington.

It’s the Imperial State that is our greatest adversary as it is the most capable and determined force to deprive us of what little liberty we have left.  The state government is pretty free compared to other states in the union and this is something I want to take advantage of.  The state motto is “Live Free or Die”.  Since New Hampshire is without general income, sales, inventory, and machinery taxes, there exists a comparative advantage for starting businesses and building personal wealth.  New Hampshire has been ranked second in the nation for having a business friendly climate.  However, the there are property taxes, but these are generally broken down by county and municipality, with some counties being far kinder to your wallet than others.  There are also bed, vehicle, and dividend taxes, but I’m confident that the Free Staters can hack away at those if their numbers become great enough.

free state projectNew Hampshire is also an open carry state so it isn’t taboo to see a bunch of folk walking around town with sidearms holstered to their hips.  It’s almost like a scene out of a western, except with baseball hats and nine mil semi automatic pistols instead of horses and spurs.  So you can bet people who desire to relieve you of your assets will have more incentive to go bother lesser armed prey.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the state is ranked for having the lowest crime rate in the nation.

The state legislature known as the General Court is a minarchist’s dream come true, where there are four hundred state representatives who are only paid one hundred dollars per year.  Generally, the state leaves land use regulations up to the municipalities and this could be of great importance for agorists who might want to set up a free city. Even Eminent Domain cannot be used to take land to be redistributed to private interests.  The state constitution does not mandate a public education system, and so there are plenty of private schools.  This is good news for those agorists who want to provide alternative education methods, such as myself.

Economically, the state has one of the highest median household incomes in the country at $49,467.  The state has a thriving year-round tourist industry, as well as providing agricultural products, machinery, and electrical products.  The state also has a growing tech sector.  That is certainly one of the reasons I will be looking to move there.

For all the niceties of New Hampshire, the biggest reason I want to be there is to make new friends who share my passion for ethics, philosophy, and voluntaryism.  As an agorist living in the shadow of an area in Florida heavily dependent upon military industrial complex pork, the people that I call my neighbors have a nationalist fervor that I just cannot stomach.  I want to be with people that want to blow up balloons for parties, not blowing up villages for patriotism.

If I am able to find a decent paying software development job there around the spring or summer of 2011, I’ll be headed northward.  I hope to see you there, building our agorist society one unlicensed brick at a time.

8 Responses to “Liberty: The Gathering”

  1. IntuitionNo Gravatar says:

    Tampa, Jax, or the panhandle? I’m in central FL so I am well aware of the issues you mentioned with respect to the majority of folks in the state and especially certain parts of it.

    I’ve been looking for work up in NH myself. Almost landed a job in VT that would have let me live in NH, but it wasn’t meant to be. Good luck on your search!

  2. Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

    There are A LOT of people in New Hampshire that came from Florida. I’m not kidding. I think more porcupines have come from Florida than any other state.

  3. valhelionNo Gravatar says:

    I’m in the panhandle, surrounded by Eglin, Tyndall, Hulburt, and further west the naval air station at Pensacola. The people here are very nationalist. Many of my coworkers are ex military and you can imagine how far I get with liberty when debating them.

    Looks like my eta for NH will be delayed as I just piled on some medical bills but thankfully I feel better now than I have in perhaps 5 years or more. Thank you Seth for taking care of the post. I’m getting back on my feet and I’ll be coming back around more now.

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      Glad to hear you’re feeling better. You’ve been gone a while and I was worried. I’m sad to read that your migration is delayed, but the porcupines in New Hampshire will be waiting for you.

  4. JustSayNoToStatismNo Gravatar says:

    Open carry really is great. Living around some nonviolent people would be nice for a change. You make me want to choose NH as my place of settlement. I still have a lot of schooling left to go before I can move, but I’m debating between NH and Wyoming….maybe a few others. You make a compelling case here. When SHTF, I’d want to have neighbors who are also prepared and willing to work as a team if necessary to get through it.

    And resisting tyranny is more fun if others are doing it too.

  5. WhyWyomingNo Gravatar says:

    Except for mob-rule picking NH…Wyoming would have won hands-down. Even according to the FSP’s own metrics….Wyoming beats NH hands down when it comes to the level of existing freedom and fertile soil for growing liberty. If your garden plot doesn’t have like-minded individuals the weeds will choke out any new growth no matter how strong.

    The NH-garden has Maine & Mass as statist strongholds WITH high populations. And Vermont is Vermont…not that it will matter in the long-run.

    About Wyoming…outside of Colorado having been overrun in the last 10 years, the “gardens” are all fiscally-responsible (less potential for poaching more from their “citizens”) AND already standing up for local control in some area…Montana & Idaho–wolf management; Utah–eminent domain for fed lands; Wyoming & Montana–firearm freedom…until statism at all levels collapse, having “good” neighbors is imperative.

    IMHOoc…having moved to Wyoming last year seeking what you are, AND finding liberty abundantly available with everyday normal folks (read: NOT “activists”) wanting to be left alone and ignoring mundane government edicts daily, there is no better place.

    But…to each his own.

    • WhyWyomingNo Gravatar says:

      BTW…there are software jobs out here too ; ) (here’s one: and open carry is so prevalent it is not even a topic of discussion…

    • Seth KingNo Gravatar says:

      I, too, am a little unhappy with how the final vote went down. If I recall correctly, it was whittled down to four states: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and New Hampshire. The winner of that vote became the Free State. The problem with that process is that it effectively divided the west coast crowd into three camps: Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, but it left the east coast camp to huddle together under one roof, New Hampshire.

      It would have been better had they whittled it down to two states, one east of the Mississippi and one west of it. The west coast simply didn’t stand a chance the way they did it. BUT, there is still a good chance New Hampshire would have won anyways and frankly I am glad it did. Wyoming is landlocked and it doesn’t even touch Canada. Plus, I think people would be less likely to move to Wyoming than New Hampshire. There is too little work to be found in Wyoming and at least New Hampshire has areas around it to do fun stuff. As much as I love the outdoors, there needs to be more to do than backpack through Glacier and Yellowstone National Forests.

      Wyoming might be better for those who want to get away. But you’ll notice that the majority of the people moving to New Hampshire for the FSP are younger. Older people simply aren’t likely to pack up and move so there is no reason to make Wyoming the home of the FSP when New Hampshire appeals to a younger crowd.

      It is nice to know there are other pockets of relative freedom in the country, New Hampshire was picked and now it has a huge influx of freedom activists, particularly of the anarchist variety.